40 Free Leaf Coloring Pages Printable

Leaf coloring pages for kids

As autumn ends and winter begins, you might have noticed the fallen leaves everywhere. Most plants and trees respond to the change of season by shedding their leaves to prepare for winter months without much nutrition. Taking a leaf out of the fallen leaves, today’s printable collection of coloring sheets is dedicated to the different types of leaves we find in nature.

Plants or trees are divided into shoot system – above ground, and root system which is below the ground. A leaf is part of the shoot system, growing on the branches. As commonly observed, most leaves are green and flattened. The green color is due to chlorophyll, a pigment that helps in photosynthesis, converting sunlight into energy for sustenance.

There are different shapes, sizes, and textures of leaves available. Broad leaves with a complex network of veins are most commonly found. But there are needle-like leaves as in those of pine trees or thick juicy leaves like those of succulent plants. Time to start coloring a variety of leaves through this collection of leaf coloring pages to print.

40 Free Leaf Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Walnut Leaf:


Walnut Leaf

We are starting off this collection with this walnut leaf coloring page. The stem imparipinnate with 8 to 10 leaves, each having a smooth margin. Both branches and buds of walnut leaves are brown in color. 

  1. Alder Leaves, Simple And Serrated:

Alder Leaves

After the complex start, here we have a simple leave belonging to the Alder. Growing alternately, the leaves are serrated and simple. Print out and give this illustration of Alder leaves and fruits your best colors.

  1. Almond Willow Leaf:

Almond Willow Leaf

From the broad Alder leaves, we are now moving on to the elongated leaves of the Almond Willow. Identified as a shrub or a small tree, the leaves have serrate edges that are regularly yet conspicuously formed.

  1. Ant Walking On A Leaf:

Ant walking on a leaf

Plants and trees form an important part of the life cycles of various other living beings, be it humans or animals or insects. Just like this ant here, walking on a leaf while performing its daily chores to bring food back to the community.

  1. Ash Tree Leaves:

Ash Tree leaves

The leaves of the Ash tree are compound in nature and comprise 9 to 15 leaflets. As illustrated here on this coloring page, the leaflets grow opposite each other and are oval in shape.

  1. Aspen Leaves And Flowers:

Aspen leaves coloring page

We are now looking at the leaves of a medium-sized deciduous tree, the Aspen. Growing up to about 30 meters tall, the Aspen trees have leaves that are broad with a tapered end. Fill in appropriate colors for the leaves and the flowers.

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  1. Basswood “Heart-shaped” Leaf:

Basswood Leaf

With a heart-shaped design, the Basswood leaves are anywhere between 3 to 6 inches long. The leaves are arranged alternately on the branches and have toothed edges. You can prominently see the network of veins in this coloring image of the leaf.

  1. Oval Beech Tree Leaf:

Beech Tree Leaf coloring page

Oval in shape, the Beech tree leaves have pointed tips and feature wavy edges all around. The young leaves also bear silky tiny hairs on them. Print this coloring picture and fill this young Beech tree leaf with lime green color.

  1. Big-Leaved Huckleberry Leaves:

Big Leaved Huckleberry leaves

Scientifically known as Vaccinium membranaceum, the Big-leaved Huckleberry has oval-shaped leaves that exhibit greenish-yellow colors. The leaves are finely toothed and form a tapering drip tip. You can also see the urn-shaped flowers in this illustration.

  1. Boy Jumping In Leaves:

Boy jumping in leaves

During autumn, you’ll find fallen leaves everywhere. Most of the time they are swept or raked together in a pile. Have you ever jumped into a mound of leaves like this boy? It seems such great fun.

  1. Chestnut Tree Leaf:

Chestnut Tree leaf

A beautiful looking leaf, isn’t it? This is the Chestnut tree leaf that is shaped like a long canoe. It has a prominent tip with hooked, sharp teeth edges and features a dull texture instead of a shiny look that leaves generally have.

