30 Printable Captain America Coloring Pages

Captain America Coloring Images

Hello dear readers! For the love of your colors, we present to you one of the most loved and respected superheroes of the twentieth century. In the words of a song of his movie, he is “the star-spangled man with a plan”. He is Captain Steven Rogers or better known as Captain America. Captain America is a fictional character that first appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics in 1941. His real name is Steven Rogers, from Brooklyn. This role is portrayed by Chris Evans in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger by Marvel Comics Production. A patriotic super soldier who fought against the Axis Powers in World War II, his prime weapon is actually a shield that is indestructible. So his real power lies in the righteous and valiant spirit that never lets him give up. So fill these free printable Captain American coloring pages in the shades of glory! Check out our collection of Captain America coloring sheets below. 

30 Printable Captain America Coloring Pages:

  1. Captain America’s Defense Coloring Page:

Brave Captain America Coloring Page
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Here we see Captain America in his old outfit using his shield to defend against rocks thrown in his direction. He is a soldier, and a soldier’s real duty is to protect his country. The shield is the primary defense weapon as was used by many warriors of the past. But just like Spartans, Capt. Rogers knew how to use it aggressively too! Color him courageous.

  1. Captain America Attack Coloring Page:

Captain America With His Shield Coloring Page
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Captain’s shield is indestructible, so is his spirit. Aggression is the best kind of defense for many warriors, and even for Capt. Rogers. In his old-fashioned costume, he is charging towards his enemy with the shield upfront. Neither men nor bullets can stop his charge right now. Color how his charge should look!

  1. Batman Meets Captain America Coloring Sheet:

Captain America And Batman Coloring Page
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In this Captain America coloring page, we see two universes collide – Batman from DC Comics world comes across Captain America from Marvel Comics world. Both superheroes are saviors of humanity and rely more on their human brains than lethal weapons to win most battles. Batman likes to work alone while Captain America uses an army. I guess there is a real menace to deal with as two of the most royal warriors have come together. Who do you like more?

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  1. Captain America And Iron Man Coloring Page:

Captain America And Iron Man Coloring Pages
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Iron Man met Captain Rogers after the Avengers team was formed. But Tony Stark’s father was one of the noblemen who were responsible for designing Captain America’s shield and the costume (or uniform). Here we see a huge poster of Captain America in his old outfit with Iron Man in his latest suit in front of it, probably in his father’s old office.

  1. Captain America The First Avenger Coloring Page:

Captain America Avenger Coloring Pages
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Steve Rogers was a man of a strong spirit, but a lean, weak body. He tried and failed multiple times to join the US Army. His determination caught the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine, a scientist who designed a superhuman serum. As this serum gave superhuman powers, it could mean a wrong man would create havoc for humanity. So Dr. Erskine chose the pure soul, Steve Rogers, a true soldier in spirit.

  1. Captain America Civil War Coloring Page:

Captain America Coloring Pages Civil War
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This is Captain America’s latest outfit. This you will see in the movie Captain America: Civil Wars. In the movie, there is one enemy that splits the Avengers apart on the basis of beliefs and ideologies. Captain America stuck to his principles while Iron Man chose to let the UN control Avengers. I prefer the real soldier’s belief. Whose side are you on?

  1. Captain America On Stage Coloring Page:

Captain America Coloring Pages To Print
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Soon after the serum and vita-rays, Steve Rogers gained not just body mass but superpowers too. Sadly, Dr. Erskine was assassinated in the same room and the same day. Steve’s superhuman prowess was tested in the case of the Hydra assassin. However, the US Army did not believe Steve was ready for action. So Steve was promoted to Captain, and he became Captain America, performing on stage to sell Government Bonds to help the military finance. Color his poster.

  1. Captain America Propels:

Captain America Coloring Sheets
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Some of the people ask what the Captain uses to attack. Well, mostly the shield. Yes, he can throw it with such precision that the shield always returns like a boomerang. But he has used guns in the war too. Hand-to-hand combat is his favorite. He never carries a gun. If you can throw a boulder at a bullet’s speed like in this picture, why carry a gun?

