20 Free Christmas Advent Coloring Pages To Print

Christmas Advent Clipart

Hello, young readers. Today we have got you free printable Christmas advent coloring pages. Christmas Advent means the arrival or the birth of Lord Jesus. During this period of spiritual preparation, Christians make arrangements for the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ. The season of Advent is the celebration of the season of prayer, fasting, and repentance that is followed by anticipation, hope, and joy. Christmas Advent is celebrated to thank God for the coming of Christ on earth, and also for his presence among us. The tenure of the Advent season is normally four weeks or four Sundays, and Christmas falls on the last week of the Advent season. Some symbols and colors have specific significance for the celebrations of the Advent season. Take a look at our collection of free Advent coloring sheets to print below.

20 Christmas Advent Coloring Pages

  1. 1st Sunday Of Advent:

1st Day Of Advent Coloring Page
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This advent coloring page shows the arrangement of four candles placed over a wreath to symbolize the four virtues of life. The first Sunday of the Advents season comes the fourth Sunday before Christmas day and the first candle represents the same.  One candle, out of four, is lit in this picture. This picture also shows the Holy Book that reminds us to offer our prayers to God during the Advent season. Join your family when they light the other three candles on the next three Sundays, one candle for each Sunday.

  1. Advent Activities For Kids:

Advent Activities Coloring Page
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This advent coloring picture shows how young kids are enjoying the celebrations of the Christmas Advent. They are singing Christmas Carols or Advent Carols in praise of God. It is evident from their joyful faces that they have hope in Jesus and believe that He will take care of them.

  1. Advent Activities List:

Advent Activity Sheets Printable
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Santa Claus makes sure that the celebrations revolving around Christmas are done, in a listed way. Here, anta has come up with a list of what is to be done during the Advent season as it is time for various activities. Just check what all is to be done during this festive season to have a memorable time.

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  1. Advent Calendar:

Advent Calendar Coloring Pages
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These little kids have made an Advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas. They are spending each day with activities that help them understand the significance and importance of Christmas Advent. They will be happy if some beautiful colors are added to their calendar.

  1. Advent Candles:

Advent Candle Coloring Pages
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Advent wreaths and Advent candles are very important during the season of Advent. The season of Advent is observed, by lighting one candle on the wreath each Sunday which stores some specific meaning for it. The first candle lit on the first Sunday is named as Hope, the second as Peace, the third as Joy, and the fourth one as Love. There is one more candle at the center which symbolizes Jesus and is lit, on the day of Christmas. In simple words, Jesus is standing in the center spreading hope, peace, joy, and love in our life.

  1. Advent Christmas Tree:

Advent Christmas Tree Coloring Page
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People make Advent calendars in many ways and here in this picture, it is in the form of a Christmas Tree. The purpose of making the Advent Calendar is to store some surprises each day like chocolates, candy, toys, etc. This is an interesting way to countdown to the most awaited event of the year. What colors have you decided on all these pieces of stuff?

  1. Advent Of Jesus:

Advent Coloring Book For Kids
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The image shows Mother Mary carrying the little Christ in her arms surrounded by the people who are offering their respect and gratitude in the form of precious worldly things. These gifts may not be relevant but it is the charisma of the kids that make people offer precious things.

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  1. The Three Wise Men:

Advent Coloring Images
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The birth of Jesus was believed to be affected by divine intervention to save the world. The three wise men were guided, by a shining star to the place where Jesus was born. They were eagerly waiting for this birth and have come with three gifts for the little Christ.  They offered Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to the little baby. The gifts that these three wise men carried were strange to be gifted to a baby but it has some significance.

  1. The Dream Of Kids:

Advent Coloring Pages Free Printable
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This is the picture of the night before Christmas when all the decorations for Christmas, have been done. The little kids are off to their bed after hanging the stockings by the chimney to welcome Santa. The kids are sleeping with sweets and gifts in their minds which they would be getting after waking up on Christmas.

