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Holiday Coloring Pages

35 Free Printable Cinco de Mayo Coloring Pages

Cinco De Mayo Coloring Images

Hey there readers! It is celebration time. You must be wondering what we are celebrating. We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo translating to “Fifth of May” in Spanish, is an annual celebration held on May 5. The date is observed to honor the Mexican army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de …

30 Free Printable Father’s Day Coloring Pages

Fathers Day Coloring Images

Good Day, young learners! Today we shall go through a series of printable coloring pages that celebrates the heroics of an unsung hero in numerous lives. The trouble is he doesn’t wear a cape or a mask. He stays in the open or away at a distance, still manages to convey his love to us. I’m talking about the unsung …

25 Free Printable Arbor Day Coloring Pages

National Arbor Day Coloring Images

Good day young readers! How is life? Hope you are surrounded by the greenery which keeps our planet alive. Today we are celebrating the day dedicated to the autotrophs that ensure oxygen stays in breathable proportions in our atmosphere. We are celebrating Arbor Day! Arbor in Latin means “tree”, and Arbor Day is a holiday celebrated throughout the world. On …

35 Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages

Earth Day Coloring Pictures

Hello young pals! Every day that passes by may seem ordinary, but each day is special because a Mother’s love is being showered upon us in the form of life. Like your life would be impossible without your mother, so would any life without this Mother of Mothers. So let’s celebrate Mother EARTH! Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world …

30 Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Mothers day coloring images

Greetings young learners! ‘Love’ is the most searched word and the most magical emotion that we know. It is probably the first thing we feel even before we are capable of making sense of sensations. The following printable coloring pages are about celebrating the source of our first love – the celebration called Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day is celebrated in …

20 Free Printable Good Friday Coloring Pages

Good Friday Coloring Images

Good Friday, celebrated on the Friday before Easter, is the day when Jesus Christ died for our sins. It’s the day Jesus Christ was betrayed by his friends, and condemned to death the worst way possible. He was forced to carry a huge cross up to the Calvary hill. Every year, on Good Friday, the Catholic Churches put up these …

35 Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Easter Coloring Pictures

Easter, the bright and beautiful holiday, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death. This cheerful holiday is celebrated during the spring season when the sun smiles and shines high in the sky, and everything is bright and full of colors. The blooming flowers spread colors everywhere, and the warmth that the sunlight brings fills our heart with …

Free Printable Passover Coloring Pages

Passover Coloring Images

“Avadim hayinu, hayinu, Atah b’nai chorin, b’nai chorin” This popular Jewish song, meaning ‘We, the salve to Egyptian Pharaoh are free’ perfectly sums up Passover or Pesach, a Jewish holiday commemorating the exodus of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt and the establishment of a nation under the leadership of Moses. This holiday or festival begins on the 15th of the …

15 Free Printable International Women’s Day Coloring Pages

Womens Day Coloring Images

International Women’s Day, celebrated every year on the 8th of March in several countries across the world, recognizes women for their achievements, and reflects on the progress made by them. The theme of 2018 International Women’s Day is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. So celebrate women power with these wonderful free printable International Women’s Day …

Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

St Patricks Day Coloring Images

St. Patrick’s Day, one of the most cheerful festivals is almost here, and we just cannot hold our excitement. A cultural and religious festival held every year on the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s Day, also called the feat of Saint Patrick is celebrated with utmost pomp all across the world, especially Ireland and the United States of America. How …

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