30 Free Flamingo Coloring Pages Printable


The earth is full of wonderful and unique creatures, each with their special abilities and qualities. Among them, some catch our attention more than others. Like how the size and flight of hummingbirds are fascinating or the extremely long neck of Giraffes is amusing. Today’s topic is about one such captivating creature. We bring you a printable collection of the elegant bird, pinkish-red birds, flamingo.

Belonging to the family Phoenicopteridae, Flamingos can be found in several places around the world, right from the American continents to Africa, to Asia, and to Europe. There are six extant species of Flamingos, divided into Old World – Greater flamingo and Lesser flamingo, and New World – Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo, James’ flamingo, and American flamingo.

The name has its origin from the Portuguese or Spanish term “Flamengo” which translates to flame-colored, a reference to the brilliant pink to blood-red colors of the Flamingo feathers. But the young ones are born with grayish-red plumage and through their unique diet that contains aqueous bacteria and beta-carotene, Flamingos develop bright red colors.

Let’s take a flight into the world of red through this collection of Flamingo coloring pages.

30 Free Flamingo Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Dancing With Elegance – Ballerina Flamingo:

Ballerina flamingo

Showcasing the elegance of a flamingo, the first illustration of today’s collection is of the bird dancing like a ballerina. This fun illustration showcases the ballerina flamingo with all the details of a real ballet dancer. She is even wearing the ballet costume – the tutu. Fill in the wildest colors to make this fun illustration come alive.

  1. Cartoon Flamingo Coloring Page:

Cartoon flamingo coloring page

After that outrageous illustration of the ballerina flamingo, here we have a more realistic interpretation. While still sketched in a cartoonish manner, this flamingo remains faithful and true to the bird in its natural state and form. Color this illustration with shades of pink and red.

  1. Cartoon Flamingo Feeding In The Water:

Cartoon flamingo in the water

Feeding on shallow waters, whether muddy or sandy beaches, flamingos have no worries about eating dirt. Why? Because flamingos have special bills that help them separate their food from mud and silt. While you think about how they are able to do so, you can print this coloring page and give it some colors.

  1. Cool Flamingo With A Pair Of Sunglasses:

Cool flamingo coloring page

This illustration offers you a closer look at the special bill of flamingos. But more importantly, look at those shiny pair of sunglasses! One can never go wrong with the right pair of cool sunglasses. Give your best and happiest efforts in coloring this suave looking flamingo.

  1. Daisy Enjoys Playing In The Lake With Flamingo:

Daisy with Flamingo

Disney’s Daisy has found herself a great partner for the day as she roams around the lake leisurely. Yes, it is in fact a flamingo with her. Surrounded by the trees and blooming flowers, Daisy is mimicking the one-leg stature of the flamingo in the lake water. Print this coloring page and fill it with natural colors.

  1. Flamingo Standing Tall:

Detailed flamingo

With such long necks and legs, the tallest flamingos can reach about 4.7 feet in height. These tall flamingos belong to the species known as Greater Flamingos. Most of the flamingos can range anywhere between 3.9 feet to 4.7 feet tall. Capture the tall elegance of this bird with your exceptional coloring skills.

  1. Easy Flamingo Coloring Page:

Easy flamingo coloring page

After that detailed and tall flamingo illustration, we have a much easier coloring page for you. With minimum details, almost an outline, this flamingo illustration is perfect for those who are not sure about their coloring skills yet. As long as you keep the colors inside the lines, your flamingo will look marvelous.

  1. F For Flamingo Coloring Page:

F for flamingo

It’s time now for some alphabet lesson. Which letter do you think we will be learning about today? Of course, it is the letter F, as Flamingo starts with the letter F. We have a beautiful illustration of the bird to go along with F for Flamingo lesson. Give both these elements your best coloring skills.

  1. Solo Flamingo Relaxing At The Beach:


Flamingo on the islandOne of the shortest Flamingos species is the Lesser flamingos with a height of about 2.6 feet and weighing just around 2.5 kg. Enjoying a quiet and serene time at the beach, this flamingo looks so relaxed and peaceful. Fill this illustration with soothing colors.

  1. Flamingo Treading On Water, Searching For Food:


Flamingo coloring pagesSearching for food, the flamingo on this coloring page is looking attentively in the water. While Flamingos depend heavily on a diet of blue-green algae, they also feed on other animals. They eat animals like shrimps, mollusks, insects, and insect larvae, as well as crustaceans. Print this coloring page and give colorful details to this illustration.

  1. Flamingo Standing With Bright Red Plumage:


Flamingo coloring picturesAmong the different species, American flamingos have the brightest red plumage while the Lesser flamingos have paler pink color. This is caused by the amount of pigment called carotenoids they consume, through their food source, which gives the color.

  1. Flamingo Connect The Dot Activity Sheet:

Flamingo connect the dot activity sheet

It’s time now to indulge in some fun activity. In order to complete the illustration of the flamingo, you will need to connect all the dots according to the number. Once you get the complete picture, you can start filling in the colors to reveal the brilliance of this flamingo.

  1. Flamingo Couple – Ultimate Parenting Skills:

Flamingo couple

Other than their feather colors, Flamingos are also known for their strong pair bonds. Once they form pairs, they lookout for a suitable nesting area on the mudflat, building and protecting the nest together. Both the male and female also look after the eggs and the young ones. It’s the ultimate lesson in parenting.

