32 Free Astronaut Coloring Pages Printable

Astronaut coloring pages for children

What do you want to become when you are a grown-up? Several people might have asked you this question. Be it in school or at home. If you said, a doctor or an engineer, then you are not alone. These two professions are among the most popular choices. But over the years, several different jobs have come up and held the attention of youngsters. Among them is the topic of today’s printable collection of coloring pages – astronaut.

Space technology has evolved tremendously in today’s time, which has also made being an astronaut into a viable profession for today’s youth. An astronaut is trained personnel who is fully equipped to work as a crew member or commander aboard a spacecraft. The term is also used sometimes to describe scientists, journalists, etc. who travel into space.

The first time a human went to space was in April 1961 and his name was Yuri Gagarin who went aboard the Soviet spacecraft Vostok 1 that orbited for 108 minutes around the Earth. Another Soviet, Valentina Tereshkova, became the first woman in space when she boarded Vostok 6, orbiting the earth for nearly three days.

Let’s get to know more about the space adventures through this fascinating collection of astronaut coloring sheets to print.

32 Free Astronaut Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Calm Astronaut Floating Happily:

A very calm astronaut

Beginning the collection is a calm and composed astronaut floating around in space with a smile on his face. Being able to keep a calm composure and mental aptitude is a prerequisite for an astronaut, considering the high-pressure situations in space.

  1. An Astronaut with Earth-shaped Balloon:

An astronaut with earth shaped balloon

An interesting illustration of an astronaut awaits your coloring skills on this page. The astronaut is shown standing on top of the planet earth to denote being in space. Look at what he’s holding. It’s a balloon that is shaped like the earth.

  1. Astronaut Connected to a Rocket:

Astronaut and rocket coloring page

Where there’s an astronaut, there is bound to be something space-related nearby. On this coloring page, we have a rocket that is connected to an astronaut. He must be out to explore something nearby. Give this interesting illustration, some futuristic colors.

  1. Astronaut Clicking a Selfie Coloring Page:

Astronaut clicking a selfie coloring page

Clicking a selfie is almost like second nature these days, whenever we are out and about. You and your family must have clicked some pretty selfies as well. As great as they are, they might not compare with this selfie clicked by an astronaut. Be sure to capture the planet details when you print and color this page.

  1. Astronaut Clicking a Selfie with an Alien:

Astronaut clicking a selfie with alien

While the earlier astronaut took an amazing selfie with a planet in the background, the selfie on this coloring page is far more exciting. This astronaut has not only landed on a planet but has also found one of the alien inhabitants. Look at him posing for a selfie with an alien.

  1. Astronaut in a Spacesuit:

Astronaut coloring images

When you are an astronaut, wearing proper attire is key to ensure safety during spaceflight as well as the stay in space. Demonstrating the proper space-wear is an astronaut dressed in a spacesuit on this coloring page. You can see the intricate details of the suit, helmet, and wires. Give each of these some incredible colors.

  1. Astronaut Coloring Page for Kids:

Astronaut coloring pages for kids

Something fun and easy for the kids! This astronaut illustration is simple in design and shows the astronaut in a cute running pose. Print this coloring page and fill it with solid celestial colors. As long as you color inside the lines, coloring this should be very easy.

  1. Astronaut Suited Up and Waiting:

Astronaut coloring pages free printable

Waiting is one of the most taxing things to do. Like waiting for the school bus in the morning or for the last school bell to ring so that you can get back home. This astronaut is also having to deal with some waiting of their own. All prepped up, wearing the gear, and now waiting for the go-ahead.

  1. Astronaut, Moon, and Space Collage:

Astronaut coloring pages

Humans have explored many different things in space using technology but have only been able to land in person in only one another celestial body, the moon. Giving tribute to the space missions over the years is this fun collage. We have a fully-suited astronaut, a space rocket, and an illustration of the moon.

  1. Astronaut Reaching for the Stars:

Astronaut colouring pages

When you are out in space, it’s natural to be fascinated by the elements in space. Just like we are intrigued by the stars when we look up at the night sky, this astronaut is trying to reach for the stars in space. Give this starry and spacey illustration some of your favorite colors.

  1. Astronaut Has Reached the Planet:

Astronaut has reached the plant

In the near or distant future, the illustration on this coloring page may come true. An astronaut has reached another planet and is seen standing on it. Space exploration has advanced a lot over the years. So there’s the hope of human exploration to another planet.

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  1. Astronaut Helmet Coloring Page:

Astronaut helmet coloring page

A simple astronaut helmet illustration for you to color. There’s the antenna for communication, the face shield cap in front, and a proper seal around the neck area. You can make it funky by adding different colors to different segments of the helmet.

  1. Astronaut Holding a Planet:

Astronaut holding a planet

Something fun but impossible is illustrated here. An artistic depiction of an astronaut holding on to a planet. You can also find another planet in the background that looks like Saturn. There is also a star shining at the back. Give this creative astronaut illustration some brilliant colors.

  1. Astronaut Holding a Star:

Astronaut holding a star

You saw earlier an astronaut trying to reach for the stars or posing in a similar fashion. Here we have a creative illustration showcasing an astronaut actually holding a star. That’s a really bright and shiny star, dazzling more than all the other stars!

  1. Astronaut in Space Coloring Page:

Astronaut in space coloring page

If you have wondered about where the astronauts live or stay in space. There’s the International Space Station (ISS) set up in low earth orbit which continues to be used for scientific research and study as well as a base for future space explorations to the Moon and Mars. Several astronauts like this fellow here, use the ISS as a base.

