25 Free Printable First Day Of School Coloring Pages

First day of school coloring pages for kids

Summer vacation has ended and it’s time to get back to school. The first day of school brings out a varying degree of emotions in students. Some are extremely excited to get back to their school, meet new friends, and share everything that happened during the vacation while others feel a bit apprehensive, which again, isn’t entirely absurd. Then we have tiny tots who are going to school for the first time. In this article, we have captured the essence of the first day of school from different sections of the school. Take a look at our collection of the first day of school coloring pages below.

25 Free Printable First Day Of School Coloring Pages

  1. Back To School With The Paintbrush:

Back to school coloring pages for kidsArt is as valuable as other lessons imparted in school. Most of the students go on to become top-notch artists and the foundation is laid in the art classes at school. Here’s a simple but neat coloring page for our budding artists. It features a paint palette, paint tube, and a couple of brushes to get their imagination going.

  1. Boy Wearing A Mask All Set For School:

Boy is back to school in maskIt’s so heartening the see this young boy so excited to go to school. The pandemic may have caused irreparable damage to society, but it failed to deter the spirit of this young lad. He’s extremely excited to visit his friends personally at school after a long hiatus of 2 years. Glad to see that he’s following all the safety norms required.

  1. Students At School:

First day of school coloring sheetsWe adore the display of contrasting personalities on this coloring page. One student is carrying a pile of books and probably preparing for the next semester’s tests, while the other is whistling, probably still dreaming about the summer vacation that went by.

  1. High School Student’s First Day At School:

First day of school coloring images for kidsGoing by the illustration, it looks like this young lad skipped a couple of classes and is now making a note of everything that he may have missed. Doesn’t really matter as long as you’re up to date with all the lessons taught at school.

  1. Back To School Supplies:

First day of school coloring pageWe know you’re highly excited about going back to school, but don’t get so carried away that you forget important school supplies. This coloring page features the most basic school supplies, such as a school bag, pens, a globe, a paintbrush, a calculator, a basketball for the athletes, and more.

  1. Mom Seeing Off Her Child On The First Day Of School:

First day of school coloring pictureAs I mentioned before, not everyone is excited to get back to school. Some may feel a bit apprehensive and scared, especially if they are joining a new school. During this time, a few words of encouragement and apprehensive, especially from mothers, can go a long way in bucking up a child.

  1. Students Coloring Page:

First day of schoool coloring pagesHow cute is this illustration of different types of students found in a school? The girl in the first picture is definitely interested in science. The kids in the second and fourth pictures are into writing and arithmetic. But the one who stands out is the boy in the third picture who seems a bit overwhelmed with all the lessons imparted, especially on the first day of school.

  1. Little Girl Writing:

Girl back to school coloring pageHere’s a coloring page of a little girl taking down all the notes her teacher is teaching. She looks like someone who is totally into her studies.

  1. Girl Is Back To School:

Girl is back to school coloring pagesThis studious princess is all set to get back to school after the summer vacation. She had been waiting to get back to school for days and started preparing her school bag two days before the school was about to reopen. She stuffed the bag with all the essentials required, such as pens, pencils, a ruler books and everything required.

  1. High School Students Back To School:

High school students back to schoolHere’s a coloring page of high school students back to their school after the summer holidays. This illustration may seem a bit incomplete to you. That’s something we’ve done it intentionally as we want you to make the facial features of these students any way you want.

  1. I’m Back To School:

I am back to school coloring pageHow cute is this illustration of a little hijabi student all excited to get back to school? Do you see the rainbow and clouds behind her? That itself signifies how happy she is to get back to school and make new friends.

  1. Students At Art And Craft Class:

Kids at art classHere’s a lovely and detailed coloring page of two students in their arts and crafts class. The assignment given to them seems to be painting a tumbler and looks like they are doing a pretty good job at it. If you want, you can give your design to these tumblers.

  1. The Boy Is Back At School:

Kids back to school coloring imagesHere’s another happy illustration of a young boy going back to school. Since it’s the first day of school, the boy doesn’t want to risk it and is seen carrying all the important supplies required, such as books, pens, and of course, an apple, to fuel him during recess.

  1. Mom Taking Her Kids To School:

Mother taking kids to school coloring pageSince it was the first day of school, the mother herself decided to drop her girls to school. We think it’s a great gesture, especially when the kids are feeling a bit nervous about going to school, particularly when it’s a new school.

  1. School Bell:

School bell coloring pageThis is a pretty simple and basic illustration of a school bell, which kids can print out for their school projects as well.

  1. Bus Going Back To School:

School bus coloring pageHow cute is this illustration of a school bus going back to school? Did you notice a rainbow on the top? It shows how happy the bus is going back to school again. While you can pick the classic yellow for the school, make sure the rainbow is filled with seven colors.

  1. School Coloring Page:

School coloring pageHere’s a neat illustration of the beautiful structure of a school, exactly what you need while preparing for going back to school. Along with the school building, we can also see two buses and a huge school bag at the center.

  1. Science Laboratory Essentials Coloring Page:

School supplies coloring imageIf you’re a science student, you would know how important these props are in a science laboratory. Fill all these images with the truest colors to make them look lifelike.

  1. Back To School Essentials:

School supplies coloring pageHere’s another easy-to-color first-day-of-school image for the preschoolers and elementary school goers.

  1. Back To School Supplies:

School suppliesYou may think it’s getting a bit repetitive, but we’re loving these essential coloring pages featuring important subjects taught in school. This coloring page here displays mathematics essentials or supplies.

  1. Junior Talking To Senior:

Students talking coloring pageHere’s a simple lineart depicting a senior talking to a junior. Or are they both sisters? We’re leaving that for you to decide. Even better would be to weave a story behind this image.

  1. Two Students Reading From The Same Book:

Two students reading from the same bookIt looks like one of them forgot to bring the school essentials and is sharing the same book. Well, it’s not really an impossible situation, considering all the excitement involved in going back to school after such a long break.

  1. Welcome Back To School Coloring Page:

Welcome back to school coloring inHow lovely is this back-to-school coloring sheet to fill in?

  1. Welcome Back To School Coloring Sheet:

Welcome back to school coloring pages for kidsHere’s another simple, but unique welcome back-to school coloring picture for you to fill.

25: Girl Welcoming Everyone Back To School:

Welcome back to school coloring pagesHere’s an illustration of a cheerful and excited girl welcoming each one of you back to school.

We hope you enjoyed filling these welcome back to school and the first day of school coloring pages. We would love to know how your first day of school went. Share with us in the comment section below.