Free Nativity Coloring Pages Printable

Christmas Nativity Clipart

Season’s Greetings, Children! Christmas is upon us and everywhere you go, you can see the signs of the festive season. Christmas trees, sparkling lights, and decorations. You might have also seen the nativity scene or the exhibition of the birth of Jesus, put on display at some places. You can know more about it, with our collection of free printable nativity coloring pages.

25 Free Printable Christmas Nativity Coloring Pages 

  1. The Son Of God Is Born:

Baby Jesus in the Manger Coloring Page

Joseph and Mary found shelter with a manger and thus Jesus was born in a stable with sheep and ox overlooking this miracle birth. After birth, the three wise men traveled from the East bearing gifts with them. You can print and color this nativity scene showcasing the humble beginning of Jesus Christ.

  1. Christ Is Born:

Christ Is Born Coloring Pages
Christ Is Born

You can use this brilliant illustration as part of your Christmas decorations to tell the story of Christmas. Simply print a few copies and color each one of them in radiating colors, to add to the festivities.

  1. The Animals Witness The Birth Of Jesus:

Free Nativity Coloring Scene Coloring Pages

Baby Jesus is lying on a manger, flanked by his parents after his birth, which had been witnessed by the stable animals as well. In most of the nativity scene, an ox and a donkey are included, some showing sheep as well.

  1. God’s Gift To Us:

Free Nativity Colouring Pictures For Kids

The Gospels say that Mary and Joseph were chosen by God to be the earthly parents of his son. It says that Jesus was born to save humanity from all their sins, and that is why he is also referred to as God’s gift to us humans. Print this page and after coloring it, you can put this up as part of your Christmas decorations.

  1. Mary And Joseph With Baby Jesus:

Free Printable Christmas Nativity Coloring Pages

It was a clear and starry night when Jesus was born, as illustrated by this coloring page. You can see how endearingly Mary and Joseph are looking at baby Jesus. They are grateful to have been chosen to raise the Son of God. Bring out the details by printing and coloring this page.

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  1. The Wise Men Bear Gifts:

Free Printable Nativity Characters Coloring Pages

Hearing of the birth of Jesus the three wise men traveled far and wide to pay their respect, each one of the bearing a gift. One brought gold, the other frankincense or incense and the third one got myrrh. Even the angels have come to witness this auspicious birth.

  1. Happy Birthday, Jesus:

Happy Birthday Jesus Coloring Pages

A joyous and fun illustration depicting a happy angel looking at baby Jesus. You can see the happy expressions on the faces of the angel as well as baby Jesus. You too can express your joy by printing and adding colors to this coloring page.

  1. Baby Jesus On A Manger:

Jesus Coloring Pages

There’s such radiance on this coloring page, showing baby Jesus in the manger after his birth. It illustrates how the inherent goodness in him radiated outwards for everyone around him to witness. You too should always do good and let your goodness shine.

  1. Jesus Born In A Stable, His Birth Is A Miracle:

Joseph And Mary With Jesus Coloring Page

Joseph and Mary had traveled to Bethlehem from Nazareth and were unable to find a proper place in time for the birth. It was due to this reason; they took shelter in a stable. There are all kinds of animals depicted in this illustration celebrating the birth of Jesus. Print this page and color each one of them in their respective shades.

  1. Joseph And The Sheep:

Joseph Nativity Coloring Sheet Printable

The way Joseph is holding the little sheep from the stable, it is no wonder that Jesus too grew to love the animals and even came to be known as the Good Shepherd, who would lay down his life for his sheep.

  1. Mary With Baby Jesus:

Mary With Jesus Coloring Page

After his birth, Mary wrapped baby Jesus in a warm piece of cloth and placed him in the manger as a comfortable crib, cushioned by the hay, for him to rest.

  1. Nativity Color By Number:

Nativity Color By Number Printable

Now that you have learned a bit about the Nativity, here is a fun coloring exercise for you. Pictured on this coloring page are the figures of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in a manger. You can print this page and help bring out their individual colors by following the given numbered instruction.

