20 Free December Coloring Pages Printable

December Clipart

Hello readers! Today we’ve got free printable December coloring pages for you all. December, the twelfth month of the calendar and the final month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars, is a month of thirty-one days and the seventh and the last month with the same. It was originally the tenth month according to the Roman Calendar, and so it got its name from the Latin word, decem, meaning ten. December, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the harbinger of the Winter Solstice, while the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the Summer solstice. June of Earth’s South is the equivalent of the Northern December. It is also the month of the Sagittarius and the Capricorn as per Astrology. It is also the month of Christmas and it marks the transition to yet another wholesome and fulfilling year in the life of all. Let us begin exploring this month by filling some December month coloring sheets to print.

20 Free December Coloring Pages Printable

  1. The Advent Candles Coloring Page:

December Advent

The Four Advent Candles of Hope (God’s People), Peace (The old testament prophets), Love (John the Baptist), and Joy (Mary, the mother of Jesus) symbolize the blessings of the High Power entering our realm through the birth of His son, Jesus Christ. A fifth candle placed in the middle represents the birth of Christ. It represents that even in darkness if we follow Him, we can always find the light. Colour this full of divinity.

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  1. The December Calendar Coloring Page:

December Calendar Coloring Page
December Calendar

Want your own customized calendar for December, the last month of the year? Worry not! We’ve heard you. Print this and color it beautifully while singing the Christmas Jingle. You will have your very own calendar all ready to be hung in no time. Get to work.

  1. Winter Solstice In December Coloring Page:

December Coloring Images Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice refers to the shortest day of the winter. It is December 22 in the Northern hemisphere while at the same time it is June 21 in the Southern hemisphere. Better buy that set of candles beforehand. Winter solstice is also called Midwinter. Scientifically, it means that the tilt of the earth’s axis is farthest from the sun. Get coloring this dark day.

  1. Finland Independence Day Colouring Page:

December Coloring Page Finland Independence Day

December 6, 1917, was a happy day for Finland because it finally declared independence from Russia on that day. The Declaration Senate was led by Pehr Evind Svinhufvud. Begin coloring this flag and remember that the Swedish flag is a combination of Blue and White, Blue being the ‘Plus’ sign.

  1. Spot The Difference In The Christmas Trees:

December Coloring Pages Christmas Trees

Want something fun to play on Christmas?  Then print this page. But wait! Do not color it as yet. Look carefully at both the Christmas trees. Can you spot five dissimilarities in them? If yes, then you have earned the right to color it. Go ahead, have fun!

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  1. Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day:

December Coloring Picture Pearl Harbor Remembrance

National Pearl Harbour Remembrance Day observed annually on December 7, is observed to honor the souls of the two thousand four hundred and three citizens who were killed by the Japanese, when a surprise attack was conducted by them (the Japanese), in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. This day marked the beginning of World War 2. Let us color this page filled with respect for the soldiers who lay their lives for our well-being.

  1. December Flower Poinsettia:

December Flower Poinsettia Coloring Page

Poinsettias are the common December flower known particularly for their green and red foliage. They are the official birth flower of December and have been traditionally a symbol of success, good cheer, celebration, and good cheer. Also known as the Christmas star, Mexican flame leaf, or the lobster flower, these flowers are very common in festive decorations. Native to Central America and Southern Mexico, these flowers can grow up to sixteen feet tall. Let us begin coloring these beautiful flowers.

  1. Free Printable ‘December Is Here’:

Free December Coloring Pages Printable

December brings with it a ton of things. A delightful winter full of heavenly white snow, the birth of Jesus in the form of a Christmas celebration, and the warmth associated with getting to spend time with the family. The new year celebrations come just after winter. It is a starry month filled with all the things one can do with friends and family. Get ready to have snowball fights, but first color this beautiful image.

  1. Christmas Colouring Page:

Free December Coloring Sheets Printable

December brings with it the celebrations, fun, and frolic of Christmas! Gather with your father the blissful experience of buying the perfecting Christmas tree. Decorate it with all the things you love and adore. Put on some Christmas lights and bake some brownies. Colour this page because it is Christmas time.

