20 Free The Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages To Print

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello friends! Today we’ve got you some free printable The Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Hollywood movie directed by Henry Selick who has done a wonderful job in presenting a poem in the form of a movie. The fall of winter is marked by many festive activities like Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Year.  Halloween is an annual event celebrated on 31st October to mark the day of the dead. It is twenty years since the movie was released and the movie still finds a significant place in the list of darkest films presented by the Disney. The theme of this stop-motion movie was inspired by the changing of Halloween decorations to Christmas decorations. The story of the movie revolves around the Halloween town which is a fantasy world and inhabited by characters like deformed monsters, zombies, witches, vampires, ghosts and other such dark and scary characters.

The leader of the team is the Pumpkin King who has grown weary of organizing annual Halloween celebrations year after year. On his hunt for newness, he stumbles upon the Christmas Town. The Pumpkin King got overwhelmed by the idea of Christmas holiday and other related Christmas activities.  He wanted the same sort of activities for his Halloween Town. The movie is followed by some interesting and funny events like the abduction of Santa Claus, taking over Christmas, delivery of Halloween themed gifts etc. today we have brought an interesting collection of free printable The Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pictures for all you wonderful readers. Check out our Nightmare Before Christmas coloring sheets to get a feel of the movie.

20 Free Printable The Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages

  1. Nightmare Of A Family:

This is the perfect picture depicting the various characters that live in the scary Halloween Town. The tallest figure here is the pumpkin head is the leader of the town and is known as the Pumpkin King or Jack Skellington.  It is clear from the image that Jack is leading his followers to the Christmas town to take over Christmas. Finish your coloring before they reach the town.

  1. Dancing Jack And Sally:

The duo is made for each other in death. Another important character of the movie is Sally who is a beautiful, shy, loving and caring woman and is actually a rag doll. She is the love interest of Jack and would never miss the chance to dance with Jack. The faithful ghost dog of Jack, Zero also loves to watch them together.

  1. Sally The Rag Doll:

Despite being a ghost, Sally is filled with a good feel for what is right. As she is made up of rags she often falls apart but Sally is a determined individual who knows how to saw her fallen limbs. Jack has finally realized her love for him and keeps a picture of Sally to feel her presence.

  1. Jack Skellington As Santa:

Jack is firm in his decision of taking over the Christmas activities and has decided to play the role of Santa. In this look, he definitely challenges the appearance of lovable Santa. Before you run away on seeing a scary Santa just wait to see the gifts scary Santa has brought for you. Your colors might give him a feel of Santa.

  1. Jack Skellington The Pumpkin King:

Jack has captured Santa and is interested in replacing him this Christmas. He is on his journey to bring Christmas this year and delivering gifts to the people of Christmas town. He looks contended as he believes that the gifts that he is carrying are going to be happily accepted by the people.

  1. Jack Skellington As The Pumpkin King:

Jack Skellington got his name as the Pumpkin King because he wears a head of the pumpkin. The idea of Halloween is to play tricks and scare people. This Halloween Jack has decided to double his efforts by opting for a big sized pumpkin for his head. What color have you decided on this big pumpkin?

  1. The Mayor Of Halloween Town:

This fat, short man, with a cone-shaped head is actually the Mayor of Halloween town. He has got some very strange and funny things on him like spider bow, exceptionally tall hat, etc. the other interesting fact about him is that he has two faces – sad and happy and is a perfect example of a split personality.

  1. Mr. Hyde Of The Nightmare Before Christmas:

The character looks nothing less than a beast in a hat. The character of Mr. Hyde is derived from the famous story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He transforms himself into a monster by consuming the concoction in his hand. He was Dr. Jekyll inside the laboratory and becomes Mr. Hyde outside. His scary eyes are enough to make us shiver in fear.

  1. Halloween Celebrations:

This shows the true spirit of celebration where a head can replace a football. Don’t get scared by the view just admire their spirit. Jack Skellington has put his head to test to see if it can reach its goal.

  1. Jack And Sally As Love Birds:

Jack and Sally are the lovebirds like the bats flying in the sky of the Halloween town who have decided to spend the rest of life after death together in the house shown behind them. Why don’t you paint the house along with them for their new beginning?

  1. The Picture Of Togetherness:

The ordeal of having a Christmas of Jack’s version is over and now Jack and Sally have decided to stay together. Santa has already blessed this couple and everyone in the Halloween town is happy for them. They have made a good arrangement for the celebrations and their efforts are worth applauding. Zero, the loyal dog of his master Jack is also happy for them. The picture lacks just one thing and that is the splash of beautiful colors.

  1. Zero The Loyal Dog:

Jack Skellington is lucky to have a loyal friend even after death and this friend is a skeleton dog named Zero. As he is a ghost he simply floats around his master and follows him wherever he goes. He makes his appearance and disappearance many times in the Halloween Town. Before he disappears color this floating dog.

  1. The Trio- Lock Shock And Barrel:

The trio is the little henchmen of another character of Oogie Boogie. They are not very loyal and love to indulge mischief and fun making. The narrow-faced character is Lock and is the leader of the three. The middle one is actually a cunning witch named Shock. The youngest and the stupidest of the three is Barrel. He got deformed feet that cause him to fall often.

  1. Halloween Themed Image:

The character is fully dressed in the mood of Halloween theme. You can give it a real feel if some solid colors are added to the imagination of the artist. He seems to be eagerly waiting for the fall of the night so that he could step out to scare people. This could probably be the imagination of Jack Skellington with a human head.

  1. Halloween Characters In One Frame:

Jack Skellington is a leader in the true sense as he knows how to unite his followers. See how beautifully the inhabitants of Halloween town have come together for a perfect pose. Their smiling face inspires us to thank God for the life given to us. Let’s make their smile broader by adding lovely color to it.

  1. Lock Shock And Barrel Having Fun:

Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Sheets Lock Shock and Barrel
Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Sheets Lock Shock and Barrel

Lock, Shock, and Barrel are made to have fun all the times and their spirit is never-ending. Lock is the leader and he has to carry the burden of leadership literally. How long can he bear the burden of the two? Let us color them before they touch the ground.

  1. Oogie Boogie The Bogeyman:

This stuffed sack like creature called Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist of the movie. As he belongs to the Halloween Town there is a possibility that he is carrying horrible things inside the sack. It seems he has seen something and his open mouth indicates that he is going to gulp it.

  1. Jack Making Christmas Decorations:

As Jack is stumbled upon the idea of having a Christmas of his own version and he has taken charge from Santa as well, he has set himself to make arrangements for the Christmas. He is crafting gifts of his own ideas like he was doing in Halloween town. Will you be pleased to see a spider web in place of snowflakes?

  1. Jack And Sally Hand In Hand:

Do you think a pumpkin head could be a love interest of someone? This is possible when it is Sally, a ragged woman. The strange town of Halloween has strange people but they also fall in love. Love is blind and as they have come to an end, we hope that the two does not fall from there.

  1. Sally In The Frame:

This is the magical mirror of the Halloween Town that is kept in the house of Jack Skellington. Jack can see his love interest Sally anytime he wishes into this mirror. Sally is always ready to please Jack with a black rose in her hands. A dark rose for the dark world.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a masterpiece that is worth watching every winter. During Christmas celebrations, Santa Claus is treated as the hero or the main character but interestingly this movie also revolves around Christmas but it has other characters in the lead, that too in scary roles. The attempt of Jack Skellington to have Christmas of his own version comes to end with his realization of the traditional values. Let us know your favorite The Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pictures to print by commenting below.

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