30 Free Turkey Coloring Pages Printable

Turkey Clipart

Here we have come up with the black and white pictures of the famous Thanksgiving bird, free printable turkey coloring pages. There are so many species of the bird and do you know each species has got a different color combination. So these sheets would be a great fun and learning experience for kids. Turkey has more than 5000 feathers and the voice of each turkey is somewhat distinct from others. Coloring the centerpiece item of thanksgiving would be an effective way to indulge the kids in the preparation for the festival. While the mother is preparing the feast, kids can use these free turkey coloring sheets to print to keep themselves occupied. Check out turkey coloring pictures below. 

30 Free Printable Turkey Coloring Pages

  1. A Worried Turkey:

Cartoon Turkey Coloring Sheet

This turkey has every reason to get worried. It is the fall of winter and the season of celebrations is getting started. Turkey finds a special place in the list of favorite foods eaten during, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other such occasions. Let’s try to make this turkey free of worries by coloring it.

  1. Domestic Turkey:

Domestic Turkey Coloring Picture To Print

This is the picture of a domestic turkey and it clear from her health that her owner has taken good care of her. This turkey looks very impressive and fascinating in the body covering feathers and wings. The body parts of this turkey are well defined. Turkeys are raised in farm poultries as its meat is very popular as a food item. They are friendly and like to flock in groups.

  1. Florida Wild Turkey:


Florida Wild Turkey Coloring Page

Florida is home to wild turkeys as it houses some restricted subspecies of turkey. This is the image of a male wild turkey as they are very heavy-bodied. A male wild turkey has bright colors of green, red, copper, bronze, and gold. Their feathers are darker and have irregular patterns. Wild turkeys were served as the main course meals during the first thanksgiving ceremony by the Pilgrims for a good harvest.

  1. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page:

Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
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Turkey is a Thanksgiving meal since the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans. A normally sized turkey is enough to feed family members during celebrations. Wild turkeys were in abundance in the Plymouth colony, so it was considered, as a good option for the celebration meal for the Thanksgiving ceremony. The symbol of Turkey is used for, wishing greetings on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Turkey In Festive Mood:

Free Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages Printable
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This turkey is very well aware that the season of celebrations is around the corner. As everybody is involved in some sort of festive activities, this turkey has also decided to actively participate in it. He has put on his hat to welcome the festivals in style. His eyes are looking for Santa for gifts.

  1. A Turkey In Disguise:

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
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The reason for this look of the turkey is very clear. He does not want to be served, on the dinner table. He is carrying a written note because his dialect may not be understood. It is very much possible that this turkey is taking part in the fancy dress competition in his school.

  1. Goulds Wild Turkey:

Goulds Wild Turkey Coloring Sheet
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This picture shows some of Gould’s wild turkeys straying in an open field. They are one of the subspecies of wild turkeys and they survive in dry regions. They have a large body with larger feet and larger tail feathers. The turkey resembles a little dancing peacock. It would be great if it is colored the same as the peacock.

  1. Happy Turkey Day:

Happy Turkey Day Coloring Pages
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This turkey has gone mad after hearing about celebrating Turkey Day. Celebration means fun, feast, dance, etc. and this turkey is enjoying the day fully. The pumpkin in the picture is reminding of festival season. Let the turkey enjoy his day while we prepare for the Thanksgiving meal. This turkey will be suitable for that grand feast.

  1. Merriam’s Wild Turkey:

Merriams Wild Turkey Coloring Page
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This image shows a Merriam’s wild turkey which is usually dark in color like bronze, blue and purple reflections. This turkey is busy finding food for him. They love to eat bugs and seeds found in forest meadows. Turkeys generally have a body full of feathers.

  1. Ocellated Turkey:

Ocellated Turkey Coloring Page
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This is Ocellated Turkey, another species of turkey. This is undoubtedly the most spectacular variety of turkeys as they are very colorful.  They have a very close resemblance to wild turkeys. Ocellated turkeys have large spots on their tails. This turkey is wandering in the lowland in search of food. It would be great if she finds nuts, berries, seeds or bugs in the farmland.

  1. Two Confused Turkeys:

Preschoolers Turkey Coloring Pages
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Turkey enjoys a special place on the Thanksgiving table. The Thanksgiving celebrations are in full swing. Happy Turkey Day message is sent everywhere. These two turkeys have come to celebrate Happy Turkey Day with others. People in the gathering are thanking God for blessing them with these two turkeys. The two turkeys are a little confused to know that.

  1. Items For Thanksgiving Celebrations:

Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
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The items shown in this picture are perfect for the dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. A big-sized pumpkin, a variety of fruits, and above all a turkey serves as the celebratory feast. The feast will begin with the turkey dance that is ready to tap her feet to the beats of the music. The turkey has agreed to dance in exchange for the colorful fruit. Let him dance while you fill colors to these items.

  1. Realistic Turkey:

Realistic Turkey Animal Coloring Pages
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This image shows an average-sized turkey whose weight could be 15 pounds. Turkeys purchased for Thanksgiving celebrations are generally of this size. There are lots of feathers on the body of turkeys approximately 50000. Different species of turkeys have a different color combination. Turkeys have fleshy growth on the neck as shown in the picture. This turkey is looking up to the open sky as it is in the mood to fly. It is good to know about the bird that has a special place in festive celebrations.

  1. Simple Turkey:

Simple Turkey Coloring Pages
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This image will definitely be an easy task for the kids as here the bunch of colorful feathers is not shown. You can color each feather of the tail in different colors for a unique look. You can hang the picture in your room after coloring it as a Thanksgiving decoration. The job of coloring this turkey for Thanksgiving Day is in your hands.