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  1. Astronaut Riding a Rocket:

Astronaut riding a rocket

Just like in a fun cartoon, this astronaut illustration shows an unrealistic but funny depiction of an astronaut riding a rocket. In reality, the astronauts would be inside the rocket and not outside. Have a jolly good time coloring this humorous astronaut on a rocket illustration.

  1. Astronaut Sitting on a Moon Coloring Page:

Astronaut sitting on a moon coloring page

The farthest distance covered by a manned spacecraft belongs to the Apollo 13 crew when they passed over the far side of the moon in April 1970, getting about 400,171 km away from the earth. Showcasing how humans have landed on the moon, here is an interesting illustration of an astronaut sitting on a crescent moon.

  1. Two Astronauts Spacewalking Coloring Page:

Astronauts in space coloring page

Spacewalk is a common thing that most astronauts end up doing, which involves getting out of the spacecraft to do several different tasks. It is also known as EVA or extra-vehicular activity. The first person to do a spacewalk was Alexei Leonov, during the Voskhod 2 mission in 1965.

  1. Boy Dressed as an Astronaut:

Boy dressed as an astronaut

This boy has managed to dress perfectly well as an astronaut, hasn’t he? His parents and teachers must have helped him immensely to get the costume ready for the school competition. Appreciate the details in this fancy dress spacesuit and fill it with realistic colors.

  1. Cosmonaut, Russian Astronaut:

Cosmonaut coloring pages printable

While the term astronaut is used generally for every human space traveler, Russia prefers to call their astronauts as cosmonauts. Thus for every other country, the word astronaut is used while for Russia, it’s cosmonauts. One of the cosmonauts can be seen here meditating peacefully on this coloring page.

  1. Cosmonaut in the Outer Space:

Cosmonaut in the outer space coloring page

Continuing with cosmonauts, here we have one traveling in outer space on this coloring page. It looks like they have landed on another planet and are walking on the surface. Or perhaps, it’s the moon expedition. You can choose to color accordingly.

  1. Cow Dressed as an Astronaut:

Cow as an astronaut

It’s funny seeing a cow in a spacesuit, isn’t it? While cows have not been in space, several other animals have been sent to space by different countries since the start of the space programs. From fruit flies and rodents to dogs and cats, many animals have been used for space research and flown into space.

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  1. Cute Astronaut Coloring Page:

Cute astronaut coloring page

Holding a huge heart-shaped balloon, this astronaut illustration looks really cute. To make it even more adorable, print this coloring page and fill it with loving colors. You can give the heart red color while filling in silver or gray for the astronaut suit.

  1. Floating Astronauts Interacting Inside a Spacecraft:

Floating astronauts coloring page

The lack of gravity in space is the reason you can see these two astronauts floating around freely inside their spacecraft. They are simply interacting about their daily tasks. But because one of them is upside down, it looks much more interesting and intriguing.

  1. Spaceman Coloring Page:

Free printable spaceman coloring pages

When it comes to the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, it is held by NASA’s Christina Koch who spent 328 days in space. She must have done several tasks, including taking a spacewalk like this astronaut on this coloring page.

  1. Kitty Astronaut:

Kitty Astronaut

As cute and fun as this Kitty astronaut looks, there is some truth to this illustration. In real life, a cat was sent to space on 18 October 1963 and survived the spaceflight as well. Sent by France, the cat was later named Félicette. You can find her memorial statue at the International Space University.

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  1. Koala Astronaut on Moon:

Koala Astronaut On Moon

Like the cow astronaut illustration, even this koala coloring page is a creative interpretation as no koalas have been sent to space. However, several other animals have made it into space like monkeys, cats, rabbits, and more. But the first animals were actually fruit flies. It was launched by the US in 1947 aboard the V-2 rocket.

  1. Realistic Astronaut Coloring Page:

Realistic Astronaut coloring pages

Among many other things, meeting the daily diet requirement when in space is a must for an astronaut. When staying in the International Space Station an astronaut needs to intake 830 g of food mass in every meal.

  1. Shy Astronaut Holding a Star:

Shy astronaut holding a star

The other astronaut posed proudly while holding a star. But here we have a shy astronaut on this coloring page, reluctantly posing for a picture as he holds a tiny star. Give him some encouragement by filling in supportive colors.

  1. Spaceman in a Space:

Spaceman coloring pages

The record holder for the longest time spent in space is Russian Gennady Padalka, having spent 878 days during his five space missions. He must have encountered some of the different space elements depicted on this coloring page.

  1. Gift-wrapped Spaceman:

Spaceman coloring sheets

Somebody is getting a toy astronaut for a gift. Looks so big and sparkly. Congratulate whoever has won this gift-wrapped toy astronaut by giving it celebratory colors.

  1. Spaceman Enjoying the Waves:

Spaceman enjoying the waves

A fun illustration inspired by surfing. You can see this astronaut is riding some waves, perhaps on some alien planet like a pro. Give this creative science-fiction-inspired art the best of your coloring skills.

With that wavy illustration, we have come to the end of this interesting printable collection of astronaut coloring sheets. Hope you enjoyed coloring these space-themed astronaut coloring pages. While it may seem fun, being an astronaut is a serious profession and demands a strict healthy lifestyle. Why? From the loss of bone and muscle to radiation injury and sleep disturbances, the health risks are high for an astronaut. This is why being an astronaut one has to be in prime health condition in order to combat the several health risks involved in the profession. If you aspire to be one, be sure to start eating and living healthy.

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