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Easter Basket

Good day children! We have taken a step into March already. Hope January and February were good to you. There are a lot of festivities you can look forward to this year as well. You can look forward to Easter a little over a month later. Did you have fun coloring the Easter eggs or Easter Bunny coloring pages? Keeping with the Easter theme, today we have a collection of free printable Easter Basket coloring pages for you.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ after three days of his crucifixion. One of the primary celebration observed on this day is decorating Easter Eggs and placing them on a basket, which is called an Easter Basket. Let’s look at all the varieties of Easter Basket with this collection of Easter Basket coloring sheets printable.

25 Free Easter Basket Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Easter Bunny Carries An Easter Egg Basket:

A legendary creature associated with Easter, the Easter Bunny keeps a tab on how good or bad children have been and delivering good ones painted Easter eggs. This Easter bunny seems to be in a good mood as all the kids in his list had good reports.

  1. Easter Basket With Eggs And A Chick:

This newly decorated Easter basket looks prime with its nicely tied bow on the handle. All the eggs were kept warm and cozy inside the basket. Maybe that is why a chick hatched from one of the eggs. Say hello to this chick by printing and coloring this page.

  1. Tall Basket, Short Easter Bunny:

Overexcited with the approaching Easter celebration, this enthusiastic Easter Bunny wanted to make a beautiful basket. But he got his measurements wrong. By the time he was done weaving the basket, it was too late. Look at him climbing up and down every time he has to place an egg in the basket.

  1. Little Easter Bunny With Full Easter Basket:

As cute as the little Easter Bunny in this illustration is the Easter basket she is guarding. Her parents got her involved for this year’s Easter celebration as she is growing up and will soon start taking care of the Easter eggs decoration in the future. Applaud her diligence by coloring this page.

  1. Connect The Dots Easter Basket

Here’s a fun exercise for you to get into the Easter festivities. All you have to do is make sure to correctly connect all the dots according to the ascending number from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on. At the end of it, you will find yourself rewarded with an Easter basket which you can color beautifully.

  1. Handsome Easter Bunny, Stunning Easter Basket:

Living up to his reputation of being hardworking, this Easter Bunny has completed embraced the spirit of Easter this year. He even has a bow-tie on him to match the bow he tied on his Easter basket. The eggs are beautifully decorated as well.

  1. Highly Decorated Easter Basket With Easter Eggs And A Chick:

After being hatched in a simple and tiny Easter basket earlier, this tiny chick has wandered around and found an Easter Basket that has been beautifully decorated. With such artistic designs and embellishments, it is easy to see why this little chick decided to hop inside this amazingly decorated Easter basket.

  1. Simple And Elegant Easter Basket:

Showing how even a simple design can look beautiful, this Easter basket has been woven in an elegant manner. Look how the handle and the rim of the basket have been gracefully twisted to form the design. There are even twigs of flowers and leaves adorning this Easter basket.

  1. Easter Basket Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

The Easter basket and the Easter eggs are looking dull and lifeless at the moment. But you can change all that by giving it your coloring skills. It’s okay if you have just learned to color. As long as you know how to color, don’t worry about the colors going a little out of the line here and there.

  1. Tiny Easter Baskets For Good Little Kids:

There are so many wonderful young children who have done exceptionally well and to reward those little ones, Easter Bunnies have come up with this cute and adorable tiny Easter basket full of creatively decorated Easter eggs.

  1. Easter Basket And Easter Eggs Coloring Exercise:

Now that you have seen a few of the incredibly designed Easter baskets and equally magnificently decorated Easter eggs, it is time now to test your skills with this blank illustration. Print this page and start filling in colors and designs on the Easter basket and eggs.

  1. “Welcome Easter Bunny” Poster:

To make sure the Easter Bunny feels welcomed when they drop by your house, you can make this welcoming poster. First, take a print out of this page, fill all the details with colors and then you can hang them on the front door or maybe on the mailbox.

  1. “Easter Basket” Easter Cards:

You can prepare from now onwards to make sure you wish everyone you want to wish for Easter by turning this illustration into Easter Cards. Once you print this page, give wonderful colors to the Easter basket and Easter eggs, you then write your wishes and address it to the person in the blank space.

  1. Little Easter Bunny And Her Little Easter Basket:

Knowing fully well she takes time to create her patterns on the Easter eggs, this little Easter Bunny started quite early this year with her decorations. Now, she is ready to donate the Easter basket for the other Easter Bunnies on delivery duty. Since she finished early, she is planning to design a few extra Easter baskets.

  1. Large Easter Basket, Tiny Easter Bunny, And Chick:

The Easter basket is not that big but when you see the tiny chick and little Easter Bunny next to it, you can feel how large it actually looks. Even the bow tied to the handle is bigger than both of them.

  1. Easter Basket With Plain Easter Eggs:

After crafting the Easter basket, the Easter Bunny has collected the eggs and will now decorate them to turn them into Easter eggs. Help him by creating designs and patterns on the eggs.

  1. Unfinished Easter Basket:

There is still some work left to be done on this floral Easter basket and Easter eggs. The Easter Bunny in charge of this has gone to get more colors to decorate the eggs and more vines to adorn the Easter Basket.

  1. Easter Eggs In Easter Basket:

Once an Easter Bunny finishes decorating the eggs, they are kept out in the open to dry the colors. While they dry, some more eggs get collected to be decorated. Easter Bunnies are really hardworking, aren’t they?

  1. Time To Decorate Easter Basket And Easter Eggs:

Let’s do some test again to check your coloring and decoration skills. Print this page and earnestly color the Easter basket and decorate these Easter eggs.

  1. Empty Easter Basket, Waiting For Easter Eggs:

A few of the Easter Bunnies are running late with their decorated Easter eggs. But they still have a lot of time to make their deliveries. Since they started early, they can easily make it. If you have lots of time before a test, make sure to prepare early to avoid getting into trouble.

  1. Fully Decorated Easter Basket:

The little Easter Bunny and tiny chick team have found another huge Easter basket. This one has been fully embellished and packed with decorated Easter eggs. Even the bow tied to the handle here is larger than both of them.

  1. Easter Basket With Easter Eggs, Chicks and Easter Bunny:

The two of them sure love checking out all the finished Easter baskets done by the adult Easter Bunnies. Here the little Easter Bunny and the chick are joined by a few of the chick’s friends, admiring the beauty of this Easter Basket.

  1. Easter Bunny And Chick Wish You “Happy Easter”:

Finally, they have found the perfect Easter basket they were looking for to wish you “Happy Easter”. You can thank the little Easter Bunny and the chick for their wishes by coloring this page and turning it into Easter card for your family and friends.

  1. Realistic Easter Basket:

After all the elaborate and intricate Easter basket designs, you can appreciate the simplistic and realistic beauty of this Easter basket. The design and look of this illustration are close to reality.

  1. Decorate This Easter Basket:

Here’s your chance to showcase all that you have learned about Easter basket and Easter eggs decoration. Print this coloring page and colorfully decorate this illustration.

On that last coloring test, we conclude today’s collection of Easter basket coloring pictures to print. Hope you learned to not only color and decorate well, but also the importance of being prepared for any tasks that you are doing. Or you will end up like the Easter Bunny trying to climb his humungous Easter basket or running late with delivering on time. Good preparation can make a great difference. 

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