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Top 10 The Nut Job 2 Coloring Pages

the nut job 2 coloring pages

Hello, little friends! “The Nut Job 2” has just released and as promised by us, we’ve got you some The Nut Job 2 coloring pages. Going by the reviews, the film does not look as promising as we expected it to be. The plot revolves around Surly Squirrel, who tries to stop the evil mayor of Oakton from destroying the …

35 Unique PJ Masks Coloring Pages

pj masks coloring pages

Hello, friends! Today we’ve got you coloring pages of one of the most popular ongoing cartoon series “PJ Masks”. This series debuted in September 2015 and soon went on to become a favorite of children. “PJ Masks” is fundamentally based on “Les Pyjamasques”, a French book series, in which a trio of young kids saves the city from the bad …

Top 15 Descendants Wicked World Coloring Pages

Descendants Wicked World Coloring Pages 1

“Descendants: Wicked World”, better known as “Wicked World” is a series based on one of the most famous Disney movies, “Descendants”. It revolves around children of fairy tale leads and villains. The series is basically the continuation of the film with new and exciting characters from Isle of the Lost and Auradon. The series got positive reviews for its first …

Cute And Latest Baby Coloring Pages

baby coloring pages

Babies are the most lovable and adorable gifts from God. Mothers start loving their babies even before they see them. The potent mix of anticipation and emotion they feel sets the stage for the relationship between them and their child. And when the baby arrives, the joy of parents has no bounds. It’s nothing less than delightful seeing them smile …

35 Printable Moana Coloring Pages

Moana coloring pages

It’s been more than eight months since Moana released, but its popularity with the kids haven’t gone down even a bit. This musical adventure animated movie follows around Moana, a spirited and headstrong teen as she embarks on a journey to save the people of her island. The film was so successful that kids search for its coloring pages even …

30 Rare Shopkins Season 7 Coloring Pages

shopkins season 7 coloring pages

The seventh season of Shopkins was released this year on 5th February and has left us wanting for season 8 already. It stars the latest, “Join The Party” Shopkins, featuring items found in different types of Shopkins parties. The parties include PJ Party, Summer Pool Party, Surprise Party, Fancy Dress Party, Picnic Party, Wedding Party, Princess Party, Limited Edition Hollywood …

Top 10 Disney Descendants 2 Coloring Pages

Descendants 2 coloring pages

  Disney’s “Descendants 2”, the sequel to the “Descendants” has released, and we’re finding really hard to control our excitement. The original movie was a major hit, and we’re expecting the sequel to break all the records. The story takes place six months after the events featured in the first movie. Ben, who is now the king of Auradon, falls …

30 Stunning Mermaid Coloring Pages

mermaid coloring pages

Mermaids and mermen have captured the imagination of not just children, but even adults since time immemorial. These mythical aquatic creatures with upper bodies resembling a human and lower body consisting of a fish tail have featured in folklores, television series and even bedtime stories in every culture and countries. No wonder children go gaga over them. So immerse yourself …

20 Amazing The Emoji Movie Coloring Pages

This Friday, you’ll witness the emojis you’ve been using to display your sadness, hatred, love, anger, mirth, and glee come alive on the big screen. Yes, we’re talking about Sony’s, “The Emoji Movie”. The movie centers around Textopolis, a world within Alex’s smartphone inhabited by none other than the emojis we use in our daily lives. Every emoji residing in …

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