36 Free Robot Coloring Pages Printable

Robot coloring pages for kids

Science and technology have led to several inventions and innovations, making our lives convenient and comfortable. They have also changed the world of games and entertainment. For today’s collection of coloring pages, we are going to be talking about an invention that is as fun as toys and as revolutionary as futuristic technology – robots.

A robot can be described as a machine that can perform complex actions automatically. The automatic actions can be controlled externally, or it can be something that is already embedded inside the machine. It was in 1954 that the world’s first digitally operated robot was invented. Named the Unimate, the robot was invented by George Devol and led to the basis for modern robot technology. Robotics is the branch of technology dealing with everything related to robots.

There are several different types of robots, from children’s toys to automated industrial machines or even humanoids – constructed like a human body and form. You might have seen science fiction series or films where robots, especially humanoids are depicted. Let’s get to know more about these machines through this fun printable collection of robot coloring sheets.

36 Free Robot Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Alien Robot, Out Of This World:

Alien robot

We are starting off the collection with an out-of-this-world robot illustration. What do we have here? It’s an alien that is also a robot! The design is very edgy and almost scary. Fill in some dark and dangerous colors on this coloring page.

  1. Baymax, The Big Hero 6 Robot:

Baymax coloring page

One of the lead characters in the 2014 Disney movie, Big Hero 6, is a robot. Not just any robot but an inflatable robot. He is created to be a personal healthcare companion, ensuring you are always at the top of your health – physically, mentally – in every possible way. Give this lovable companion some healthy colors.

  1. Tiny And Squarish One-Eyed Bot:

Bot coloring page

A curious shaped robot, or bot for short, has come to greet you on this coloring page. You can almost imagine it saying “hello” or “good morning”, waving its right hand or appendage at you. Color this one-eyed interesting bot with your unique coloring skills.

  1. Puzzled Bot, Lost In Thoughts:

Bots coloring page

This robot is clearly confused or extremely puzzled about something. Can you figure out what it is? Is it wondering why despite the world being so colorful, here it is on this coloring page devoid of all the colors? Time to quickly fill in some vivid colors and remedy the bot’s confusion.

  1. Standing Robot Imitates A Smile:

Bots coloring picture

With a body structure resembling a human, this robot is a humanoid. It is in an upright standing position, seems to have also been programmed to imitate some of the human expressions. Look at how funny it looks trying to imitate a smile! Give this fun robot illustration some humorous colors.

  1. Carl The Robot From Meet The Robinsons:

Carl the Robot from Meet the Robinsons

If you have seen the movie, Meet the Robinsons, then you will surely be able to identify the characters on this coloring page. With its long and stretchy parts, Carl the robot is easy to identify. Since Carl is assigned to look out for Wilbur, the other character has to be him.

  1. Cheerful Robot With A Head Antenna:

Cheerful robot

When you are happy and find something funny, you end up laughing with your mouth open, showing all your teeth. Here’s a cheerful robot that has been programmed to respond to something joyful by grinning wide and lighting up its head antenna.

  1. Cute Robot With Multiple Antennas:

Cute robot coloring page

Giving stiff competition to the earlier robot with a single antenna, this cute robot boasts of multiple antennas. If you look at the illustration, the shape of the robot will remind you of a paper cup with a dome-shaped cover. You can enjoy your favorite drink in between coloring this page.

  1. One-wheeled Rectangular Robot:

Cute robot

Here’s a robot with a different shape, a rectangular body as well as a rectangular head. Instead of legs, it has a single wheel to help it move around. Look at that head tilt as it cutely waves at you!

  1. Humanoid Female Robot Says Hello:

Female robot coloring page

Designed to look like a human female form, here is a female robot grinning widely as it greets you. Print this coloring page and fill in cheerful colors to add some personality to this humanoid robot illustration.

  1. Female Robot With Stretchable Legs:

Female robot

Unlike the previous coloring page, this illustration of a female robot isn’t a humanoid. It has strange wrist guards on its arms for controlling its hand movements and stretchable legs to help gain height.

  1. Fierce Robot In An Attacking Mode:

Fierce robot

Looking completely different from most of the robot illustrations we have colored so far, this robot is in an attacking mode. There must be an enemy somewhere trying to destroy it. Lifting its leg up ready to kick, capture this fierce action mode with your colors.

  1. Little Robot Looking Adorable:

Little robot

Changing the mood completely, this little robot is spreading joy with its adorable antics on this coloring page. With arms wide open, it seems to be welcoming you to fill in bright and happy colors.

  1. Man Dressed As A Robot:

Man dressed as a robot

After the release of several superhero movies, you might have seen people wearing superhero costumes like Iron Man during Halloween. While this is not an Iron Man, but this man has successfully attempted a robotic costume. Print this coloring page and reward him with metallic colors.

  1. An Electrified Mini Robot:

Mini robot

This mini robot may look small, but it certainly comes with big powers. Look at the way it is sparking off electricity from its hand. Print this coloring page and fill this mini robot with electrifying colors.

  1. Robot Coloring Page For Kids:

Robot coloring page for kids

Have you just started learning how to color? If yes, then this simple and easy illustration of a robot should be convenient for you to color successfully. Just remember one thing: always color inside the lines.

