25 Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages Printable

Farm Animals


Good day children! Rise and shine early to make the most out of your day. The early bird catches the worm – this motto fits everywhere, especially for life in the farms. To get to know more about this lifestyle, today we have a rustic collection of free printable farm animal coloring pages.

Farm animals refer to the animals which are raised in an agricultural setting for commercial purpose like milk, meat, eggs, wool, etc. Cattle, pig, sheep, and poultry are some of the best-known examples of farm animals. Farms can be purely commercialized and corporate-owned for mass production or family-run farms with traditional methods of farming employed or can be a mix of both in varying degrees.

Let’s dig in deeper and get down and dirty with the animals through this collection of farm animal coloring sheets to print.

25 Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Four Farm Babies Come Together:

Baby Farm Animals coloring page
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Look at these little cute babies together on this illustration. Do you know what these baby farm animals are called? Yes, you guessed it right. A baby pig is called a piglet, a giraffe’s baby is known as a calf, a foal is a baby horse and a sheep’s baby is called a lamb. Get your colors and color each of them properly.

  1. Meeting At The Horse’s Stable:

Barnyard Animals coloring page
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The horse stable is looking very busy today. Seems like the other animals have come to meet the horses who are having a rest day inside. The two horses are playing perfect hosts, interacting with the visitors through the wide open window.

  1. New Chick On The Farmland:

Chick coloring page
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Having grown accustomed to the new grounds of the farm, this young chick is on an exploration of the farmland. But she is wise enough not to wander off outside of the mother hen’s vision.

  1. Bull Of The Farm:

Coloring Pages of Farm Animals
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Grazing on the wide-open meadows of the farm, this bulky bull is relishing the fresh green grasses. Living on the farm has its upside. And this bull is enjoying the fresh morning air too.

  1. Fun Day Out For Cute Farm Animals:

Cute Farm Animals coloring page
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After a day of rain yesterday, the cute farm animals are happy to be out and about in the sunshine today. Print this sunny illustration and fill it with exciting colors.

  1. Donkey Carries Heavy Load:

Donkey coloring page
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Helping many farmers carry their heavy load, donkeys, or burro as referred to in Spanish, are pack animals that are domesticated on the farm. Look at how much weight they are able to carry on their backs!

  1. Morning Alarm: Rooster’s Cuckoo-Doodle-Doo!

Farm Animal Cock coloring page
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When you live at a farm, who needs an alarm clock? There’s always the most reliable animal, the rooster or the rooster of the farm. Look at this rooster waking everyone up right at the crack of dawn! Print this page and color all the details of this morning scene.

  1. The Mare And Her Foal:

Farm Animal coloring page
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The female horse, known as the mare, is out in the fields grazing with her young foal. Although the young one has free rein over the wide open space, she is never out of the field of vision of her watchful mother; keeping sure that she is safe.

  1. A Herd Of Cows:

Farm Animal Cows coloring page
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After their day full of wandering around the meadow and grazing on the green pastures, this small herd of cows is back at their enclosure. These spotted cows need your colorful attention to bring them to life. Print this illustration and color it well.

  1. Horse In An Open Enclosure:

Farm Animal Horse coloring page
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This horse is enjoying the most of its time being in the open enclosure during the day. It gets to run around and get all its exercise done. When the sun starts to set, it will soon be guided back to the safety of the enclosed stable.

  1. Farm Animals Activity Sheet:

Farm Animals activity sheet
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Now that you have gone through a few of the farm animals coloring pages, it’s time for a fun activity. In this illustration, you will find pictures of an animal alongside choices of the answer to the question about what that particular animals say or speak. Print this page and while coloring it, choose the correct sound each animal makes from the given option.

  1. A Cow, A Pig, And A Chicken Family:

Farm animals coloring images
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This illustration showcases three different farm animals and each of them has been labeled against their pictures. Capture the details of these three farm animals – a cow, a pig, and a chicken family – as well as their surroundings by printing and coloring the page.

