Free January Coloring Pages Printable

January clipart

Good day children! The year is ending, and a new year will begin soon. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming year. If you are still unsure of what things, we have brought for you today a collection of January coloring pages printable.

The first month of the Gregorian calendar, January is one of the seven months in the year with thirty-one days. The beginning of January is marked by a huge worldwide celebration of the New Year.

Let’s take a closer look at all the wonderful events you can anticipate through this collection of January coloring sheets to print.

20 Free January Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Australia Day:

Australia Day Coloring Page
Australia Day

On January 26, Australia observes “Australia Day”, an official national day that celebrates the rich history and diversity of the country. Join along in the celebration by printing and coloring this flag of Australia.

  1. International Holocaust Remembrance Day:

Commemoration Victims of the Holocaust Day Coloring Page
Commemoration Victims of the Holocaust Day

Just a day later, on January 27 the whole world observes the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It was the date in 1945 when the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp was liberated. The United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution on 1st November 2005, to commemorate the genocide which killed millions of people.

  1. Epiphany – Three Kings’ Day:

Epiphany Coloring Page

Celebrating the three wise men’s visit offering their prayers and gifts to baby Jesus, Epiphany is a feast day held on January 6 or on the first Sunday after January 1. The day is also referred to as Little Christmas or Three Kings’ Day.

  1. Snowflakes, Snowman In January:

Free Printable January Coloring Pages

Winter is still very much around in January and if you are careful you can make your Christmas snowman last for days. You can even play in the snow and catch your own unique snowflakes.

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  1. January Dreams Of Spring Blossoms:

Free Printable January Month Coloring Pages

If January is here, then Spring is just a couple of months away. You can look forward to the spring blossoms in your garden. In the meantime, give colors to these flowers and leaves on this coloring page.

  1. Girl Skating Expertly In January:

Girl Skating In January Coloring Page
Girl Skating 

Having some fun in the cold weather of January is this little girl. She is skating on a frozen lake, taking full advantage of winter. You can print this page and practice your coloring skills.

  1. Little Children, Restoring Snowman:

Happy January Coloring Pages

Look at these children restoring the snowman they build on Christmas by putting on more snow. Even the little bird extends a helping hand. Print this page and color this benevolent scene.

  1. Happy New Year Stickers!

Happy New Year Coloring Page
Happy New Year Coloring Page

This illustration can be a perfect design for new year stickers to decorate the house. You can fill in exciting colors for each of the different elements on the page.

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  1. J For January:

J For January Coloring Page

The first month of the year, January is also one of the three months in the year starting with “J”. Guess the other two months, as you print and color this page.

  1. Floral January Board:

January Coloring Image Printable

The design on this coloring page is so aesthetically appealing, isn’t it? There is so much creativity here. You can print this page and add attractive colors on this January month floral board.

  1. Children Playing Snow:

January Coloring Page Children Playing Snow
Children Playing In Snow

Having fun playing with snow is never enough, no matter how long you have played. These children are still playing as the winter season which began in November – December will continue going strong in January as well.

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  1. Little Kid Walking, Little Bunny Hiding:

January Coloring Sheets Free Printable

The little bunny hides behind the snowman when it notices a young kid walking by. But the kid seems to have noticed the little fellow. Print and color this cute illustration.

  1. Shimmering January:

January Month Coloring Pages

Here’s another little decorative January month lettering with jewels and stars all around. Print this page and give lively colors to each of the letters and elements.

  1. Martin Luther King Junior Day:

Martin Luther King Junior Day Coloring Page

Observed every year on the third Monday of January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday in his honor, which falls around his birthday, January 15. The day was marked to commemorate his fight against racial discrimination through non-violent activism. Pay your tribute as well by printing and coloring this pay in solemn colors.

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  1. National Bird Day:

National Bird Day Coloring Page
National Bird Day

Spreading awareness about birds and supporting their conservation programs is National Bird Day, held annually on January 5. Various activities are organized, like birdwatching and imparting knowledge about why birds should not be purchased as pets. Just like you enjoy being free, even birds need their freedom.

  1. National Hug Day:

National Hug Day Coloring Page
National Hug Day

It feels good to be hugged and cared for by your loved ones, doesn’t it? Somehow, growing up we tend to lose the touch with expressing our love this way. National Hug Day celebrated on January 21, was created to encourage people to show their love for their friends and family through loving hugs.

  1. National Milk Day:

National Milk Day Coloring Page
National Milk Day

Verghese Kurien revolutionized dairy farming in India with the largest agricultural dairy development program, “Operation Flood”. Referred to as India’s “Father of the White Revolution”, to honor his contribution, National Milk Day is observed on his birthday, November 26.

  1. National Popcorn Day:

National Popcorn Day Coloring Page
National Popcorn

Popcorns might be one of the most popular snacks in the world. They have become synonymous with movie-watching. You must have had your share of it in the movies too. You have another excuse to eat popcorns – all day – on January 19, observed as National Popcorn Day.

  1. Solemnity Of Mother Mary:

Solemnity of Mary Coloring Page
Solemnity of Mary

Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary, a feast is held after eight days. Known as the Solemnity of Mary, the day is observed on January 1 as a tribute to the Holy Mother of God. You can pay your respects too for now by printing and coloring this illustration.

  1. Welcome January Coloring Page

Welcome January Coloring Page

Look at this snowman welcoming you to the month of January. Greet him with courtesy and reciprocate his wish by filling this page with brilliant colors.

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  1. January 2021 Calendar Coloring Page:

January 2021 calendar coloring page

Here’s a wonderful January 2021 coloring page to commemorate the new year.

On the welcoming note, we have come to the end of this collection of January coloring pages to print. Like the snowman, welcome the new year with a smile. Remember to spread happiness and lots of joy through love and kindness wherever you go, throughout the year.