Free Printable Zoo Coloring Pages For Kids

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When was the last time you saw the other side of this world? An ecosystem knitted so closely together with humans yet so distinctly unique. I am talking about animals! The lion, the tiger, the elephant, oh the long giraffe, and mischievous monkey perhaps? Zoos were created for humans to safely observe these beautiful creatures of Mother Nature. They are home to a variety of fauna from throughout the world. Although most zoos tend to keep the animals from the endemic areas and mostly indigenous species, some with enough funds can have some exotic species as well. However, keeping exotic species requires special permissions and extra care on the part of the Zoo Authorities to ensure the species’ survival. The world’s first zoo was opened in New York, in the USA, in the year 1860, and it was named ‘Central Park Zoo’. Let’s look at the free printable zoo coloring pages now, and get the gist of the wonders a place like this offers us. Check out free zoo coloring sheets to print below.

30 Free Printable Zoo Coloring Pages

  1. Animal Family In Zoo Coloring Page:

Cute Zoo Coloring Pages
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Nature has created the ecosystem in such a way, that these living creatures can survive together without human interference. They are co-dependent on each other for survival. Just like your family, animals have their families and values by which they live. Color, the giraffe, zebra, elephant, hippo, lion, and tiger are one happy family.

  1. A Zoo Scene Coloring Page:

Detailed Zoo Coloring Page
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Tigers belong to the cat family. And unlike most cats, they love water. They are great swimmers too. But that water body is not for them. It’s to separate the animals from the humans, making it difficult for the great jumper to pounce on you and have a delightful lunch. Color this picture feeling that you are standing there.

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  1. Dora The Explorer Coloring Page:

Dora With Zoo Animal Coloring Page
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“We Did It!”, sings along with Dora, out loud. Her quest was to ally ‘The Dragon’, the jungle’s ultimate protector, and ‘The Royalty’, i.e., the King, Lion, and his Queen, the Lioness. A magnificent castle protected by a mighty force so that the leaders can take their State towards building a harmonious life. Color her as the protector of Kingdoms.

  1. Madagascar In Zoo Coloring Picture:

Easy Zoo Coloring Pages
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Looks like Melman, Gloria, and Alex are up to some mischief. But a bit of mischief with your best friends never hurts anyone. It’s called having fun. And a little bit of fun is necessary for life too. Color these Madagascar characters like they are your best friends, readying to pounce themselves over the fence to play with you.

  1. Zoo Stickers Coloring Page:

Free Printable Zoo Animal Coloring Pages
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Aren’t you getting bored with those same old black-and-white notebooks of yours? To bring them to life, we have here printable, colorable stickers of a lion, a koala, a deer, an ostrich, and a hippo. Print the sheet, color all the animals, and then trace out your favorite character to paste it on that dull notebook cover.

  1. Giraffe In Zoo Colouring Page:

Free Printable Zoo Animals Coloring Pages
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Fun fact: The average length of the giraffe’s neck is six feet. His legs are also about six feet long. That’s a total of twelve feet guys!  Humans, on the other hand, have an average height of not more than five feet and ten inches. So, to a giraffe, we are like miniaturized creatures who he can only ever look down on! But he can’t color himself, only we can. I guess then that we have the power. Color him yellow.

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  1. The Big Bird Cage In Zoo Coloring Picture:

Free Printable Zoo Coloring Pages
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An eagle is an excellent predator who can spot its prey from great heights. The vultures have the reputation of being the best scavengers. The owl as we all know stays up late into the night. It has what in superhero terms would be ‘night vision’. So, these members of the flying family carry some serious skills into the field. Don’t take them lightly while coloring.

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  1. Duck And Pelican Enclosure In Zoo Coloring Image:
Free Printable Zoo Coloring Pictures
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A pelican dives into the water with great speed, opens its bucket like a beak, takes a gallop of water and the fish in it, and then it feeds itself. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Ducks, on the other hand, can even dive deep into the water to eat aquatic plants or small fish and crustaceans. Let’s color these creatures.

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  1. “Welcome To The Zoo” Coloring Page:

Free Printable Zoo Colouring Pages
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The entrance to the zoo is always a fun place to hang around. Everyone has a big smile on their eager faces. There are humans dressed as animals. And sometimes we even find the parrot helping people at the ticket counter. Have a taste of the entrance, before you visit the next one.

  1. The Mischievous Monkeys In Zoo Coloring Sheet:

Free Zoo Coloring Pages
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The Grey Langurs! They escaped from their enclosure. Don’t worry, they won’t harm you unless you don’t give them your food. When I last visited the zoo, a langur snatched my sandwich from me, just because I didn’t voluntarily feed him. Well, that’s queer behavior. Also, when these guys are around, take care of your hats as well. Color these ‘food snatchers’.

  1. ‘Yet Another Monkey Mischief’:

Funny Zoo Coloring Pages
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Didn’t I just tell you about the hats? I told you to be careful! Well, you didn’t listen to me, or rather your father didn’t. So, there goes his favorite baseball hat. It’s monkey property now. He won’t get it back unless you color these monkeys the way they want to be colored.

  1. Reindeer:

Printable Zoo Animals Coloring Pages
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Reindeers are one of the most beautiful creations of Mother Nature. They are extremely calm and magnificent creatures. Even, Santa Claus loves them and that’s why he has kept a few flying reindeer for himself to deliver Christmas gifts to your doorstep. Color these animals in different shades of brown and make sure to put some white fur on their necks.

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  1. Mother-Daughter Zoo Time:

Zoo Animal Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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A zoo is the best place to bond with your parent. Because it is the place they won’t mind spoiling you. They will tell you about all the animals they loved as a kid. You will get to know how they can make animal sounds. And in the end, they will treat you at the ‘Zootaurant’ (a Zoo Restaurant). Color this delightful retreat.