  1. Robot Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Robot coloring page for preschoolers

In case you haven’t even started school, here’s an even easier illustration to color. This fun robot illustration is perfect for preschoolers. You can fill in your favorite colors to give this robot a colorful makeover.

  1. Two-Wheeled Robot:

Robot coloring pages

While this robot is tiny in its stature, it comes in a bulky shape. To help it move around, it has two wheels for easy movement. Print this tiny yet bulky robot illustration and fill it with futuristic colors.

  1. Big And Bulky Robot:

Robot coloring picture to print

Unlike the earlier robot, this robot illustration is as big as it is bulky. While it looks like most typical robots, this robot has a unique mouth showcasing only two teeth like a bunny.

  1. Robots For Dangerous Jobs:

Robot coloring picture

There are tasks and jobs which can be dangerous for humans, like those in hostile environments especially in outer space or deep underwater. Using robotics, these tasks can be performed safely, without risk to human lives.

  1. Key-Controlled Robot:

Robot coloring

Just like a toy that has a key control to help its movement, this robot also comes with a key. You simply have to turn the key and then the robot will come “alive”, ready to do all the tasks for the day.

  1. Robots Also Help In Medical Field:

Robot colouring page

There are also medical robots, machines that are used to assist in complicated surgeries as well as assist patients who need help. Here’s an artistic and creative illustration of a full-fledged medical robot.

  1. Legless Robot Coloring Page:

Robot colouring pages to print

All the robots so far in this collection have had legs or wheels, but this robot illustration comes without legs. Instead of legs, this strange-looking robot has a flat block of metal as its bottom half.

  1. Robot Looks Agitated And Stressed:

Robot looks agitated

As with any machines, there are bound to be times when even robots start malfunctioning. This robot is looking agitated, triggered by the slew of conflicting commands it was given. Help reduce the stress by offering to fill this robot with comforting colors.

  1. Robot Looks Confused:

Robot looks confused

Because of the way robots are able to mimic or copy the appearance and movements of being alive, they appear to have their own intelligence. Looking at this illustration of the robot, one might mistake it to be confused, able to think its own thoughts.

  1. Efficient Robot On Fast Wheels:

Robot on wheels

Speed is the keyword for this robot on this coloring page. Being machines, robots are able to do tasks much faster than humans. With high-speed wheels, this robot is working through its tasks with speed and efficiency.

  1. Futuristic Robot Picture To Color:

Robot picture to color

Simplistic and minimalistic design is the highlight of this futuristic robot illustration on this coloring page. With technological advancement, robots are increasingly becoming less heavy and bulky.

  1. Robot Says “Hi” From The Future:

Robot says hi

Here’s the same futuristic robot greeting you with a “Hi” on this coloring page. You can tell by the stance and posture that it looks more human-like than a machine. Say “Hello” to its “Hi” with your soothing colors.

  1. Robot Toy Coloring Page:

Robot toy coloring page

Among electronic toys, robot toys are also popular among kids. Here’s an earlier version of a robot toy. Mostly battery-operated, you simply need to turn on the switch and it would start to talk or move depending upon the toy model.

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  1. Robot With A Timer At The Center:

Robot with a timer at the center


Built to keep you on time for anything and everything, this robot comes with a timer at the center. It’s like a robotic version of an alarm clock and a clock timer. Be punctual and on time to fill in the colors on this ticking robot.

  1. Robot With Spikes, Fighting Off Intruders:

Robot with spikes

This robot seems to have been designed to ward off intruders. The spikes on its head and sturdy design make it a formidable robot. Having this robot would certainly prevent any thieves and trespassers. Print this coloring page and fill it with protective colors.

  1. A Gift Box Full Of Robots:

Robots coloring page

Someone is getting their favorite toys as gifts. If you are among those who love robot toys, then this coloring page is yours to fill. Look at the three robots peeking out of the gifting box. Be sure to give this gift box full of robots some loving colors.

  1. Simple Robot Coloring Page:

Simple robot coloring page

Having stretchable limbs and a simple body design, this robot illustration looks like E.T. from the movie of the same name, doesn’t it? The eyes and lips give this otherwise alien-looking robot an endearing human quality. With your coloring skills, turn this simple robot into a colorful avatar.

  1. Space Robot, Highly Capable Robots:

Space robot colorirng page

Space robots, as the name suggests, are those robots that are used to perform tasks in space missions. They are also referred to as robonauts. According to the current data, we have two of them working in the space station, R1 and R2. Out of these two, the latter, R2 or Robonaut 2 has the distinction of being the first humanoid robot in space.

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  1. Simple Battery-operated Toy Robot:

Toy robot

Much simpler in design than the earlier robot toy, this one has a single-leg stand. Does this remind of you any robot toys you might have had? If yes, then you can color it according to its colors.

  1. Trash Can Robot:

Trash can robot

While this illustration of a trash can robot is born out of the illustrator’s imagination, actual robots have been invented to help clear out our trash. One such robot is SmartCan equipped with robotic wheels, that can be programmed to wheel itself out on trash days.

With that smart trash robot illustration, we have come to the end of this fun and interesting printable collection of robot coloring pages. Hope you enjoyed learning about robots and filling in colors on these different robot coloring pictures to print. Just like the trash robots, autonomous robots are already part of reality in our world today. Have you seen a vacuum cleaner that simply cleans by itself once it’s turned on? There’s also the technology allowing cars to self-drive.

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