Free Printable July Coloring Pages

July Clipart

Welcome, friends to the month of July! The name ‘July’ was coined by Julius Caesar since it is his birth month. July has 31 days and hosts the season of summer and monsoon in the northern hemisphere, while it holds winter in the southern hemisphere. How ironic! The same month with different seasons! This month invites so many special and festive days, such as the Independence Day of the United States of America or the National Hot Dog Day! The month of July is special for us all, so let’s color it to life with these free printable July coloring pages. You can find our list of free July month coloring sheets to print below. 

15 Free Printable July Coloring Sheets:

  1. 4th July – United States Independence Day:

4th Of July Coloring Pages
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On July the Fourth (a typical way of saying fourth July in the USA), the American people celebrate their independence and freedom. Here is Marla, and like all other American people, she is dressed in the American costume to celebrate the glorious day. But she misses one thing – the color of the American flag. Color the stripes on her dress red and white and give her starry belt a blue background with white starts.

  1. Bastille Day Coloring Page:

Bastille Day Coloring Pages
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The Bastille Day, celebrated by the French people on 14th July, is the French National Day. In France, this is known as la Fête nationale. The Bastille Day is celebrated with military parades, fireworks, balls, concerts amongst many other. This image shows a military parade with soldiers showing their commitment to their nation. Color them smart.

  1. Free Colombia Independence Day Printable Sheet:

Columbia Independence Day Coloring Pages
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On 20th July, which will be Friday this year, Colombia rejoices in their freedom. Colombia, a country situated in Northern South America, was ruled by the Spanish, until 20th July 1819, when they were freed of the Spanish rule and declared an independent nation. Every year, the Colombian people dress in their traditional clothes – as shown in the image – and celebrate this eventful day.

  1. Happy Canada Day Coloring Pages:

Happy Canada Day Coloring Pages
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The first day of July, which is the 1st of July, is Happy Canada Day, also known as Canada Day (though I like the Happy word tagged along)! This day is celebrated for the independence of Canada from British rule, in the year 1867. The day is celebrated with parades, fireworks, barbecues, concerts, fairs, also picnics! The beaver in the image shows the fairs celebration, people enjoying his show and celebrating so. Color the beaver as cute as possible, so that the Canadians have a fun-filled Canada Day!

  1. International Day of Friendship:

International Day Of Friendship Coloring Pages
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Friendship is one of the most integral parts of life. Without friendship, life is no fun. Imagine having no friends at the school (how would you tolerate your teachers)! Friendship has innumerable advantages, and having a friend is an essential requirement for health and wellbeing. And so, on the 30th of July, this day is celebrated, to remind the world of this important element, which we so easily underestimate in our lives.

  1. The Calendar of July 2018 Printable:

July 2018 Coloring Pages
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Interestingly this year, the first day of July – the magnificent month – begins with a Sunday, making it more magnificent (LOL)! This month has so many events that you can barely put your mind out of festivities! And so, print and color this calendar, mark all the important days, and paste it firmly onto your cupboard, so that you don’t miss a single thing!

  1. July Activity Sheet:

July Activity Sheets
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Here is an activity sheet for you, where you can color the images to splendidness, and write down all the activities you did in May and June, and what activities will you do in July and August! Sounds really fun, so get it done now!

  1. National Hot Dog Day Printable:

National Hot Dog Day Coloring Pages
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Common, who would resist eating a hot dog? They are so yummy and creamy, I can never deny grabbing a few! The hot dogs just have something in them that makes them stand out over other dishes. Personally, I don’t think I would find anything tastier than them! I’m sure you believe the same! Therefore, everyone finds it important that hot dogs should have their own day celebrated, on the 19th of July. Color this hot dog lip-smacky!

  1. National Ice Cream Day Coloring Page:

National Ice Cream Day Coloring Pages
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Ice creams are just a perfect dessert. Anything you’ve eaten, you need ice cream in the end to digest it! The National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday. Here is perfect ice cream, but you must give it the accurate colors so that it tastes just outstanding!

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  1. Nelson Mandela Day:

Nelson Mandela Day Coloring Page
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Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated each year on the 18th of July, as that’s Nelson Mandela’s birthday. This day is celebrated in the honor of Mandela, who was South-African fighting against racism. His work has changed the world today. Color his picture and make him look bold and fearless!

  1. Printable Parents Day Coloring Page:

Parents Day Coloring Pages
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Parents day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year. Parents play a key role in our development. Without them, the world does not seem a good place to be in. Parents provide you a sense of protection, they are your first point of contact, and they always understand your situation and act accordingly. Their support in our growth is priceless, and you must gift this image to your parents on the Parents Day by printing it and adding some amazing shades!

  1. Peru Independence Day Coloring Sheet:

Peru Independence Day Coloring Pages
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The Republic of Peru is a nation in South America, which was declared an independent nation on the 28th of July 1821 from the Spanish rule. The citizens of Peru proudly celebrate their independence on the 28th of July. Here is a cute girl enjoying Independence Day, color her cute.

  1. Saint Thomas Day:

St Thomas Day Coloring Page
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Although Saint Thomas Day is on a different date every year, this time it is on the 3rd of July. Saint Thomas was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. This day is dedicated to him so as to remember his works and keep his spirit alive.

  1. Free World Hepatitis Day Printable:

World Hepatitis Day Coloring Page
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Hepatitis is a disease, wherein the tissues of the liver in our digestive system start inflaming. This can also be a fatal disease! World Hepatitis Day is celebrated on 28th July (but I don’t know who wants to celebrate a disease)! Here is an image of the digestive system, wherein the Liver can be clearly spotted. Color this digestive system clean to accuracy.

  1. World Population Day Coloring Page:

World Population Coloring Pages
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The World Population Day is on 11th July. The purpose of this day is to spread the awareness of our growing population. Every year, our population is growing out of our control. If this continues, a time will come where there will barely be any space to live! Therefore, this day is celebrated to make people aware of this. Color this image neatly and use it as a poster, show it to everyone, and make them aware of our rising population!

  1. July 2021 Coloring Page:

July 2021 coloring page

Since it’s a new year, we’ve got our little readers a wonderfully detailed July 2021 calendar coloring page. Hope you’ll enjoy it.  

Alright, friends! That’s all for July this year (though that’s quite a bit)! All the months of the year are special, and July is no exception. So many special events throughout the month sound fun! Enjoy your July, and all the celebrations it hosts! Don’t forget to get all of these images tinted and make sure you share with me which was your favorite July coloring pages, down in the comments section!