  1. Symbol Of Patriotism:

Captain America Free Printables
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It will not be wrong to call Captain America the first superhero of the United States. He is highly patriotic, serum, or no serum. Even when he was weak and human, he wanted to serve his country in the war. When he was brought to entertain and motivate the soldiers in France, he went behind enemy lines to rescue his compatriots. Let’s color this glory of US!

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  1. Captain In Action Coloring Page:

Captain America In Action Colouring Page
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This Captain America coloring sheet features him in his favorite, hand-to-hand combat. Here we see him fighting a villain. Captain America does not have a metal suit, heavy hammer, ability to fly, or a terrible temper. He has military training and a warrior’s spirit. Because of these qualities, Captain America finishes melees like these pretty quickly.

  1. Captain America Lego Coloring Page:

Captain America Lego Coloring Sheets
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Lego specializes in giving block-form to various famous characters. Here we see one such adaptation where Captain America is looking like he belongs to the Lego world. In every world, he remains what he is – a superhuman soldier.

  1. Captain America Mask Cut-Out:

Captain America Mask Printable
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Captain America began wearing a mask to add to his entertainment value on stage. In combat, it was an improvised helmet that saved him from headshots too. Blue and Red are his colors, just like the flag of the United States. Here we present to you a Captain America mask printable that you can cut out and wear. Be careful while coloring. Make it as good as you want to look. Then be even more careful and cut the dotted lines. Follow the instructions given at the top right corner to complete your looks!

  1. Captain America Poster Coloring Page:

Captain America PDF
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This is a coloring page to advertise the show that Captain America left to rescue his compatriots from the German stronghold. The poster reads “The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan – The Knockout at Berlin”. Kids loved this play because, in the end, he knocks out Hitler. But behind enemy lines, he actually has landed the first blow on Hydra. Color his poster as bright as his glory!

  1. Captain America’s Shield Coloring Page:

Captain America Shield Coloring Page
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The shield is what Captain America’s weaponry is known by. Being a defense-minded aggressor, he is emotionally attached to the shield. His shield is disc-shaped, indestructible, made of an experimental alloy of Steel and the rarest metal on earth Vibranium. This alloy was unable to be replicated. Maybe it symbolizes Captain’s spirit – indestructible and immortal!

  1. The Superhero Soldier:

Captain America Superhero Coloring Page
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Very few superheroes have lived through a war. Captain Steven Rogers is one such hero. Here he overlooks an expanse of forest to find out the enemy posts and figure out a battle plan accordingly. Being a Captain, he needs to ensure that he minimizes the casualty of his men. This is why he relies more on plans and less on power.

  1. Captain America Spots The Enemy:

Captain America Superhero Coloring Pages
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Here he finds out the hidden spies of the Axis forces, probably Hydra, laying a trap for the US Army. His careful observation ensured that the trap was failed before it was even put. His military training has enabled him to communicate better with the Armed Forces. That was a necessity in the event of war.

  1. The Avengers Coloring Page:

Captain America The Avengers Coloring Page
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“The Avengers” is a superhero movie produced by Marvel Studios based on a team of superheroes of the Marvel Comics. They combine to fight against inter-galactic forces that are beyond human capacities. Here we see Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk. Captain America serves as the tactician to the Avengers.

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  1. Captain America Winter Soldier Coloring Page:

Captain America Winter Soldier Coloring Page
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Captain America: Winter Soldier was another of the movies from the Marvel Studios, a sequel of Captain America: The First Avenger. Captain Rogers has a new mission here that makes him cross paths with a mysterious assassin prepared by Russians, named Winter Soldier. As it turns out, he happens to be Steven Roger’s best friend James “Bucky” Barnes with a traumatized mind and a bionic arm.

  1. Captain America With His Shield:

Captain America With His Shield Coloring Page
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Spartans were known to turn their shields into their most lethal weapon and the same holds true for Captain America. He can throw his vibranium-alloy shield at the pace of a bullet if the need be. But rather than decapitating, he uses it to knock his enemies out. Like a loyal ally, the shield always finds its way back to the Captain.