  1. Dragonfly On A Leaf:

Dragonfly on a leaf

While there was an ant on a leaf earlier, here we have a dragonfly resting beautifully on this leaf. Did you know that dragonflies are not just the fastest, but also one of the first winged insects on earth? This gorgeous dragonfly is part of a few hundred million old ancestries.

  1. Fall Leaves Coloring Page:

Fall Leaves coloring page

What makes autumn or the fall season special is the change of color of the foliage all around us. From bright yellow to orange, from red to brown, almost all leaves change colors as they get ready to fall during the onset of winter.

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  1. Fern Leaf Coloring Page:

Fern leaf coloring page

Ferns have complex leaves divided into a leafy blade and stalk or petiole. The leaves are also called fronds. The blade itself is divided into leaflets or pinnae, midrib or main axis, and the apex or the tip of the frond.

  1. Four Leaf Clover, You’re Lucky My Dear:

Four leaf clover coloring page

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of a four-leaf clover is luck. Legends and folklore passed down generations say that finding a four-leaf clover means you are going to have good luck. Feel your luck getting better as you fill in the colors in this illustration.

  1. Boy Taking Care Of His Plant:

Free printable leaves coloring pages

When you plant something, you need to give it constant care to let it grow. That is exactly what this boy has been doing. Watering the plant each day and now the beautiful leaves have grown.

  1. Holly Leaves, Signs Of Christmas:

Holly leaves coloring page

Winter is here already, and Christmas is around a month away. One of the many signs of the holiday season besides the Christmas tree and lights are the holly leaves. These spiny and glistening dark green oblong leaves and the blood-red fruits have become synonymous with Christmas.

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  1. Koala With Eucalyptus Leaf Branch:

Koala with eucalyptus leaf branch

Can you guess which leaves are the best treats for a Koala? It is a eucalyptus leaf, the one that this koala is holding with eagerness. The leaves are circular, and the tree is native to Australia.

  1. Lady Bug On A Leaf:

Leaf coloring pictures

Here we have another living creature nestled on a leaf. This one here is the polka-dotted ladybug. Looks like she likes her resting place. Give this cute illustration some green, red, and black colors.

  1. Ants Communicating While Crawling On Branches:

Leaf coloring sheets to print

When you watch the ants crawling around, you must have noticed two ants interacting with each other. Like they are actually talking. This coloring page illustrates one such interaction between ants on a leafy branch.

  1. Boy Enjoying Playing With Leaves:

Leaves coloring pages

It’s one of the fun things to do during autumn – playing with the leaves, whether they are falling from the trees or the ones raked up together in a pile. After stumbling upon a pile of leaves, this boy is mischievously and joyously playing with them.

  1. Man Raking Leaves Coloring Page:

Man raking leaves coloring page

While the boy finds joy in playing with the leaves, we have a man who has a job of raking up fallen leaves in the park. This particular tree has shed all its leaves. Winter is definitely fast approaching!

  1. The Characteristic Maple Leaf:

Maple leaf coloring page

The maple leaf is perhaps one of the most popular leaves and is also one of the most easily recognized symbols of Canada. The maple tree leaves are lobed and form a symmetrical shape. Pointed lobes and serrated edges, the maple tree leaves have a long petiole.

  1. Monstera Leaves With Holes:

Monstera Leaves coloring page

Looking at this illustration of the Monstera leaves, they look otherworldly, don’t they? While they begin growing as green, heart-shaped leaves with long petiole, the Monstera leaves start to show signs of fenestration or developing holes when the plant becomes about three feet.

  1. Oak Leaf Coloring Page:

Oak Leaf coloring page

The shape of the oak leaf is unlike most standard leaves, but it is nowhere close to the curious shape of monstera leaves. Somewhat oblong or ovate shaped, the oak leaves have a short stalk and around 10 ascending lobes.

  1. Olive Tree Leaves:

Olive tree leaves coloring page

Over the years, olive oil has become synonymous with healthy food. Here you can see the branch of an olive tree with the leathery, dark green leaves growing paired opposite each other. There’s an olive too.

