34 Free Printable Fortnite Coloring Pages

Fortnite Coloring Images

If you’re a major video game fan and have been reading some news on video games in the last few weeks or months, you must have read about the Fortnite Battle Royale, the predecessor of Fortnite. This exciting, fast-paced survival game, created by People Can Fly and Epic Games was released in July 2017 and in just a year, millions of people, including children have become enamored with this game. The game Fortnite is set on Earth, where the appearance of a worldwide storm disappears more than 98% of the world’s population. This gives rise to zombie-like creatures, which begin attacking the remaining 2% population. The soldiers and commandos then build fortifications, fight the storm, and construct weapons to protect the survivors. Since this video game is highly popular with the children and even Fortnite season 7 has just been released we decided to come up with a collection of free printable Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite coloring pages. Check out the free Fortnite coloring sheets to print below. We’ve even got Fortnite Omega coloring pages for you all.

34 Free Printable Fortnite Coloring Pages:

  1. Fortnite Cupid Coloring Page:

Fortnite Coloring Sheets To Print
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Here’s a coloring page of the Cupid launched by Fortnite this year on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The cupid outfit will give a head-to-toe transformation to the players and will make them feel all lovey-dovey. Furthermore, you’ll even get bows to hunt your prey and eliminate those pesky zombies.

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  1. Master Grenadier Dancing Coloring Page:

Fortnite Dab Coloring Pictures
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This coloring page shows the ultra-sassy and fearless Master Grenadier dancing. It’s a dance move in which the dancer drops its head into the crook of the slanted arm. This dance move is so popular that it has even got Master Grenadier in its spirit and we must say she has done it well.

  1. Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher Coloring Sheet:

Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher Coloring Page
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Here’s a coloring sheet of the ultra sassy Fortnite pumpkin launcher, launched on Halloween last year. The launcher has a jack-o-lantern attached to one of its ends, which is sure to scare off the zombies. We, honestly, haven’t seen a cooler weapon in Fortnite.

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  1. SCAR From Fortnite Coloring Page:

Fortnite Rifle Scar Coloring Page
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Here’s a coloring sheet of the legendary SCAR, the legendary assault rifle. This stunning rifle is available in both Battle Royale and Save the World, in Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions. We love the Light Bullets it uses in the Save the World version. Do you know the full form of SCAR? It’s a Special Operations Forces Combat/Capable Assault Rifle.

  1. Shock Trooper From Fortnite Coloring Picture:

Fortnite Shock Trooper Coloring Page
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This Fortnite coloring sheet features the Shock Trooper, a fighter that can focus and buff the shockwave ability of the soldier. Furthermore, it increases the damage and radius of the ability, transforming the solder into no less than a human grenade. You’ll find Shock Trooper Renegade in the Rare, Epic, and Legendary versions of the game.

  1. Warlord From Fornite Coloring Image:

Fortnite Video Game Coloring Pages Warlord
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Here’s a coloring sheet of Warlord from Fortnite, better known as Sergeant Jonesy. He’s a brave soldier and is seen here diving in the sky. We’re sure it’s not for leisure purposes, rather, he’s fighting the bad guys. After all, Sergeant Jones is extremely macho.

  1. Survivalist From Fortnite Video Game Coloring Page:

Free Printable Fortnite Coloring Pages Survivalist
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This coloring sheet features the Survivalist from the Fortnite video game. The survivalist can kill the enemy with a ranged weapon. Furthermore, Survivalists can even emit shockwaves that can knock down the enemies within one tile range.

  1. Fortnite Battle Royale Coloring Page:

Free Printable Fortnite Coloring Pages
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This exciting coloring page features the awesome Fortnite Battle Royale with a soldier in action. Battle Royale is the recent version of Fortnite released by the founders and has already taken the world of gamers by storm. In this version, play can play as long as there are enough players online, without any form ending. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

  1. Fornite Master Grenadier Coloring Page:

Master Grenadier Fortnite Coloring Sheets
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Meet, Ramirez, better known as Master Grenadier in the Fortnite game. This soldier subclass is one of the few to come to the mythic level. Master Grenadier can focus on fragile grenades and can increase the amount she can carry until the energy field lasts.

  1. Fortnite Commando Coloring Page:

Printable Fortnite Coloring Pages Commando
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The Commando in Fortnite Day has several perks and advantages, depending on the level of maximum evolution of the hero. It can fire up to 18 times in a single second, taking down maximum zombies.

Some More Fortnite Coloring Pages To Print:

So how did you like these free Fortnite coloring pages printable? Those kids who are barred by their parents from playing the Fortnite video game will enjoy filling these Fornite coloring sheets. In the meantime, you can check out our Bendy and the Ink Machine coloring pages. We’re sure you’ll like them.