30 Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages

Cat coloring images

Hello there, young readers! Do you know the cutest things that have claws, and can be domesticated? They are the second-most famous pets in the world, and they can be mean at times. If you guessed cats, you are correct! Many mythologies believe cats are exalted souls and special creatures. Apparently, these creatures remember the mythologies better than we humans. That is why they have such exuberant personalities. With retractable claws having sharp points, they are capable of climbing almost anything. So make sure they get what they want, or they might run away! Come on, let’s make them come alive with these free printable cat coloring pages. We’ve got cute cat coloring pages, realistic cat coloring pages, cartoon cat coloring pages, and more. Peruse our list of cat coloring sheets below.

Free Printable 40 Cat Coloring Pages:

  1. Baby Cat Coloring Page:

Baby Cat Coloring Pages
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A cat’s young one is called a kitten. Or fondly they are called kitties! Here is one such kitty that looks happy grabbing a flower in her mouth. They are energetic and curious like young ones of any other creature, but their soft fur makes them look extra special. How can you make them look cuter? Color and show!

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  1. C For Cat Coloring Page:

C For Cat Coloring Pages
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The first thing every child learns with ‘C’ is a cat. Here we see a napping cat along with the letter ‘C’. Cats love sleeping, and hate it when their nap is disturbed. Doesn’t she look ‘C for Cute’? Fill her with some ‘C for Color’!

  1. Betty And Her Kitty:

Cartoon Cat Coloring Pages For Kids
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Betty recently got a birthday gift that has made her happier than before. She got a kitten that she named Rosy. They are an inseparable pair now. They sleep together, wake up together, eat together, and bathe together. Rosy is with Betty even when she is on the telephone call. Color this happy pair in delightful shades!

  1. Cat And Bird Coloring Page:

Cat And Bird Coloring Images
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Cats and birds are not natural allies; in fact, a cat would pounce on a small bird as soon as she gets a chance. But if a kitten is trained to be bird-friendly, she can admire the flying beauty the way Elli is doing here. Maybe now she has a flying friend too that she will meet up on a tree!

  1. Cat And Dog Coloring Page:

Cat And Dog Coloring Pages
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Dogs don’t have many enemies, but cats are found to be their fiercest fiends. But if a kitten is grown with a pup, they grow up to be best buddies. Here we see one such young duo – Foxy the cat and Tiger the dog. Don’t they have a bit ironic names? After all, Foxy happens to be a tiger’s cousin and Tiger, a fox’s cousin.

  1. Cat And Kittens Coloring Page:

Cat And Kittens Coloring Pages
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Like many mammals, a mother cat is very loving and protective of her young ones. She carries them by the neck, feeds them, cleans their fur with her tongue, and teaches them the basics of hunting for food. Shirley here has littered four kittens out of which two are always wandering around and two stuck to her.

  1. Cat Coloring Page For Adults:

Cat Coloring Pages For Adults
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Cats have a confident, elegant, and proud personality. This can be seen everywhere, irrespective of the breed of cat. They remain funny as long as they are young. Once they mature, they get a face that always says “I mean business”! But they know how to get humans to fulfill their wishes. Just look at her appealing eyes!

  1. Beany The Stray Cat:

Cat Coloring Pages For Kids
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Cats were mostly wild originally. Then they started being domesticated in Egypt. That is why stray cats are a common sight. But Beany’s case is different here. She was fed, raised, and spoilt like a princess, until recently when her owners moved out of town leaving her alone. Now she is a stray cat. Her lack of experience in the streets is prevalent in her fear right now.

  1. Beany The Princess:

Cat Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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Before wandering the streets, she was just like a princess. She was renowned for her well-groomed fur and extravagant personality. She slept on the softest silk and ate the finest of fish. But now in the streets, she has to sleep anywhere she gets space and eats the half-eaten foodstuff. Never abandon pets!

  1. Cat – The Lion’s Cousin:

Cat Coloring Pages To Print
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Lions, tigers, leopards, and our domestic cats, all have one thing in common – their taxonomical family Felidae. Hence they have many common features like retractable claws, the ability to climb trees, excellent night-vision, and the habit of maintaining clean fur. Here Dobbie is showing off as one of his cousin lions.

  1. Cute Kitty Kimmy:

Cat Coloring Pages
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Every living thing loves springs. Even this adorable kitten Kimmy seems delighted by this season. The colorful flowers along with the bright greenery and clear blue sky are the source of her joy. Even a butterfly is attracted by her lustrous fur or innocent smile. I think she is about to make a new friend. What do you think?

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  1. Kimmy Climbs Carefully:

Cat On Tree Coloring Page
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As mentioned earlier, cats are excellent tree climbers owing to their sharp retractable claws. Putting this tool to the test, Kimmy has climbed her first tree, that too in spring to chase the friendly butterfly. She had tried many times before, but the motivation brought about by her new friend finally brought her success!

  1. Cats Playing With Yarn Coloring Page:

Cat With Ball Coloring Page
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Cats and kittens are curious, and motion mesmerizes them. Here, Minnie is playing with her favorite toy, or toys – yarn balls. When she was a kitten, she first came across one such ball. She pushed it, and as it rolled, she chased it. She leaped on it and rolled over it. She loved it, and her romance with it continues!

  1. Isabel Loves Bells:

Cat With Bell Coloring Page
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Cats are very quiet workers and can be silent, stealthy stealers. That is why it is a good idea to give them a bell collar. Isabel got one as a kitten, and she loved it! As she grew, there was a risk of choking. So the collar was removed. This saddened Isabel. To make her happy, her owner tightened the collar further, and she wears it on her thick tail.

