20 Free Easter Chick Coloring Pages Printable

Easter Chick

Hello children! Hope you have enjoyed this new year so far. In case, there weren’t many fun activities you can look forward to some festivities soon. Celebration for Easter is only over a month away. If you enjoyed the collections of Easter coloring pages, we are here today with something adorable. We have for you the cutest collection of free printable Easter chick coloring pages.

Easter chicks have been part of the Easter celebration just like Easter eggs. Easter is celebrated to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion. Among the several festivities, decorating Easter Eggs and placing them on Easter Baskets is common. Let’s look at what the tiny chicks are up to in this collection of Easter chick coloring sheets to print.

20 Free Easter Chick Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Baby Easter Chick Says Hi:

Waving “Hi” at you with her wings, this cute Easter chick is pretty excited about the fun she is going to have, exploring the world during the Easter festivities. Prepare her well by coloring this page.

  1. Easter Chick And Easter Egg:

This Easter chick is feeling sorry that she broke an Easter egg while she was trying to climb onto an Easter basket. Console her with soft and comforting colors.

  1. Surprise From Easter Chick:

Turns out the broken Easter egg was only empty shells another chick used to prank her. This tiny chic had hidden inside the shells to prank the older Easter chick.

  1. Easter Chick In Her Nest:

It seems this Easter chick loves flowers. Look at her bringing a rose into her nest to make it beautiful. Print this page and help her in turning her nest into a colorful home.

  1. Another Easter Chick Easter Egg Prank:

Looks like the news about the prank has traveled among the Easter chick communities. This Easter chick took it to another level by dressing smartly to surprise his friend for Easter festivities he had planned.

  1. Easter Bunny, Easter Chick, And Easter Egg:


On his daily walks, this Easter Bunny makes sure to smell the flowers and greet his friend Easter chick who looks after a giant decorated Easter egg. Keeping in touch with your friends and nature can be rewarding.

  1. Easter Bunny Surprises Easter Chick:


A few days later, the Easter Bunny tried to do the famous eggshell prank to his chick friend but failed. He was too big to fit into an Easter egg. The eggshell looks like a hat on his head.

  1. The First Easter Chick Prankster:

After the prank gained popularity among the Easter chick community, the first Easter chick who started the prank became popular too. She even made a nest out of a large, broken eggshell.

  1. Easter Chick Admires Easter Bunny’s Decoration:

Easter Bunny and Easter chick’s friendship has been a long lasting one. Easter Bunny has become an expert in decorating the Easter eggs while his friend Easter chick continues to encourage him.

  1. Easter Bunny And Easter Chick Playtime:


While catching up with each other, Easter Bunny and Easter chick are remembering fun times. Once Easter Bunny wanted to cheer his friend and disappeared underground. When he popped up balancing the Easter egg on his head, Easter chick was laughing.

  1. Baby Chick And Her Eggshell Nest:

The trend has caught on. This tiny little chick is following the example of the first chick prankster and using an eggshell she decorated herself for her nest.

  1. Easter Chick Readies For Easter:

Knowing that Easter celebration is all about decoration, this Easter chick has decided to tie herself with a beautiful ribbon bow. It is part of her fashion statement for the Easter festivities.

  1. Easter Chick In the Garden:

Even among the flowers in the garden, the Easter chick looks cute and adorable. Print this page and color all the elements including the loveable little Easter chick.

  1. Easter Chick Decorates Easter Eggs:

Trying to do something different this year, this Easter chick has come up with the plan to do Easter egg decorations. She has already finished a few Easter eggs and is looking to do some more before the celebration begins.

  1. Easter Bunny And Easter Chick On Easter Day:

As Easter comes around, the two friends, Easter Bunny and Easter chick are getting ready to head to the festival ground. They are both smartly dressed and well-prepared.

  1. Easter Chicken All Grown Up:

With this year’s Easter, this Easter chick will grow up to be a chicken and look after herself on her own. She will have her friends around, but she will learn to be independent. Wish her all the luck by giving her some encouraging colors.

  1. Easter Chicks Prepare An Easter Eggs Wreath:

Taking creativity to another level, this group of Easter chicks has come up with a unique idea to decorate Easter eggs in the shape of a wreath. Creativity knows no bounds. You too can always come up with new ways to do things.

  1. Tiny Easter Chicks Eating Grains:

Just hatched a while ago, these tiny Easter chicks are learning to feed themselves on the grains given by the farmers. Soon, they will grow up. You should remember to nourish your body too by eating well to grow up well.

  1. Easter Chick Checks Easter Egg:

Doing some last minute quality check, this hardworking Easter chick is making sure the decorated Easter egg is in good condition. She is getting it ready to be picked up by Easter Bunnies.

  1. Easter Chicks Checking Easter Eggs:

In another place, a bunch of Easter chicks is working together to evaluate the Easter eggs before proceeding to arrange them for Easter Bunnies. It is always good to revise and check.

With that quality checking work, we have come to the end of this collection of Easter chick coloring pages to print. Hope you got to know more about the Easter chicks and the lessons of hard work, cherishing friendships, thinking creatively as well as having fun while learning a lot.

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