  1. Stage-Boy Captain Poster Coloring Page:

Captain Coloring Pictures Free
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Before becoming a full-fledged soldier after the experiment, Captain America became the American children’s role model. He inspired many youngsters to serve their country in the war. Those who could not join the army helped in other ways. He advertised Government Bonds that supposedly got bullets to every American soldier’s gun.

  1. Poster Boy Of America:

Free Captain America Coloring Pages For Kids
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It will be true to say Captain America became a poster boy after a few of his stage performances. His poses and posters took the USA by storm. As kids loved him, many parents started dressing up like him to please their kids on their birthdays. This is one such parent. Color him so that his kids don’t recognize him (that he is not the Captain)!

  1. Angry Captain America Coloring Page:

Free Captain America Coloring Sheets
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In one of the missions, Captain Rogers lost his friend Bucky because of Hydra. This event filled him with grief and fury. Now he lands harder punches than before. His team successfully extracted Dr. Zola from the train and the mission was successful. But the casualty changed Steve, and he is now unleashing his fury on the Hydra men. How hard is he going to punch?

  1. Captain America With Black Widow Coloring Page:

Free Coloring Pages Of Captain America
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Besides being a reliable comrade, he is a good friend too. Two of his good friends at present are Falcon and Black Widow. Together the three are fighting against S.H.I.E.L.D. Where traitors have infiltrated and fired Nick Fury. Here he is comforting Black Widow, or Agent Romanoff, who is distressed after the attack on Fury.

  1. Avengers Against Ultron:

Free Printable Captain America Coloring Pages
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In the fight of the century, the Avengers need to neutralize a new-age evil that can access anything that is connected to the internet. A product of artificial intelligence got an independent existence of its own when Tony Stark miscalculates his move. However, Captain America knows only one thing – fighting to the end and this Captain America coloring pages printable illustrates the same.

  1. Lego Captain America Coloring Page:

Lego Captain America Coloring Page
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Even Captain Steven Rogers would agree Captain America never looked cuter! Lego has made the royal, honorable super soldier look so cute on the block figurine that kids will love Captain America even more. Maybe if you color him up as per your imagination, this Lego superhero will look super cute!

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  1. Lego’s Captain America Saving The Nation:

Lego Captain America Coloring Pages
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There are villains even in the world of Lego, though cuter and funnier. Here too, the Captain fights and saves his nation. Here too, he was ready to die for his nation. Thankfully, he did not! He stays alive to save his nation again. And his nation is thankful to him!

  1. Marvel’s Captain Coloring Page:

Marvel Captain America Coloring Page
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For his leadership quality and never-say-die spirit, Captain America is the leader of the Avengers by default. His experience of combat in various battles of World War II comes in handy in every situation – earthly or intergalactic. Color him royally to enhance his honor!

  1. Casual Steven Rogers:

Printable Captain America Coloring Pages For Kids
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When not in battle, or on a mission in the city, Captain Rogers adorns his casual outfits while carrying the shield. He is about to ride his chopper. That is why he is wearing his boots, leather jacket and cargo pants. He is holding a helmet that he wears while riding. He believes in safety, so should you!

  1. Captain’s Final Addresses:

Printable Captain America Coloring Pages Free
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Captain America is a man of honor. Even his words and speeches inspire honor in others. Some people like Tony Stark believe him to be old-fashioned, but royalty is ageless! He always delivers a speech to his team after planning and before action. This encourages his comrades to bleed for the cause and not hesitate to die for the mission.

  1. Strong Captain America Coloring Page:

Strong Captain America Coloring Page
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You might believe that Captain America is strong just by looking at his chest and biceps. But he was strong even before being injected with the serum. He used to stand up and fight for the right but was always beaten down. Even with a bleeding nose and a paining jaw, he would get up and say “I can do this all day”! His real strength lies in his character; his muscles just supplement them.

Hope you really respect this super-soldier. He did not need musculature to fight, only a good cause. So color his spirit in the color of his nation’s flag! Print all the Captain America coloring pages and color your imaginations!