  1. Two Cats Coloring Page:

Cats Coloring Pages
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Most members of the Felidae family are solitary hunters, but their domestic members prefer a social life. They don’t fight with other cats just because they are cats until there is limited food. Mostly, they are okay with other cats, like Princess is now with Dorian here. Color and show how happy they are together.

  1. Cats Playing Coloring Page:

Cats Playing Coloring Pages
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In the growing stages, kittens are full of energy, and they don’t know what to do with it. So they play with anything and everything they get their paws on. Here we see two kittens climbing a broom as the floor is being swept. If there were nothing to climb upon, they would be chasing lizards or mice. Have you ever seen a kitten play?

  1. Mystery The Mysterious Cat:

Coloring Pages Of Cats
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Cats have myriad moods and as many expressions to display them. Kookie is known for her mysterious disappearances and reappearances. Her purrs and meows are as rare as blood diamonds. On this reappearance, she is trying to apologize to her owner. Who can stay upset with such a pleasing smile?

  1. Crying Cats Coloring Page:

Crying Cats Coloring Page
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Mary, Carrie, and Harry were gifted to Liza. They spent a year together. Then all of a sudden, they disappeared. That made Liza very sad. She used to cry every night. Then one day, all of a sudden, they all reappeared! This time too Liza cried, but these were tears of joy. The three cats cried with joy too. Color them in joyous colors!

  1. Curious Cat Coloring Page:

Curious Cat Coloring Pages
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As told before, cats are curious creatures. They poke everything they see. This time, Loop the cat poked a balloon thinking it to be a ball. The explosion was enough to scare the cat to leap to the ceiling. Soon she recollected her wits, and now she wonders, why is the little kid crying?

  1. Figaro The Cute Cat:

Cute Kitten Coloring Pages
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This is Figaro. This character was created by Walt Disney in his production Pinocchio. He loved it so much that soon it was seen as Minnie Mouse’s pet in various episodes. Yes, cats can have that effect on you. Once a cat makes a place in your heart and mind, you can’t replace them.

  1. Marie The Royal Cat:

Disney Cats Coloring Pages
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Marie was born in an aristocratic family, as per the Walt Disney’s movie The Aristocrats. She has elegant white fur and a knack for music. She is known to be more lady-like than many aristocratic ladies. Cats possess such noble demeanor. Maybe they deserve to be treated like queens!

  1. Abe And His Reflection:

Free Cat Coloring Pages For Kids
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Cats can be funny too. Abe is seeing a puddle for the first time. In that, seeing his own reflection, he is wondering who his lookalike is! Most of the feline creatures avoid water, except tigers. They hate their fur getting wet. Do you think Abe will leap on his doppelganger?

  1. Elsa And The Three:

Free Cat Coloring Pages Printable
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Elsa has recently littered three kittens. Since they learned how to climb walls and trees, the three kitties have become renowned for their naughtiness. Anyways, they end up back home to be fed by their mother and cuddle up. Here Elsa is grooming one of them.

  1. A Mother’s Duty:

Free Printable Cat Coloring Pages
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A mother cat is usually a strict disciplinarian. She ensures that before their fun begins, the kittens are fed and groomed well. She even grooms them herself and to teach them, grooms herself. The kittens imitate the face wiping and understand how to keep the fur clean. To teach how to catch a mouse, she brings a live one and lets the kittens play with it.

  1. Persian Cat Coloring Page:

Persian Cat Coloring Pages
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Dobo is a Persian Cat. No, he is not imported (Persia doesn’t exist anymore) but the Persian cat is a breed of cats. They are known for their long-haired fur, round face, and short muzzle. He had a recent grooming session, which is why his fur looks short-haired.

  1. Strawberry Shortcake’s Custard:

Playing Cat Coloring Pages
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Custard is Strawberry Shortcake’s cat. Isn’t she cute? Spring has come, so have the butterflies. She is very playful and wishes to play with the butterfly that has happened to visit her. Color them both in the bright shades of spring!

  1. Pusheen Cat Coloring Page:

Pusheen Cat Coloring Pages
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Pusheen is a naughty yet adorable kitty that got famous because of its GIFs and stickers. A pleasantly plump cat, she is known worldwide to be a humorous feline and make people laugh with its bops, tail wags, and other adorable actions. Let’s color this naughty kitty!

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  1. Realistic Cat Coloring Page:

Realistic Cat Coloring Sheets
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You will either find a pet cat in the kitchen or close to a window overlooking the main street. This is ideal for them as both serve as the source of their food or prey. The kitchen has milk and roads might have rodents. Or do they really like looking at the big full moon?

  1. Sleeping Cat Coloring Page:

Sleeping Cat Colouring Pages
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Cats can be lazier than the bulkiest dogs you might have seen. They sleep for around 12 to 16 hours a day. Their wild cousins are known to have a nap of up to 18 hours! As they can climb anywhere, they can sleep anywhere too. So don’t be surprised to see a stray cat sleep on your boundary wall, like this one!

  1. Warrior Cat Coloring Page:

Warrior Cat Coloring Sheets
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‘Warriors’ is a series of novels published by Harper Collins and written by a team that works under the pseudonym, Erin Hunter. It is about different clans of warrior cats that have missions or battles for vengeance. Cats are ferocious fighters. That is why it won’t be wrong to claim them as warriors. Color this kitty in the colors of war!

Personally, being a dog lover, I don’t really like cats. But trust me, everyone loves and will fall in love with kittens. Next time you massage a cat (like I did once), make sure you have enough time to continue because she will return and demand some more. For now, print these free pages of cute clawed creatures and fill them up as per your wish! And don’t forget to share your favorite cat coloring pages with us in the comment section.