  1. Flamingo Feeding Its Chick:

Flamingo feeding its chick

When it comes to flamingo parenting, both the male and the female take part in feeding the chicks. They feed crop milk that is produced in glands along their digestive tracts. With this milk, the chicks get nutrients like fat, protein, and red and white blood cells. Look at them feeding these hungry chicks! Bring out the love in this adorable scene with your coloring skills.

  1. Flamingo Looks Angry:

Flamingo looks angry

This flamingo is not in a pleasant mood at all. Did somebody steal its food? In fact, it is looking really angry. Let’s try to calm it down. Print this coloring page and fill it with comforting and positive colors.

  1. Going Fast Without Breaks, Flamingo On Ice Skates:

Flamingo on skates

Looking every bit in control of himself, this flamingo is acing the ice skating activity. Look at that trick he is doing. Skating with one leg while stylishly holding the other leg up. Reward this fast sliding flamingo with some adventurous colors.

  1. After Ice Skates, Flamingo Plays Violin:

Flamingo playing a violin

If you thought the flamingo was good on skates, you will love what he is up to next on this coloring page. Yes, he is playing the violin! Holding the instrument with its beak, this expert flamingo is playing music using his wings. This illustration shows some real imagination, don’t you think so? It’s time now for you to do your magic with your coloring skills.

  1. Tired Flamingo Goes To Sleep, Standing:

Flamingo sleeping

After some icy sports activity and musical practice, the flamingo has finally decided to rest. The entire day was productive but tiring at the same time. He was so tired, he ended up falling asleep while still standing. Make sure not to disturb him while you quietly fill in all the colors in this illustration.

  1. Flamingo Soaking Its Feet In The Water:

Flamingo soaking its feet in the water

Waking up after a good rest, the flamingo is starting to feel the ache all over its legs. To soothe his pain, he has decided to soak up his feet in a nice and warm tub of water. Have you done something similar, soaking your feet in the water? It certainly looks rejuvenating.

  1. Flamingo Standing On One Leg:

Flamingo standing on one leg

Flamingos have a curious behavior when it comes to how they stand. You will usually find them standing on one leg only, especially when they are resting. The other leg often ends up being raised up to their bodies, mostly tucked away and unseen.

  1. A Herd Of Flamingos:

Flamingos coloring pages

Flamingos live in colonies as they are social birds. With colonies numbering up to thousands of individual birds, this helps the Flamingos to avoid predators, boost food consumption, and efficiently use nesting sites. It’s a curious little sight to see all these flamingo heads!

  1. Microcreches And Creches Of Flamingos:

Flamingos coloring sheets

After the chicks grow up to be around two weeks old, their flamingo parents leave them alone and they start to form groups among themselves called “micro creches”. Soon after, all the micro creches combine together to form creches, a group of thousands of flamingo chicks.

  1. Flamingos In The Lake:

Flamingos in the lake

Flamingos are fierce when it comes to protecting their nesting sites. While these two parents are feeding in the lake, they are still watchful of their nest and looking out for any predators around.

  1. Flamingos And Their Wingspan:

Free printable flamingo coloring page

There is a greater variation seen in the wingspan across different species of flamingos. The smallest wingspan among all flamingos is around 37 inches. Among the larger ones, some flamingos can have a wingspan as huge as 59 inches long.

  1. Funny Flamingo With Its Bill Sealed:

Funny Flamingo coloring page

Being naughty and playing pranks on others, this young flamingo has been punished by the adults. His bill has been sealed shut for a while. Unfortunately for him, he looks a little funny with the sealed bill, doesn’t he? Offer him some consolation by printing this coloring page and filling it with some comforting colors.

  1. Pink Flamingo Is Healthy Flamingo:

Pink flamingo

One of the ways to tell if a flamingo isn’t feeling well is by its colors. When adult flamingos show plumage that is white or pale, it’s usually indicative of malnourishment or unhealthiness. Thankfully for this flamingo, its plumage is bright and brilliant pink.

  1. Realistic Flamingo Coloring Page:

Realistic flamingo coloring page

You can see all the little details – from the different feathers, scaling on the skin as well as the specific features of its head and feet. If you look closely, you can also see other flamingos exploring in the background. Print this coloring page and give this realistic flamingo a mix of pink and red colors. Don’t forget to color the background too.

  1. The Magnificent Flamingo:

The magnificent flamingo

Look at those bills on this flamingo! Unlike most other birds, Flamingos have the ability to open their bills by either lifting their upper jaws or by dropping the lower jaws. If you are trying to move your jaws, then you will find that humans can only move their lower jaws. You can admire the bill as you print and color this page.

  1. The Dance Of The Flamingos:

Two flamingos

Flamingos mating ritual involves synchronized and elegant dance displays performed by groups in the flamingo colonies. Stretching of necks, head-flagging, and calling, and flapping of wings are observed in this dance. Give this elegant dancing flamingo couple, some of your stylish coloring skills.

  1. Young Flamingo Starts Exploring:

Young flamingo coloring page

Even after hatching flamingo chicks stay nearly a week in the nesting sites along with the adults. After a week to twelve days, they start exploring the nearby areas. This young flamingo is enjoying its first time exploring the sites near his nesting area. Print this coloring page and fill it with encouraging colors.

With that curious little young flamingo ending its time in the nest, we have also reached the end of this brilliant collection of flamingo coloring pictures to print. We hope you had fun coloring these illustrations and learning about the different facets of a flamingo’s life. If interested, you can also use these coloring sheets to do an informative presentation at school and garner great marks or grades. If you are not sure about it, maybe you can first do a test presentation for your family and friends at home. Better still, hold a friendly coloring competition using this printable collection of flamingo coloring sheets.