  1. ‘Happy December Is Here’, Coloring Page:

Free Printable December Coloring Pages

Fun Fact: Germany made the first artificial Christmas tree. It was made completely out of goose feathers and the feathers were dyed green! Also, spiders and spider webs are a good luck charm on Christmas. So, color those reindeers and Santa but don’t forget to draw some cobwebs.

  1. ‘Happy Hanukkah’ Coloring Page:

Hanukkah December Coloring Page

Hanukkah will begin in the evening of Sunday, December 2and will end in the evening of Monday, December 10. Hanukkah is the Jewish Festival of Lights. On each night, a special candle is lit in a candelabra using a ninth candle called the ‘shamash’ or the servant candle. Tradition demands to light them from left to right! Let us fill this page with the colors of light.

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  1. Hot Cocoa In Winter Coloring Page:

Hot Cocoa In Winter Coloring Page
Hot Cocoa

Imagine this scene: It is December. Winter is at its full strength. You are wrapped up in your blanket like a larva in a cocoon reading a novel by the fireplace. Suddenly you get served a cup of Hot Cocoa with three cute little marshmallows. Oh, the satisfaction that you will get; an imagery you won’t ever forget. Color this peaceful cup of cocoa and enjoy your winter.

  1. Human Rights Day Coloring Page:

Human Rights Day Coloring Page

December 10, is observed as Human Rights Day. On this day in the year 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human Rights guarantee the people the basic means to fulfill their basic needs of food, education, and housing. They are meant to protect people from men powerful who don’t mind abusing their power. Let us color this page as a single human race.

  1. International Day For Abolition Of Slavery Coloring Page:

International Day for Abolition of Slavery Coloring Page

December 2 is observed as the International Day for Abolition of Slavery. Alarmingly, one in every four victims of slavery is a child, even in this modern world. And for every thousand people in the world, there are five-point four slaves. Let us raise our voices against slavery by coloring this page and spreading awareness.

  1. Kwanzaa Coloring Page:

Kwanzaa Coloring Pages

It is a celebration in the United States of America and the nations of the African diaspora in the US. The celebrations last a week to honor the African-American culture. They begin on December 26 and continue till January 1. Let us celebrate this by coloring the picture and exchanging gifts.

  1. Merry Christmas December Colouring Page:

Merry Christmas December Coloring Pages

December 25 each year is celebrated as Christmas to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the redeemer. Customs include exchanging gifts, posting holiday cards, putting up Christmas trees and lights, singing carols and jingles, ending with a feast and some church celebrations. Let us enjoy this December 25, with our loved ones and have some warmth in this winter season. Color this red and green and white!

  1. Sledding In The Winter Coloring Page:

Sledding In Winter Coloring Page

Quickly! Jump out of your beds. Peep outside the window because it has begun snowing! The white sheet from heaven that is coming down to the earth will soon embrace it wholeheartedly and everything will be white. But you just know to go down to the garage and take your sled out. Find the highest hill and whoosh! Have fun coloring this page.

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  1. Sleepy Winter:


Sleepy Winter Coloring Page

Winters bring with them some peaceful sleep as well. Pick your favorite stuffed toy, cuddle with it wrapped in a cozy warm blanket, and doze off into a long and peaceful sleep. But color this picture before dreaming your own world!

  1. Winter December:

Winter bells are ringing. Get your warm clothes out and begin cuddling with your mufflers. Wrap your loved ones in a warm embrace and spend some quality time together. Enjoy coloring this cuddly and warm winter scene in a variety of colors.

  1. World Aids Day Coloring Page:

World Aids Day December Coloring Page
World Aids Day December Coloring Page

December 1 is celebrated as World Aids Day! The purpose is to raise awareness, improve and educate the understanding of the HIV virus and its impact on the global health population. The red ribbon is the symbol of AIDS. 

December seems like a beautiful and holistically well-developed month. From the human rights movement to family festive celebrations, December has it all! Get ready to celebrate the last month of the year with our December coloring sheets to print and do not hesitate to enjoy a wonderful, frolic new year celebration.