  1. ‘Pinky’s Dierentuin’:

Zoo Animal Coloring Pages Kindergarten
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The magic pencil is back. And this time it has drawn baby animals just for your entertainment. I love the baby bear. Choose your favorite one and crown it King, instead of the lion. After all, we live in a democracy.

  1. Racoons Coloring Page:


Zoo Animal Coloring Pages PDF
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Raccoons are queer animals. They love raiding our trashcans. They have human-like hands, and they cleanse their food in water before eating it. A group of them is called a nursery, which justifies their often childlike behavior. Color them like they are your own.

  1. Nature’s Lap:

Zoo Animal Coloring Pages
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A zoo is not only for animals to be observed. It helps humans escape the fast-paced metropolitan life and be one with themselves and their families. It offers moments of extreme peace, away from all the worry of your hectic life. Color this environment green.

  1. Zoo Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Zoo Animal Coloring Pictures For Preschoolers
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Hey, look! Your favorite circus is back in town. The big elephant that can spray water from its trunk, the great lion roar, and the bear jumping through hoops. Color them the way they were dressed the last time you went to see a circus.

  1. Baby Animals Coloring Page:

Zoo Animal Coloring Sheets To Print
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Do you like posing in pictures? So do your favorite animals! Look at ‘Queen Duck’ or ‘The Happy Lion’. Color your favorite animals. Ask your mom to take a printout and help you trace them with scissors. Voila! You have your very own personalized sticker. Paste it around your room, on your school bag or pencil box wherever you like.

  1. Toucan Coloring Page:

Zoo Birds Coloring Pages
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Toucans are quite colorful birds. They have deep black eyes, a bright orange beak with a hint of black, a black body, dull blue feet, and a white neck. They have narrow, long six-inch tongues. Try touching your nose with your tongue! Oh, and they have been a mascot of “Fruit Loops’ the cereal brand since the 1960s. Color this bird as brightly as possible.

  1. Panda:

Zoo Coloring Images
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Pandas are incredibly fluffy and very lazy creatures. They can sleep anywhere, even standing up. But I am betting everyone has seen the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ franchise. It is a movie series about a panda who loves Kung Fu and goes around China beating up bad guys. The movies promote some great virtues of the importance of friends, the love between a family, and never giving up. Watch those movies before coloring this page.

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  1. Orangutans:

Zoo Coloring Pages For Kids
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Orangutans look like monkeys and gorillas combined with orange fur. They are the largest tree-dwelling creatures. Smartness is one of their defining traits. They can make and use their tools. Want to see one? There are only two places in the world where you can now find them, Borneo and Northern Sumatra. Let that orange flow.

  1. The ‘Zoorea” Coloring Page:

Zoo Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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‘Zoorea’ is a term I made up to refer to a happy zoo area. And ‘Dierentuin’ is Dutch for the zoo as well. Don’t hold your colors back here. Let them flow like the atmosphere of the Zoo, a bustling place, full of happy-go-lucky people with animals and children enjoying themselves equally. After all, animals, are different creatures too.

  1. Lion Roars:

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A male lion has the loudest roar among any cat species. It can be heard from up to five miles away or about eight kilometers. A roar enables a lion to call others of its’ pack. They even roar to proclaim their territory. A hundred square miles is the average size of the territory of a pride. Color this majestic creature with the respect he deserves.

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  1. Elephant Coloring Page:

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‘The JungleBook franchise respects elephants as the creators of the jungles. According to that, these large creatures came together and gave the land the nourishment they needed, in their trunks, and that’s when life started. They are revered as the protectors of the Jungle in the movie. They used their tusks to clear the way. Let us color these grey creatures with the majesty they have earned.

  1. Elephant And The Trunk:

Zoo Coloring Pictures
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An elephant can lift to 770 pounds with its trunk. That’s roughly three hundred and fifty kilograms! They can use their trunks to breathe while they dive into the river, making it extremely easy for them to cross water bodies. This appendage of theirs has approximately forty thousand muscles! Color this mighty and extremely useful tool that they have.

  1. Friendly Animals Coloring Page:

Zoo Coloring Printables Free
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Look we have the friendliest creatures in the house. Cuddle with the panda, pet the zebra and feel the mighty elephant. You can perhaps take the elephant for a ride if he obliges. Color your trio of friends.

  1. The Happy Place:

Zoo Coloring Sheets For Preschoolers
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Make plans this weekend. Gather your cousins, prepare your siblings, and puppy-eye your parents to take you to the zoo. And if you live in the vicinity, visit India’s largest and oldest Mysore Zoo. It’s clean, spacious, and home to some beautiful exotic species. There is even a lake on the eastern side of the zoo. Go in the morning and hear the chirping of the early birds. 

  1. Madagascar Is Back:

Zoo Colouring Pages For Kindergarteners
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Alex, Melman, Gloria, and one of ‘The Chimps’ is back to rattle your cage. Color them, trace them,m and create your Madagascar version using your imagination. Narrate the story in the comments below.

  1. The Motherly Bond:

Zoo Lion Coloring Pages
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Fun fact: The Lioness leaves her pride just when she is about to give birth. The cub remains hidden for approximately two months before the mother-child duo returns to the pride. Colour this beautiful motherly love.

  1. The Monkey And The Banana In Zoo:

Zoo Money Coloring Page
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The yellow food is the monkey’s favorite food. But why? Maybe because they both tend to hang off of trees. Color this sweet creature, but keep your bananas covered.

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So those were a few zoo coloring images to make you aware of the wonders of wildlife. I am enticed to visit a zoo this weekend after seeing all these zoo coloring pictures. Are you? If yes, put it in the comments below, and also tell us about your best zoo visit ever!