  1. Slate Turkey:

Slate Turkey Coloring Page
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This is the image of a slate turkey that derives its name from the color of its feathers. They have slate-colored feathers and come from a family of domestic turkeys. The house and the fencing in the background show that this is our pet and lives with us.  For the farming of these turkeys, proper day to daycare is given

  1. South Mexican Turkey:

South Mexican Turkey Coloring Picture To Print
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The turkey shown in this image is a subspecies of wild turkeys domesticated in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They spend most of the daytime finding food in the forest area or abandoned farmland. Their population grows very fast as they can depend on a variety of foods to survive. This turkey has a long tail and it can fly close to the ground.

  1. T For Turkey Coloring Page:

T For Turkey Coloring Page
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Just see how wide the wings of this turkey are? You can use multiple colors for such a huge arrangement of feathers. This image is drawing the attention of the little kids and it also helps in memorizing the spelling of the turkey.

  1. Thanksgiving Turkey:

Thanksgiving Turkey Color By Number Activity Sheet
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Little kids will not find this image a tough one to color because the image is numbered from one to four. Every four numbers have different colors assigned to it. Just bring all these four colors and start the work. You will love to see the different colors on the body of the turkey. Don’t forget to remember the spelling of Thanksgiving which is written in bold.

  1. Roasted Turkey For Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Book
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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a big feast with turkey served, as the centerpiece on the dining table. This picture will help you in understanding the importance of the Thanksgiving meal which is served, on this day. Learn more about the traditions while coloring.  The colors will make it look more tempting.

  1. A Funny Turkey Coloring Page:

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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Turkeys have many subspecies and they can produce different sounds. This turkey wants you to learn more about him like its habitat, behavior, anatomy, etc., and its importance for Thanksgiving Day. This image will help you in practicing the habit of coloring within a specified area.

  1. Turkey Reading The Bible:

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pages
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This picture teaches you the value of practicing religious activities. We can thank God by offering our prayers, worshipping, helping the poor, etc. Reading the bible is a great way of learning and understanding Christianity. Develop a habit of reading some verses from the bible in your daily routine.

  1. Share Your Joy:

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Pictures To Print
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The best way of celebrations is to share your joy with others. Thanksgiving teaches us to extend our thanks to those who have helped us in any way. The two turkeys in the picture are taking the opportunity of Thanksgiving day to thanks each other. Invite your family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving Day together over a delicious meal.

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  1. The Rio Grande Turkey Coloring Sheet:

The Rio Grande Turkey Coloring Image
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This is a simple image of the turkey which you will find easy to color. They are kept in farms and are also found, in forests. You will be amazed to know that they can also spread their feathers like a peacock. The picture shows the Rio Grande Turkey that is found, in Oklahoma and Texas. The Rio Grande is the name of the river that supplies water to Texas and Mexico. This turkey has got its name from the same river.

  1. The Royal Palm Turkey Coloring Image:

The Royal Palm Turkey Colouring Page
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The Royal Palm Turkey is found in the United States since the 1920s and is largely produced, for its meat. They have a distinct pattern and have a combination of black and white feathers on the body and neck. The neck feathers are in the form of beads neckpiece. They are also fond of foraging and have a very limited flight.

  1. Tom Turkey Coloring Picture:

Tom Turkey Coloring Page
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Hey kids, this is not the name of the turkey. This is the image of a male turkey and all-male turkeys are popularly known as Tom. Just look at their arrangement of feathers at his tail. Does not this give an impression of a Japanese hand fan stick to its tails? Their feathers are, ruffled, and they puff themselves with air. They have got exceptionally sharp eyesight that allows them to see any movement almost fifty miles away. They are also popular for their strange behavior of changing the color of their head when excited. This Tom Turkey is expecting you to give some colors to its feathers.

  1. Turkey Coloring Pages For Adults:

Turkey Coloring Pages For Adults
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Just see the mastery of the artist who has sketched this beautiful piece of a turkey. There are so many different patterns on the feather. This is his way of preparing the turkey for Thanksgiving Day. The sketch artist has forwarded this turkey to little kids for filling the image with beautiful colors.

  1. Eat More Tofu Campaign:

Turkey Coloring Pages Free
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This year turkeys have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in their style and would request people to follow them. They have started the campaign called Eat More Tofu. The aim of the campaign is to promote Tofu as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving Day instead of turkeys. They want that none, from their family and friend, is lost to Thanksgiving Day. You can also help this senior turkey in his effort if you add some fall colors to the picture.

  1. An Excited Turkey:

Turkey Coloring Pages Printable
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Do you know what makes this turkey excited? He is happy because his friend turkey has invited him to his house for the Thanksgiving feast. Any guesses what he will eat at the feast? He is also dreaming about the luscious meal. Let him think while you color this image.

  1. Turkey Grazing With Kids:

Turkey Grazing Coloring Page
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This image shows a domesticated hen turkey with her three little poultries. They are relishing the food served to them. This image shows the love, care, and warmth of the mother turkey for her kids. The coloring image shows the bonding of mother and child even in birds.

  1. Wild Turkey Coloring Page:

Wild Turkey Coloring Page
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As the name suggests, a wild turkey loves to roam in forest floors, swamps, and grasslands in search of food. Their favorite food includes insects, bugs, salamanders, fruits, and nuts. They look heavy and bulky but you would be amazed to know that they can take a short flight.

It is a smart choice to keep kids busy with turkey coloring sheets printable during Thanksgiving dinner. They will be amused to learn more about the Thanksgiving bird in a fun-filled manner. These turkey coloring pictures can be pasted anywhere in the house to boost the efforts of young kids.