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Emojis, a spin-off on regular emoticons, are used by almost everyone who uses social media or smartphones to add pizzazz to their conversation. These symbols, not bound by any language, region, or culture, represent beautifully the universally understood emotions, ideas, and things. The most common emojis used are tacos, happy expressions, weather icons, and hand gestures. The emojis have become so popular that the Oxford Dictionaries named ‘emoji’ the word of the year in the year 2015. Furthermore, Sony Entertainment even released a movie dedicated to these symbols, “The Emoji Movie”. So let’s know a bit more about these expressions through our free printable emoji coloring pages. Check out the emoji coloring sheets to print below.

20 Free Printable Emoji Coloring Pages

  1. Confused Emoji Coloring Sheet:

Confused Face Emoji Coloring Pages
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When we are confused about something, our forehead gets folded. So if you feel confused most of the time, (which is absolutely normal in our opinion), confused emoji is perfect for you.  So let’s show some creativity with colors and confuse him more.

  1. Dancing Girls Emoji Coloring Page

Dancing Girls Emoji Coloring Sheets
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Vinny and Nishi, the twins, are learning how to dance. They are competing in this year’s Annual dance competition, so design them bright enough so that they win.

  1. Devil Emoji Coloring Page:

Devil Emoji Coloring Picture Free Printable
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The god of hell will cordially lead you to the way of evil, so color him bright red and black instead of purple or yellow to make him look even more evil-ish.

  1. Ghost Emoji Coloring Page To Print:

Ghost Emoji Coloring Sheets To Print
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Did he scare you? No, right! This ghost is so cute that he can never scare anyone. However, this ghost is now bored of his regular white and whites, so give him new attire by coloring this image.

  1. The Cool Dude Emoji Coloring Image:

Emoji Coloring Pages Cool Emoji
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Love weekends, stay cool along with this superb Emoji. His smile itself tells who he is. So get ready to hang out with colors along with him.

  1. Angel Emoji Coloring Picture:

Emoji Coloring Pages For Kids
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Have you ever seen an emoji so dainty and peaceful as this one? Nor have we!  So color this emoji in some cute pastel, to make the emoji glow as its character.

  1. Free Printable Emojis Coloring Page:

Emoji Coloring Pages Free Printable
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This coloring sheet features all the emojis in a single picture, depicting the myriad of emotions we, adults, and even children experience at a time. So start coloring them with different shades just like you see them on your phone.

  1. Neutral Face Emoji Coloring Picture:

Emoji Coloring Sheets Straight Face Emoji
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Mark does not express anything, he always sits with a straight mouth and a solid face. He may not express anything but you have to, so get ready with colors.

  1. Grinning Emoji:

Happy Emoji Coloring Page
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Always be happy because life is too short to be sad. So send everyone in your contact this grinning emoji to make their day. But before that, color this picture bright and beautiful.

  1. Heart Eyes Emoji Coloring Page:

Heart Eyes Emoji Coloring Pages To Print
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Your eyes really speak out what your heart feels and this emoji captures the emotion beautifully. So let’s spread love by coloring this lovely Emoji.

  1. Kiss Emoji Coloring Page:

Kiss Emoji Coloring Pages
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Love is best expressed with a kiss, and this kiss emoji perfectly exemplifies that. And not surprisingly, it’s the most used emoji too. Color him bright so that he can continue his journey of spreading love.

  1. Laugh Out Loud Emoji Coloring Page:

Lauging Crying Emoji Coloring Image
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They say laughter is the best medicine and we couldn’t agree more. So color out this super fun LOL emoji while laughing your lungs out.

  1. Peace Sign Emoji Coloring Page:

Peace Emoji Coloring Pages
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Since peace is diminishing from this world, a peace emoji coloring page would definitely instill some in common people.

  1. Poop Emoji Coloring Page:

Poop Emoji Coloring Sheet To Print
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Found someone as useless as this, don’t forget to send them this poop emoji. Sometimes it’s better to be useless and know nothing instead know half-everything, take Mr. Poop as an example in this case. We totally adore the way he smiles!!

  1. The Saint Emoji Coloring Page:

Saint Emoji Coloring Pictures To Print
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You can keep looking at him because he is as divine as he should be. Children are divine forms of god and it is their duty to keep teaching the world humanity whenever the world forgets it.

  1. Slight Smile Emoji Coloring Sheet:

Slight Smile Emoji Colouring Page
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A slight smile in difficult times makes your life easier and helps you face all your obstacles as the good waits for only those who face difficulties. So never stop smiling, no matter how hard the situation may be.

  1. Unicorn Emoji Coloring Page:

Unicorn Emoji Coloring Page Free
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Ever imagined flying on a beautiful white horse, like the Aesop fables where princesses fly like. This beautiful white unicorn is waiting for you at your gate to take you into an abode of clouds, above skies near the rainbow. So make this unicorn colorful as you are going to travel on this to heaven.

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  1. Winking Emoji:

Wink Emoji Coloring Sheets To Print
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Felt something is as perfect as you. Or caught someone flirting then this is the Emoji they use. His bright-eyed looks tell us how eager he is to make new friends. Get him colored dazzling and give everyone a wink.

  1. Wink Face Emoji Coloring Page:

Wink Face Emoji Coloring Sheets
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Ever tried teasing your friend this way. Definitely try this time, this Emoji teases everyone. See his tongue out with fun and his eyes speaking his notorious attitude. The way he held himself up every time in that posture is worth seeing.

  1. I Don’t Care Emoji:

Woman Emoji Coloring Page
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There are times when people get tired of all the judgments passed on the and the natural reaction to all those judgments is “I don’t care”. And when people feel a bit hesitant to say those three magical words, they send this sassy emoji. Serves those people right!

We use emojis daily but rarely notice them. As said by Fredrick. R. Bernard, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. These emojis are becoming widely popular due to their frantic expressions and humorous ideologies. I hope you liked our free printable coloring pages of emojis. So print out all out coloring sets and get started.