15 Free Abby Hatcher Coloring Pages Printable

Abby Hatcher coloring pages

Things don’t always go according to our plans. Sometimes, we have days when everything works out and then, there are days when things are not-so-good. What matters the most is our attitude and outlook in any given situation. If you remain focused and learn from every experience, you will get better at turning your disadvantages into advantages and figuring out positive solutions for your problems. Today’s topic is inspired by one such young person. We are talking about none other than the wonder girl – Abby Hatcher, who works to fix any mishaps of her friends and provides help whenever needed. So take a look at free printable Abby Hatcher coloring pages below. But before that, let’s read some fun facts about this series.

Created by Rob Hoegee, Abby Hatcher is a computer-animated television series from Canada. The series was produced for Nickelodeon by both Guru Studio and Spin Master Entertainment. While the program had its initial debut online in December 2018, the series premiered on the network on January 1, 2019.

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Abby Hatcher, the eponymous lead protagonist is a young Chinese-American girl with a penchant for detective work and even has gadgets that help her in her task. She uses her brilliant detective skills to help her friends, the Fuzzlies, eccentric creatures living in the hotel owned by her family. The entire series focusses on her adventures to help several different creatures along with her best friend, Bozzly, a rabbit Fuzzly. Let’s get onboard the wild adventures through this exciting collection of Abby Hatcher coloring sheets to print.

15 Free Abby Hatcher Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Abby And Bozzly With Teeny Terry:

Abby and Bozzly

Introducing the dynamic detective duo – Abby and Bozzly. As you can see, Abby wears specs and carries gadgets that help her to work efficiently. She seems to be holding something or someone on her palm. It’s Teeny Terry, a round cat with wing-like arms. On the other hand, Bozzly, the rabbit Fuzzly with an aquamarine body, is lost in his own happy world.

  1. Abby Hatcher – Savior Of The Fuzzlies:

Abby Hatcher coloring pages printable

Here’s Abby Hatcher on a break from her detective work, spending some leisurely time playing ball. But she is always ready whenever she’s needed. From her wrist device Fuzzly Spotter that helps her find any Fuzzly in trouble to her spring shoes that lets her jump high, Abby is always prepared. Hopefully, you are prepared like Abby and have already brought your colors to fill.

  1. Abby Hatcher With Teeny Terry:

Abby Hatcher with Teeny Terry

You can get a closer look at Abby and Teeny Terry on her palm in this illustration. Aside from the wrist device and her spring shoes, Abby has an inflatable coat that allows her to get up in the air. Even if Abby doesn’t have her gadgets with her, she can access them in passageways no matter where she is, in her neighborhood, or in the wild.

  1. Bozzly, Abby Hatcher’s Best Fuzzly Friend:

Bozzly from Abby Hatcher coloring page

The trusted ally and best friend of Abby Hatcher, Bozzly looks super happy in this illustration, doesn’t he? In addition to using his ears as propellers to fly, Bozzly also has the ability to turn invisible. That’s a superpower many would love to possess. But that’s not all, Bozzly also has another ability – super-sensitive hearing. You can show your talent as well by giving this illustration some cool colors.

  1. The Fuzzlies From Abby Hatcher:

Fuzzlies from Abby Hatcher

Abby Hatcher has found friendship with creatures other than humans. A bit odd, even weird, these quirky creatures are called as the Fuzzlies. Abby finds them living in her family’s hotel. You can see several of them in this illustration. There’s Princess Flug and members of the Squeaky Peepers happily greeting you. Print this coloring page and welcome this group of Fuzzlies with your expert coloring skills.

  1. Mo And Bo, Twinning Like Pro:

Mo and Bo Coloring Page

Two of the bizarrely cute Fuzzly creatures are the Fuzzly twin cats – Mo and Bo. What differentiates them is their color and gender – Mo is a white female and Bo is a black male. Looking at the coloring page, you can clearly see their long and stretchy bodies, which help them to reach great heights. The uniqueness doesn’t stop there. Their heads can light up and when they speak, they talk in rhymes.

  1. Mo And Bo, And Teeny Terry On The Go:

Mo Bo And Teeny Terry From Abby Hatcher Coloring Page

Mo and Bo don’t just have stretchy bodies but also the ability to retract their heads and legs and even grow another pair of legs in the middle. Here you can see them both jumping in unison while admiring the flight of Teeny Terry, the round cat with the ability to fly using its winged-limbs. Print this coloring page and give this trio some of your adventurous colors.