  1. Parsley Leaves, Popular Herb:

Parsley Leaves

Used in the food industry as an important herb, here we have an illustration of a bunch of parsley leaves. They form a rosette of tripinnate leaves, each featuring numerous leaflets. Print this coloring page and fill it with green color.

  1. Pumpkin With Its Leaves:

Pumpkin with its leaves

During Halloween festivities, you must have seen quite a lot of pumpkins carved into jack-o’-lanterns. Greenish to orange in color as it matures, pumpkins have light to dark green, large leaves which are roundish in shape with serrated edges.

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  1. Raspberry With The Leaves:

Raspberry with the leaves

Here we have another popular food item on this coloring page. This time it’s a fruit item. You can see a bunch of Raspberry along with the leaves. Shorter in length and broader in width, the Raspberry leaves are light to dark green in color.

  1. Shagbark Hickory Leaf:

Shagbark Hickory Leaf coloring page

The leaves of Shagbark Hickory have three larger ones, grouped together at the top with two smaller ones at the base. The leaves are long and odd-pinnate, mostly five leaves, rarely three or seven.

  1. Shamrock Leaf:

Shamrock coloring page

It’s time now for some Irish luck. Long regarded as one of the important aspects of the Irish tradition, illustrated here is the Shamrock with its heart-shaped leaves.

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  1. Nutritious Spinach Leaves:

Spinach leaves coloring page

Spinach is a nutritious green leafy vegetable. As you can see, the leaves are simple and come in varying sizes. Simple and alternate, the spinach leaves are ovate to triangular in shape, larger at the base.

  1. Sycamore Tree Leaves:

Sycamore Tree Leaves

The distinct 3-5 lobes of the oval-shaped sycamore tree leaves are detailed properly in this illustration. They have a long tapered apex and range between 4-7 inches in diameter.

  1. Thumbelina Sitting Under A Leaf:

Thumbelina sitting under a leaf

One of the many fairy tales written by Hans Christian Anderson is Thumbelina which is about the adventures of a thumb-sized girl searching for someone her own size. Being so tiny, she’s using the leaf as a cover to shelter from the rain.

  1. Tree Of Heaven Leaf:

Tree of Heaven Leaf coloring page

Pinnately compound leaves are those that have several leaflets on each side of a central stem. The leaf of the Tree of Heaven is pinnately compound and can reach anywhere between 2 to 4 feet in length. Illustrated here is one of the leaflets.

  1. Tulip Poplar Flower And Leaf:

Tulip Poplar Flower and Leaf

As the name suggests, the tulip tree is named after the tulip flower as the tulip tree flower resembles it. Pale green or yellow flowers are accompanied by almost rectangular, bright, green leaves.

  1. Tulip Tree Leaf:

Tulip Tree Leaf coloring page

You can take a closer look at the Tulip tree leaf in this illustration. The four-pointed lobes of the leaf and the network of the veins are clearly visible. Fill in the appropriate colors on this coloring page.

  1. Virginia Creeper:

Virginia Creeper

The bright red leaves of the Virginia Creepers during the fall season are unmissable. Unlike other climbing vines, Virginia Creepers have compound leaves divided into 5 leaflets as illustrated here. They also have adhesive disks on the branched tendrils’ tips aiding in their “climbing”.

  1. Wild Strawberry Leaves:

Wild Strawberry leaves

After the raspberry, we have another fruit here – Strawberry. While the fruit is red, the small to medium leaves are green and flat with silky hairs on the underside.

  1. Yellow Birch Leaf:

Yellow Birch Leaf

Simple and alternate, the Yellow Birch leaf as illustrated here is ovate in shape. Growing up to about 5 inches long, they turn bright yellow in autumn.

On that autumnal note, we have come to the end of this printable collection of coloring sheets inspired by the leaf of different plants and trees. While most plants or trees shed their leaves annually, known as deciduous leaves, there are those that remain even through winter. These leaves are aptly known as evergreens.