  1. Angel In Joseph’s Dream Foretells About Jesus:

Nativity Coloring Book

According to the Gospels, an angel had come to Joseph foretelling the birth of the Son of God through his betrothed Mary. It was instructed that he marry her and name the child Jesus, as he would be the savior of the people and rid of their sins.

  1. Spot The Message Of Great Joy:

Nativity Coloring Pages For Adults

If you look carefully you will find a message telling you about great joy. This clever illustration uses intricate designs and incorporates beautiful calligraphy to showcase the nativity. Print this page and color the letters in distinct colors to bring out the message.

  1. Gifts For Jesus:

Nativity Coloring Pages Printable

You can clearly see all the three gifts bestowed on baby Jesus by the traveling three wise men. The gold sparkling bright, the fragrant smoke from the frankincense and the myrrh in a wooden box. Look how excited baby Jesus is to receive the gifts.

  1. Star Of Bethlehem Shines For Jesus:

Nativity Coloring Pages To Print

The star at the center is the Star of Bethlehem, known as the star indicating the birth of Jesus, the King of the Jews. It is believed that the star appeared on the night of his birth.

  1. The Star Shines On His Birth:

Nativity Coloring Pages

As Mary and Joseph take care of baby Jesus resting in a manger, the Star of Bethlehem shines brightly in the sky silently announcing to the world that the Son of God is born and has come to save the world.

  1. Nativity Scene On Glass Display:

Nativity Glass Display Coloring Page

You must have come across the multi-colored glasses in churches with designs telling different stories. Here is one depicting the nativity scene, specifically the visit of the three wise men as Mary holds her son Jesus. Print this page and do your best to highlight those glass panels by using different colors.

  1. When Jesus Is Born, The Star Guides The Wise Man To His Home:

Nativity Scene Coloring Pages

This nativity scene cleverly depicts the birth of Jesus and the journey of the three wise men. As Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus in a stable, the Star of Bethlehem shines brightly in the sky, guiding the three wise men on their journey.

  1. Precious Nativity Moments:

Precious Moments Nativity Coloring Page

Like any proud parents, Mary and Joseph look endearingly at baby Jesus resting after birth. But unlike other parents, they were going to raise the Son of God and so offer their gratitude for his birth.

  1. Stable Template For Nativity:

Stable Template Coloring Printable

It’s time to put your drawing and coloring skills to imaginative use on this coloring page. You will need to draw the nativity scene inside this empty stable template illustration. Print this page and fill in Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. If you want to challenge yourself, you can include the animals as well as the three wise men.

  1. Three Wise Men Follow The Star:

Three Wise Men Coloring Pages

Finding the Star of Bethlehem, signifying the birth of the King of the Jews, shining luminously in the sky, the three wise men undertake the journey to offer their prayers and gifts to him.

  1. The Star of Bethlehem Guides The Three Wise Men:

Three Wise Men Following Star Coloring Picture

Traveling long and far, the three wise men also referred to as the biblical Magi, were never lost. Whenever they looked up, they saw the Star of Bethlehem pointing them towards the land of Jesus’ birth.

  1. The Three Wise Men Offer Prayers And Gifts:

Three Wise Men Nativity Scene Coloring Pictures

After their long journey, the three wise men are rewarded with a glimpse of the Son of God. They bend on their knees to offer their prayers and the gifts each of them had brought for baby Jesus.

  1. Baby Jesus And The Three Wise Men:

Three Wise Men With Jesus Coloring Page

This coloring page illustrates the three wise men offering their gifts to baby Jesus, with the Star of Bethlehem shining to show how it guided them. You can print this page and fill in distinct colors for each of the wise men.

With the three wise men reaching their destination, we have also come to the end of our collection of nativity coloring pictures to print. Hopefully, you are more aware of the story behind the celebration of Christmas and the display of the nativity scene in many places. In several schools, nativity scene plays are also organized. If it is happening in your school, you can participate and truly engage yourself in the Christmas spirit.