  1. Princess Flug, The Pink Glitter Princess:

Princess Flug from Abby Hatcher coloring page

Pink in color, Princess Flug is a tiara-wearing gastropod-like Fuzzly creature made up of glitter goo. Like other Fuzzlies, she too possesses special abilities. When she wants to send things, she simply blows bubbles and anything that goes inside them gets safely transported. Her bubbles also neutralize the sticky glitter goo. Also, her tiara is not just decorative, it can shoot gooey string for her to hold things or use them to climb.

  1. Squeaky Peeper Do From Abby Hatcher:

Squeaky Peeper Do from Abby Hatcher coloring sheet

Squeaky Peepers are an eight-membered group of Fuzzlies resembling bunnies. They can each be identified by their different colors and their bangs, the styling of the hair on their foreheads. On this coloring page is Squeaky Peeper Do, who is violet in color and has a neat row of round bangs. Fill this up-close illustration of this Fuzzly creature with proper colors.

  1. Squeaky Peeper Re, The Red Peeper:

Squeaky Peeper Do

Representing different colors of the rainbow, the Squeaky Peepers sing in a high pitch that sounds like the voice we make when we speak after inhaling helium gas. If they get scared or have a Peeper Panic, they change colors, turning to gold or yellow. Thankfully, there is no panic on this coloring page featuring Squeaky Peeper Re, who has two round bangs and is red in color.

  1. Squeaky Peeper Fa, Bespectacled Yellow Squeaky Peeper:

Squeaky Peeper Fa

Squeaky Peepers have a bad allergy to glitters and if any of them come in contact with some, then they turn green. Safely away from any glitter on this coloring page, we have the yellow Squeaky Peeper Fa who can be identified by the spectacles and bangs that are curved to the left side. Print this coloring page and fill it with appropriate colors, making sure to be careful around the specs.

  1. Squeaky Peeper La, The Blue Squeaky Peeper:

Squeaky Peeper La coloring page

One of the abilities of Squeaky Peepers is how fast they can run. If they are singing, then their speed gets accelerated even more. By chance, if they are sad, then they all turn blue and start to sing blues music. With a single curved bang, this one is Squeaky Peeper La. You can fill it with blue color, not because it is feeling sad, its body is naturally blue.

  1. Squeaky Peeper Little Do, The Tiny Squeaky Peeper:

Squeaky Peeper Little Do coloring page

Singing is a big part of being Squeaky Peepers and sometimes whey they sing, they do it by going in and out of a toy pipe organ. Resting quietly in this illustration, without any singing, is the tiniest of the eight – Squeaky Peeper Little Do. Always seen with a pacifier in its mouth, Squeaky Peeper Little Do is pink in color and has a single round bang.

  1. Squeaky Peeper Mi From Abby Hatcher:

Squeaky Peeper Mi from Abby Hatcher

Since the Squeaky Peepers can get Peeper Panic and spooked or get an allergic reaction, Abby carries a disc-shaped pitch pipe. It helps them to instantly calm down, stop bouncing around, and turn back to their normal colors. Looking perfectly calm and representing the orange color of the rainbow among the Squeaky Peepers is Squeaky Peeper Mi with the trademark three-round bangs.

  1. Teeny Terry – The Rotund Fuzzly Cat:

Teeny Terry coloring page

Looking at Teeny Terry on this coloring page it is hard to distinguish at all that it is a cat, a Fuzzly cat. That’s because Teeny Terry has the ability to inflate and turn into a round balloon-like creature. While he can inflate voluntarily on his own, he needs help from others to deflate him – just a little tickle and he’s back to his normal Fuzzly cat shape.

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On that tickling note, we have come to the end of this interesting collection of coloring sheets inspired by Abby Hatcher. We hope you enjoyed knowing about all the different unique creatures and had fun filling each of these illustrations with colors. Since its US and Canada debut at the beginning of 2019, Abby Hatcher has been telecast in other regions like the United Kingdom, Spain, and Latin America. The popularity of the program led to its renewal for the second season. Fresh new episodes started to be shown on Nick Jr. Channel since November last year. If the network is available in your region, you can check them out. If not, you can simply entertain yourself by printing and coloring this cool collection of Abby Hatcher coloring pages printable.