30 Free Jesus Christ Coloring Pages Printable

Jesus Coloring Pages for kids

Religion is an important part of our lives. There are different religions in the world based on different beliefs and ideologies. Depending on the religion one follows, there are different gods worshiped by the people. Today’s collection of coloring pages pays tribute to a central figure worshiped by the largest religion in the world – Jesus and the religion of Christianity.

According to the several Gospels dedicated to the telling of the life of Jesus, Christians worship Jesus as the son of God, who was born of a virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit, grew up to perform healing and miracles, and founded the Christian Church. Crucified by the Roman, Jesus rose from the dead and finally ascended to Heaven.

There are several festivities, events, and ceremonies held in a year to commemorate different aspects of Jesus’ life. Christmas, one of the biggest festivals, is celebrated on December 25 as the birth of Jesus. Good Friday observes the day of his crucifixion while Easter Sunday is the day of resurrection.

Let’s get to know more about the life story and other parables through this collection of Jesus Christ coloring sheets to print.

30 Free Jesus Christ Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Ascension Day Coloring Page:

Ascension day coloring page

Ascension Day, according to the Christian teachings, is the day when Jesus ascends to Heaven from Earth, following his resurrection from the dead, after forty days. On this day, as Jesus rises up to the sky, his eleven apostles are with him, witnessing the memorable moment. This illustration shows Jesus raising his hands as he ascends.

  1. Baby Jesus Coloring Page:

Baby Jesus coloring page

Jesus as a baby is illustrated in an adorable manner on this coloring page. Betrothed to Joseph, Mary as a virgin conceived through the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus in a stable. This miraculous day is of prime importance to Christians. Print this coloring page and fill this cute baby Jesus illustration with colors.

  1. Baby Jesus Manger Coloring Page:

Baby Jesus Manger coloring page

As described in the earlier coloring page, Jesus was born in a stable. That is why you see this beautiful illustration of baby Jesus, wrapped up warmly and placed on a manger, which is a feeding container for animals in the stable. Capture this rustic and brilliant scene with your coloring skills.

  1. Baby Jesus with Mother Mary and Joseph:

Baby Jesus with Mother Mary and Joseph coloring page

Jesus was raised by his parents, Joseph and Mary. Joseph was a carpenter or someone who could make objects of various materials and Mary was a Galilean woman of Nazareth. Here they are together holding baby Jesus lovingly in their arms. Print this coloring page and give this heartwarming scene some wonderful colors.

  1. Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight:

Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight
Image Source

There are many parables and stories about the miracles and healing performed by Jesus Christ during his lifetime. One of the stories is about a blind man named Bartimaeus. According to the Gospel of Mark, Jesus was passing through the town of Jericho when he met the blind man, Bartimaeus, and gave him his sight.

  1. Boy Jesus at the Temple:

Boy Jesus at the Temple
Image Source

Jesus is known by many names from his birth to the age of 12. Some refer to him as the Christ Child or Divine Infant, while in other places he is referred to as Baby Jesus or the Holy Child. Here we have Jesus as a young boy at the temple, being dressed appropriately.

  1. Good Friday Coloring Page:

Good friday coloring page

The day Jesus was crucified is commemorated as Good Friday and it is observed as a Christian holiday. As illustrated here you can see Jesus is crucified on the cross that he was made to carry himself. Print this somber Jesus coloring page and fill it with comforting colors.

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  1. Jesus And The Story of the Widow:

Jesus and the story of the Widow
Image Source

Another one of the parables about Jesus is illustrated here. This story is called the “Lesson of the Widow’s Mite” which narrates an incident at the Temple in Jerusalem. While other rich people contributed only a portion of their wealth, a widow offers two mites, her entire livelihood. Because of which Jesus says that the widow’s two mite is worth more than anyone’s contribution.

  1. Jesus Appearing in Front of Apostles:

Jesus Appearing In Front Of Apostles
Image Source

Apostles are followers or emissaries of the founder of a religion, who are like messengers spreading the teachings. According to the Christian Gospels, out of the several disciples that Jesus had, there were twelve who were his closest followers, becoming the Twelve Apostles. This illustration shows Jesus with a few of his Apostles.

  1. Jesus Asking Zacchaeus to Come Down:

Jesus Asking Zacchaeus to Come Down
Image Source

On hearing that Jesus was passing through, Zacchaeus, Jericho’s chief tax collector gets up a tree to see him. Tax collectors were considered traitors as they worked for the Roman empire, and everyone is surprised why Jesus talked to Zacchaeus and visited his home. It turns out the meeting changed him and he gave away half of all his possessions.

  1. Jesus at the Home of Martha and Mary:

Jesus at the Home of Martha and Mary
Image Source

A story about prioritizing spiritual well-being as well as physical health. Jesus and his disciples were invited to the home of sisters Martha and Mary while passing through a village. Mary sat down to listen to Jesus speak while Martha was worried about kitchen preparations for them and asked him to let Mary help her. Jesus tells Martha that Mary was also doing something important.

  1. Jesus Calms the Storm:

Jesus calms the storm
Image Source

This is one of the miracles performed by Jesus, according to the gospel accounts. This comes under nature miracles. When Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee, a storm hits their boat, and Jesus calms it by telling the wind, “Peace! Be still!”

  1. Jesus Christ and Children:

Jesus Christ coloring pages

A wonderful illustration of Jesus is awaiting your coloring skills. Here is Jesus Christ playing with children; one clinging to his side while the other rides on his shoulders. Print this coloring page and fill it with playful, fun colors.

