11 Free Inside Out 2 Coloring Pages

Inside Out 2 Coloring Pages printable

I’m sure you all remember the thought-provoking movie “Inside Out”, which was released about a decade ago. It revolved around Riley, an 11-year-old, happy-go-lucky girl, whose life turns around when she moves to a new city. Her emotions- Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust guide her through this life-changing event.

The plot of this movie was so sensitive, yet sensible, that it remains one of our favorite Disney movies to date. It made kids more aware of their emotions and behavior and taught them how to present them appropriately. Along with that, it also made the parents more empathetic and understanding towards their children.

The cast is now back, along with new emotions named Anxiety, Envy, Embarrassment, and Ennui. I mean why not, Riley is a big girl now, hence her emotions have also grown, along with her. And with a whole new generation of parents, this movie was much needed. So celebrate this unique movie once more with our collection of “Inside Out 2” coloring pages.

11 Free Printable Inside Out 2 Coloring Pages

  1. Anger

Anger Inside Out 2 Coloring PageAnger needs absolutely no introduction. He is one of the most prominent of all the emotions residing in Riley’s mind. He wants to stay on top of everything because he thinks only he can get things right. He is usually happy on his own, but when he is pushed too far, his head bursts into flames.

  1. Anxiety And Joy

Anxiety And Joy From Inside Out 2How lovely is this coloring page of two opposing emotions- Joy and Anxiety?

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety From Inside Out 2 Coloring PageMeet Anxiety, the emotion that always thinks about the worst-case scenario in Riley’s future. It’s an orange-colored emotion with a weird, bunch-like hairstyle. I’m pretty sure you’ll love filling colors in those fine strands of hair.

  1. Disgust

Disgust Inside Out 2Not many might have noticed, but Disgust, the green-colored emotion in Riley’s mind is based on broccoli, a vegetable Riley and all the other emotions hate. She’s a cool-looking emotion with long eyelashes, a fashionable outfit, a stylish hairstyle, and vibrant makeup.

  1. Embarrassment And Sadness

Embarrassment And Sadness from Inside Out 2This illustration features embarrassment and sadness, but something is lacking. The colors, of course. Give them their appropriate colors to bring back the luster.

  1. Embarrassment

Embarrassment Inside Out 2Embarrassment is a big-sized, pink emotion introduced in “Inside Out 2”. Its huge size compared to the other emotions symbolizes that no matter how much other emotions try to shrink it, once embarrassment sets in, it refuses to die out.

  1. Fear

Fear Inside Out 2Fear, the emotion that looks like a raw nerve, is the pacifist of the group. Sure, he is fearful and worrisome most of the time but that’s because he is concerned about Riley and cares for her safety. He evaluates all the possible dangers, pitfalls, risks, and disasters that take place in Riley’s everyday life.

  1. Inside Out 2 Printable

Inside Out 2 Coloring PagesHow lovely is this coloring page featuring all the emotions that Riley experiences daily?  The poster comes with the appropriate description, ‘make room for new emotions’, which Riley has begun to experience ever since she turned into a teenager.

  1. Joy

Joy Inside Out 2Meet Joy, the main character of both “Inside Out” and “Inside Out 2”. She is a joyful, yellow emotion living inside the mind of Riley, the hockey enthusiast. As her name suggests, Joy appears to be full of energy and optimistic all the time.

  1. Riley

Riley Inside Out 2Riley is the central character of the movie, which anyone aware of the first movie would know. In the movie, her mind is the main setting and the entire story is narrated from the point of view of all the emotions residing in it.

  1. Sadness

Sadness Inside Out 2Sadness, the blue emotion, is the voice of reason in the movies. She does appear to be sad and whining all the time, but she is the most knowledgeable of all the emotions.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of “Inside Out 2” colouring pages as much as we loved compiling them. Parents can take these coloring sheets as a medium to engage with their children and share their challenges. Hope to see you soon with some more unique coloring pages. Until then, please keep supporting us and keep sharing these coloring pages.