  1. A For Animals In The Farm:

Farm Animals coloring page
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The first letter of the English alphabet may stand for “Apple” in normal case but when it comes to today’s collection, “A” stands for “Animals” you can find in a large family farm.

  1. Day Begins For The Farm Animals:

Farm Animals coloring pictures to print
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The day has begun on the farm and all the animals are gathered in the courtyard after being released from their individual shelters. Pretty soon they will disperse to their individual corners to feed and drink on their share of food and water.

  1. The Chicken Family Eating Their Food:

Farm Animals coloring sheets to print
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Finding the patch of the ground where their food grains and corn cobs have been thrown for them to eat, this chicken family comprising the hen, the rooster, and the little chicks are feeding diligently. They are known to eat meticulously, not leaving even a single grain behind.

  1. A Horse And A Pig Accompany A Rooster:

Farm Animals pictures to color
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As another morning begins and the rooster starts its alarm, he has a couple of curious companions today. The elated horse and the enthusiastic pig have both joined the morning rooster with excitement.

  1. Farms Come In All Sizes:

Farm Coloring Pages Printable
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With the sun rising excitedly over the horizon, another beautiful and hard-working day has begun on this little farm. This illustration comes with the message that farms come in all sizes. What makes them work brilliantly is putting the proper care and comfort of the animals at the highest priority.

  1. Horse Grazing, Duck Walking:

Farm coloring pictures printable
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Another unlikely pair of farm animals can be seen in this illustration. While the horse makes the best of the dew-fresh grasses, grazing on them with gusto, the little duck is watching around the field with curiosity.

  1. Busy Morning Activity In The Farm:

Farm coloring sheets
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There are several things to take care of in the morning on the farm. From milking the cows, filling up water containers for the animals, feeding hays, collecting eggs, there is a busy mix of morning activity going on in this illustration. Print this page and color this busy yet happy morning scene.

  1. Farmer With One Each Of His Farm Animals:

Farmer With Farm Animals coloring page
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You will be able to name all the animals this farmer owns by looking at the illustration. He has brought with him one each of all his farm animals. Print this page and accurately color each one of them.

  1. The Farm Animals Gather Around For A Photo-Op:

Free Farm Animal coloring pages printable
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Hearing about the photo session today, all the animals in this farm have enthusiastically turned up at the courtyard. The large area looks small packed with all these animals hoping to get their best shots taken during the photo-op.

  1. Kids And Their Farm Activity:

Free Printable Farm Animals coloring pages
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Few kids have turned up to help around in the farm today. Each kid has been given a task which you can find in the illustration. Print this page and correctly identify all the tasks.

  1. Funny Farm Animal Coloring Page:

Funny Farm Animal coloring image
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This funny illustration shows a mighty pig driving a tractor carrying a couple of sheep, while the rooster takes its position in the front, standing over the bonnet or hood of the engine. Print this interesting coloring page and fill it with fun colors.

  1. Goats Playing In The Farm:

Goats At Farm coloring page
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It’s playtime for these goats who are running around in the open fields. They are happy to graze and gallop on the grass. Print this page and fill this playful scene with all your entertaining colors.

  1. A Hen Watches Over Her Chicks:

Hen with her Chicks coloring page
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Out of their shelters, this chicken family is enjoying the open courtyard. While the chicks roam around freely and feeding, the mother hen sits guard, watching over them carefully.

It’s time to say goodbye to the chickens and all the other animals as we have come to the end of our collection of farm animal coloring pictures to print. Hope you got to know more about the farm life and the different animals that live on the farm. Thanks to the farms all across the world, several of our daily needed food and other products get prepared in a timely manner, right from your morning milk to cheese and patties for your burgers and lots more. It is always best to know where the things we experience every day, like what we eat, comes from so that we are better informed and appreciate the hard work involved. You can revise your farm knowledge with this collection of farm animal coloring images to print.