30 Magical Shimmer And Shine Coloring Pages

shimmer and shine coloring pages

“Shimmer and Shine”, an American-Canadian television series has taken the world by storm already. Created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz, the story of “Shimmer and Shine” centers on Leah, a young and lively girl who has genies, Shimmer and Shine as her friends. The series is a major hit with the kids, so how could we not bring its coloring pages for …

Printable New Year 2018 Coloring Pages

new year 2018 coloring pages

It’s less than ten days to New Year 2018! How excited are you people? And how did last year treat you? If you ask me, last year was no less than a roller coaster ride. But that’s precisely what life is all about, right? We cannot just expect it to be all goody goody all the time. Life has its …

30 Stunning Mermaid Coloring Pages

mermaid coloring pages

Mermaids and mermen have captured the imagination of not just children, but even adults since time immemorial. These mythical aquatic creatures with upper bodies resembling a human and lower body consisting of a fish tail have featured in folklores, television series and even bedtime stories in every culture and countries. No wonder children go gaga over them. So immerse yourself …

Top 30 Sing Movie Coloring Pages

sing movie coloring pages

Hello, munchkins! Illumination’s musical comedy “Sing” had set the theaters last year with a storm, since then it hasn’t faded from our minds a bit. Guess what? The makers of the film are remaking it in 2020! Exciting, isn’t it?  Sing movie revolves around a set of humanoid animals, who participate in a singing competition and that is exactly when …

20 Free Red Ribbon Week Coloring Pages To Print

Red Ribbon Week

Some things are good for us, while some things can prove to be bad. For most things, the difference between the two is evident. Like brushing our teeth daily is good, while hurting someone is bad. Sometimes, there is a fine line between the good and the bad, and it can be difficult to know and understand the difference. During …

25 Free Printable Haunted House Coloring Pages For Kids

Haunted House clipart

Greetings friends! So, there is this place in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, named Bhangarh Fort. The legend states, that once a beautiful princess, Princess Ratnavati lived in the walls of the palace. One day, a local black magician fell in love with the princess. So, he bewitched one of her cosmetics to make her fall in love with him. …

30 Free Bat Coloring Pages Printable

Bat clipart

Hey pals! Hope you are doing great. Because in this article we are going to dive into the life of one of the smallest but no less dangerous a creature and to top it all, it can fly. We are talking about Bats! The only mammals capable of a non-stop flight, these creatures have over a thousand species. Remember the …

Free Printable Zoo Coloring Pages For Kids

Zoo clipart

When was the last time you saw the other side of this world? An ecosystem knitted so closely together with humans yet so distinctly unique. I am talking about animals! The lion, the tiger, the elephant, oh the long giraffe, and mischievous monkey perhaps? Zoos were created for humans to safely observe these beautiful creatures of Mother Nature. They are …

15 Free Printable September Coloring Pages


Hey friends! September is here. The ninth month of 2018 is already here. Time sure flies and it flies swiftly. Keeping the tradition, we’ve got you a small collection of free printable September coloring pages. In the Northern Hemisphere, this month equates the March of the South. ‘Sept’ as you might have studied in Mathematics means seven. Well, September was …

30 Cute Halloween Coloring Pages For Kids

Cute Halloween

Hey friends! Hope you are enjoying the coloring spree. Now let us begin preparing for the holiday season with free printable cute Halloween coloring pages. This annual holiday, celebrated each year on the 31st of October is the day when people dress up as ghosts, ghouls, monsters, apparitions and what not. October 31st often marks the end of the summer, …