  1. Jesus Christmas Coloring Page:

Jesus Christmas colouring pages

One of the most popular images of Jesus Christ during Christmas is illustrated here. You might have seen something similar during your Christmas celebrations at home or while going about your hometown. It’s time for you to bring this holy image to life with your coloring skills.

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  1. Jesus in Crown of Thorns:

Jesus Christ in crown of thorns

One of the things that Jesus was put through on the day of his crucifixion is illustrated here. Apart from the cross, he was made to carry, the captors placed a crown of thorns on his head to mock him. Use your colors to comfort this gruesome image.

  1. Jesus Coloring Page for Kids:

Jesus coloring pages for kids

After that hard-hitting illustration, here is a peaceful and playful Jesus sketch for you to color. This one is perfect for kids, with its simple details that can be easily filled in with colors.

  1. Jesus Coloring Page:

Jesus coloring pages

Similar to the Christmas Jesus Christ imagery, this Jesus coloring page comes with finer details. Print this coloring page and add colors to all the little aspects of this Jesus Christ illustration.

  1. Jesus Driving Out an Impure Spirit:

Jesus Driving Out an Impure Spirit
Image Source

Gospels are full of parables about many miracles and healing performed by Jesus Christ. Among the healing miracles Jesus performed was an exorcism. This illustration shows Jesus driving out an impure or demonic spirit.

  1. Jesus’ Face Shone like the Sun:

Jesus Face Shone like the Sun
Image Source

Transfiguration is one of the important incidents in the gospels where Jesus transfigure before a few of his disciples. It narrates that Jesus took three of his disciple up a mountain and transfigured with his face glowing like the Sun.

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  1. Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy:

Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy
Image Source

Illustrated on this coloring page is another one of Jesus’ healing miracles. This time Jesus heals someone with leprosy. According to the gospels, a man with leprosy reached out to Jesus to heal him, and Jesus touched the man, thereby healing him. Fill this miraculous illustration with your healing colors.

  1. Jesus Walking on Water:

Jesus walking on the lake
Image Source

This is one of the most popular miracles performed by Jesus – walking on water. The disciples were headed back in their ship and Jesus stayed behind to pray alone. During the night, they saw a figure walking on the water and were frightened. But calmed down when Jesus showed himself and entered the ship.

  1. Jesus with a Herd of Sheep:

Jesus with a herd of sheep

Perhaps, one of the most popular images of Jesus is the symbolic image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. He has often been depicted as the shepherd, always surrounded by sheep. It symbolizes being a good shepherd who would sacrifice himself for his sheep.

  1. Jesus with Angels Coloring Page:

Jesus with angels coloring page

Angels are identified in various religions as supernatural beings. In Christian representations, angels can be seen as creatures with wings and halos. You can see the angels represented here along with Jesus. Print this coloring page and add some angelic colors to this illustration.

  1. Jesus with His Disciples:

Jesus with his desciples
Image Source

The followers of Jesus are referred to as his disciples. Unlike the modern interpretation, in ancient times, being a disciple meant closely adopting the life and teaching of the leader or teacher one is following. That was how it was with Jesus and his disciples. His primary disciples fully imbibed his life and teachings, going out into the world, spreading the teachings.

  1. Jesus with Little Children:

Jesus with little kids

Here is another illustration showing Jesus spending some quality time with children. Unlike the earlier illustration where he had a child on his shoulders, here he is talking to them and inspiring them. Print this coloring page and add colors of love, compassion, and innocence to this illustration.

  1. Jesus Transfigures in Front of His Apostles:

Jesus With Peter James and John On The Mountain
Image Source

We earlier saw a coloring page about the Transfiguration of Jesus. This is another illustration of the same, where Jesus can be seen with Peter, James, and John on the mountain where he reveals his transfiguration. Like the sun, Jesus’ face shone and his clothes too dazzled in white. And the voice of God is heard proclaiming Jesus as his son and to abide by his words.

  1. Joseph with Jesus Coloring Page:

Joseph with Jesus coloring page

Joseph, the legal father of Jesus Christ is seen here carrying baby Jesus in his arms. In various traditions, Joseph has been revered as Saint Joseph. Due to his carpentry work and skills of making various objects, Joseph is also venerated as the patron saint of workers. There are several feast days associated with him.

  1. Mother Mary And Jesus Coloring Page:

Mother Mary And Jesus coloring page

Since the early days of Christianity, Mother Mary has been worshiped and venerated as one of the most important figures of the religion. There have been several instances throughout the centuries with believers stating that Mother Mary has appeared to them. Print this revered figure of Mother Mary and Jesus, and fill it with colors.

  1. Palm Day Coloring Page:

Palm Day coloring pages

This coloring page illustrates the observance of Palm Sunday, one of the many celebratory festivities in Christianity. This marks the time when Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem, greeted by the crowd laying down palm branches on the path. This movable feast is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter, marking the start of the Holy Week.

  1. The Holy Night:

The Holy Night

The birth of Jesus or the nativity of Christ is considered to be the Holy Night and Christmas is celebrated to mark this occasion. To prepare for this celebration many people also take part in displaying smaller versions of the nativity scene in their homes or in public places like malls. Print this coloring page and expertly color this brilliant illustration of the Holy Night.

On that holy note, we have come to the conclusion of this reverent and informative collection of coloring pictures inspired by Jesus Christ. Hope you had an eye-opening time, learning more about Jesus through these illustrations showcasing different stories and accounts of Jesus’ life. While Jesus is central to Christianity, he also holds an important place in a few other religions. According to Islam, Jesus or Isa is seen as an important prophet of God; the Baha’i Faith sees Jesus as manifestations of God; while Sikhism views Jesus as a saint of high rank.

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