20 Free Chinese New Year 2021 Coloring Pages Printable

Chinese New Year 2021 Year of Ox

Around the world, New Year is celebrated on January 1. But for many, New Year isn’t just on the first of January. There is also a second observance for those who follow the Lunar calendar. Today’s topic of printable collection of coloring pages is inspired by the other New Year celebration in Chinese culture – the Chinese New Year.

According to the Lunar calendar, the first day falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20. The Chinese New Year also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year falls on February 12 in 2021. In Chinese tradition, every year is assigned an animal according to a 12-year periodic zodiac sequence with 2021 being the Year of the Ox.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated over a period of 15 days, culminating in the Lantern Festival. Let’s get started with the festivities through this marvelous collection of Chinese New Year 2021 coloring sheets to print.

20 Free Chinese New Year 2021 Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Ox Wearing Mask To Ward Off COVID-19:

Chinese New Year 2021 coloring page

With the COVID-19 induced ongoing pandemic, this illustration shows the ox wearing a mask to ward off the virus. Taking health and safety precautions is a must in order to have a safe New Year.

  1. Chinese New Year 2021:

Chinese New Year 2021 coloring pages

Look at how this illustration has incorporated the Ox into the year 2021, turning the zero into the head of the Ox, cleverly showcasing how 2021 is the Year of the ox.

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  1. Chinese New Year 2021 Ox Winking:

Chinese New Year 2021 Ox winking

After that clever New Year coloring page, here is a playful illustration of the ox winking at you as it welcomes you to the Lunar New Year festivities.

  1. Chinese Fan And Ox Art For New Year 2021:

Chinese New Year Coloring Page 2021

Chinese fans with its retractable design and illustrated art, have become synonymous internationally with the Chinese culture. Offering New Year greetings, here we have a beautifully crafted fan with the art of an ox and flowers.

  1. Chinese New Year Ox Riding A Fish:

Chinese New Year Ox riding on a fish

Fish is believed to be one of the most auspicious food in Chinese culture and is often eaten during the Chinese New Year. With the ox riding the fish, this illustration offers you good vibes for the year.

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  1. Chinese New Year Ox With A Kite:

Chinese New Year Ox with a kite

Kites are part of Chinese culture since ancient times. It’s no wonder then that the Ox is illustrated here holding a kite as it sends New Year wishes to you.

  1. Chinese New Year Ox With Fireworks:

Chinese New Year Ox with fireworks

The burning of firecrackers is believed to frighten the evil spirits which is why firecrackers form an essential aspect of Chinese celebrations, especially during New Year.

  1. 2021 – The Year of Ox:

Chinese New Year Year of Ox

2021 is the Year of the Ox which is the second animal in the 12-year zodiac cycle. The first animal is the Rat.

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  1. New Year Celebrations With Oxen And Lanterns:

Free Printable Chinese New Year 2021 coloring page

Coming together for the New Year celebrations, these three oxen have put up some great decorations. From the lanterns to the New Year greetings banner, give this coloring page some bright and happy colors.

  1. Lunar New Year 2021 Coloring Page:

Lunar New Year 2021 colouring pages

This Lunar New Year coloring page pays homage to the traditional Chinese architecture and motifs by showing the ox surrounded by Chinese cultural elements.

  1. Stylized Lunar New Year 2021 Coloring Page:

Lunar New Year coloring pages 2021

Here’s another numeric 2021 illustration but this one comes with an artistic touch. The ox has been drawn inside the zero figure while the remaining numbers are adorned with attractive designs.

  1. Lunar New Year With Ox In A Gift Box:

Lunar New Year Ox coloring picture

Bringing gifts, especially when visiting friends, family, and relatives is observed during the Chinese New Year. While mostly food items are gifted, the gift box on this coloring page brings you the ox, the animal for 2021.

  1. Ox Carrying A Chinese Lantern:

Ox carrying a Chinese Lantern

Chinese traditional paper lanterns in bright red and oval-shaped is extensively used during the Spring Festival. Make sure to fill the right color on this lantern and also colorfully decorate this cute ox.

  1. Ox Playing A Drum:

Ox playing a drum

Like the way firecrackers scare evil spirits, the loud beating of the drums is also thought to evict the bad spirits. This ox is all set to aggressively beat the drum and ward off all evils.

  1. Ox Performing A Dragon Dance:

Ox with a Chinese Lantern

Another one of the significant symbols of Chinese culture is Chinese dragons. Ushering in good luck, this ox is expertly doing the Dragon Dance, carrying the dragon costume with ease.

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  1. Ox With Decorations For Chinese New Year Celebration:

Ox with decoration for Chinese New Year

Preparation for the New Year festivities requires not just cleaning the house but also decorating it. Dressed in traditional attire this ox is ready to decorate with this chain of paper-cuts featuring New Year wishes.

  1. Ox Can’t Offer Enough, Of Gold Coins And Red Envelopes:

Ox with gold coins and red envelopes

According to Chinese culture, red envelopes bring good luck and ward off evils, while gold coins symbolize good fortune. Look at how generously this ox is presenting them both to you.

  1. Gold Old Currency, Ox With Lots Of Sycee:

Ox with lots of Sycee

Once used as currency, the gold Sycee is used today to symbolize wealth and prosperity during the Chinese New Year festivities, which is why this ox brought lots of them for you.

  1. Shy Ox Offers Chinese New Year Greetings:

Shy Ox Chinese New Year 2021 coloring page

Standing in a cute pose, this shy ox has come to wish you the heartiest and prosperous Chinese New Year.

  1. Majestic Year Of Ox Coloring Page:

Year Of Ox 2021 coloring page

Looking regal in this illustration, the ox is depicted here in a striking pose. Be sure to fill it with majestic colors.

With the royal ox illustration, we have reached the end of this festive printable collection of Chinese New Year 2021 coloring sheets. One of the important Chinese New Year traditions is the New Year’s Eve dinner. A reunion dinner where all the family members come together for the feast which includes several dishes of meat and fish as well as a communal hot pot. In some parts like northern Chinese regions dumplings are eaten as the first meal.

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