  1. The Theme Of the Advent Season:

Advent Coloring Pages To Print
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This picture describes the four themes of the season of Advent that are Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. The Christmas Advent is celebrated every year by lighting these four candles that restore our faith in Jesus. We should request Jesus to fill our lives with these four virtues.

  1. Christ In A Stable:

Advent Coloring Pictures
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The birth of Christ in a poor family reinstates the belief that God is there to take away the sufferings of the poor and weak. This picture shows Christ resting on a manager in a stable.  The poor family had no other place to keep their newborn so they are sharing a stable with other animals. The poor parents are trying to give every possible comfort to their newborn.

  1. Advent Wreath Is Our Life:

Advent Wreath Coloring Pages Printable
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The period of the four weeks of the season of Advent is the celebration of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Light the four candles this Advent with a request to God that these four virtues never go away from our lives. A wreath is a symbol of life and life is full when all these four virtues find a place in life.

  1. Lighting An Advent Wreath:

Advent Wreath Coloring Pages
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The lighting of the Advent wreath is a popular practice followed by Christians every year worldwide. Five candles are arranged, over an evergreen wreath, and each candle is lit every Sunday of the season of Advent. The candle at the center is the fifth candle and is lit on the day of Christmas as it refers to Jesus Christ.

  1. Christmas Evening:

Christmas Advent Coloring Pages Printable
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December 24 is known as Christmas Eve and is also referred to as the Holy Night because Jesus is said to be born at midnight of this day. The parents in this picture are holding the little bundle of joy in their arms. The parents are hopeful that their child will bring the same peace to this world as reflected on his face.

  1. Meaning Of Four Candles:

Christmas Advent Coloring Pages
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The four candles in the pictures are the four assets that we celebrate in the season of Advent. All four candles show the presence of divinity and teach us to cherish the four virtues that is Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. Each candle illuminates our life and shows the presence of God in our daily activities.

  1. December 8th:

Christmas Advent Coloring Sheets Printable
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December 8, is considered as a Holy Day, and on this day Christians attend special church services. Mother Mary was graced to lead a sin-free life on this day. A beautiful evergreen wreath with a ribbon flower tied to it is laid, in the celebration of this day. This day is celebrated according to the teachings of liturgical celebrations worldwide.

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  1. Santa On Christmas Eve:

Christmas Advent Coloring Sheets
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It is Christmas Eve and Santa is fully dressed to begin his journey to the world.  He is giving the final look at the list of the gifts he is carrying. Santa has been performing his duty for ages and he never forgets to bring cheer to the people in the form of gifts. Hope you kids know which color to use for the dress of Santa. The reindeer with sleigh is also waiting for Santa to start the tour of the world during this time of festivities.

  1. All Cheer For Advent:

Free Advent Coloring Pages Printable
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The surroundings of Jesus are full of life as everyone in the picture looks happy and contended including the animals. It is midnight of December 24 and the reason for their happiness lies in the fact that the advent of their savior has taken place. The star shining in the sky reflects the presence of divinity in this picture.

  1. Birth Of Christ:

Free Printable Advent Coloring Pages
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The Advent season comes to an end with the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th.  In this picture, baby Jesus is accompanied by Mother Mary and Father Joseph, along with the visitors and the animals of the stable. Angels from heaven have also come to have a glimpse of little Jesus. It looks like they all have found a messiah in little Jesus.  The stars are numbered from one to twenty-five depicting the start and end of the Advent season on Christmas Day.

  1. A Joyful Family:

Free Printable Advent Coloring Sheets
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This is a complete family picture as it is full of happy faces of the family members. The picture is formed when all the four virtues of Advent symbolized as Hope, Faith, Peace, and Love come together.

Make sure you take an active part in the preparation of Christmas Advent. This will help you understand the true meaning and value of rituals that are followed incessantly year after year. Making advent wreaths, advent calendars, decorations, etc. is a great way of registering your participation. These celebrations are an opportunity to remember the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas.  And don’t forget to fill these Christmas advent coloring images printable as well.