48 Free Among Us Coloring Pages Printable

Among Us video game

Outer space. Video games. Are you excited already? Combining the fun and excitement of a game with a space-themed setting, today we bring you a collection of free printable Among Us coloring pages.

Developed by Innersloth game studio in 2018, Among Us involves the conflict between two roles – Crewmates and Impostors. Taking place on one of the three maps in the game, the Crewmates perform several tasks while trying to identify and eliminate the Impostors among them, who in turn try to sabotage and kill them.

The multiplayer social deduction game ends when either of the two wins. Crewmates win when either all the tasks are completed, or all Imposters are eliminated. Impostors win when any crucial sabotage remains unresolved or the number of Imposters and Crewmates is equal.

The characters are humanoids wearing spacesuits, armless, and with small legs. As the name suggests, Imposters look like Crewmates as they try to blend in, doing a fake list of tasks. Only a couple of players out of the maximum ten players are randomly assigned to be Imposters. Let’s begin this game of hide and seek in outer space through this exciting Among Us coloring sheets.

48 Free Among Us Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Among Us Angel Character:

Among Us Angel character

We are starting off this collection with the blessings of an angel. An Among Us Angel to be precise. We know it’s an angel because of the Halo ring above this character’s head.

  1. Greetings From Among Us Brain Slug:

Among Us Brain Slug coloring page

If the Halo was the sign of being an angel, here it becomes quite evident which character is being illustrated on this coloring page. It is, of course, the Among Us Brain Slug with the Slug attached firmly on its head.

  1. Regal Looking, Crown Wearing Among Us Character:

Among Us character wearing a crown

Attention now. It’s time for royalty. Please pay your respect with accurate colors and attention to detail to the majestic Among Us character here on this coloring page, wearing a sparkling crown on its head.

  1. Among Us Character Wearing Egg Hat:

Among Us character wearing egg hat

Unlike the royalty and the crown, here we have a sad-faced Among Us character wearing an egg hat instead. As they say, we do our best with what we have. It’s time now to do your best with your colors to lift its spirit.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Busy Doing Tasks:

Among Us coloring page printable

Completely focused and concentrating hard on the task at hand, here we have an Among Us Crewmate character trying to finish off the list of tasks. Print this coloring page and fill it with encouraging colors.

  1. A Group Of Among Us Crewmates:

Among Us coloring pages printable

What do we have here? It’s a small group of Among Us Crewmates waiting to get their task list for the day. Each Crewmate has several tasks they have to finish while still looking out for and eliminating any Impostors before they can claim victory at the end.

  1. Among Us Characters Interacting:

Among Us coloring pages

Two of the Among Us characters are interacting with each other here. One of them seems to be instructing the other on how to perform their tasks. Proper instruction is key to learning. Just like how you can understand your lessons if your teachers instruct well.

  1. Among Us Dead Character:

Among Us dead character coloring page

The ongoing game of hide and seek between the Crewmates and the Impostors result in eliminations or deaths. How do we know if an Among Us character has died? You will find the lower half of the character with a bone sticking out to symbolize the character has died.

  1. Among Us Ghost Coloring Page:

Among Us Ghost coloring page

Once dead, the Among Us characters become Ghosts. The legs of the characters get replaced with a flowy design to signify the Ghosts, who are able to pass through walls. However, like Ghosts, they are invisible to others except for each other.

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  1. Among Us Impostor Looking Out The Vent:

Among Us Imposter coloring page

Are you wondering where are all the Impostors? This illustration has skillfully revealed the Among Us Impostor hiding in the vent. It seems to be on the lookout for an opportune time to venture out and assimilate with the Crewmates before killing them.

  1. Among Us Mini Crewmate:

Among Us Mini Crew Mate coloring page

Whether a Crewmate is in the spaceship – The Skeld, Mira HQ headquarters building, or the Polus planet base, they are all assigned maintenance work which a player can play as minigames. On the way to perform vital systems maintenance is this Among Us Mini Crewmate.

  1. Among Us Police Officer Character:

Among Us Policeman coloring sheet
Among Us Policeman coloring sheet

Representing the police task force of the Among Us Crewmates, here we have an Among Us Police Officer doing the regular check. One has to be extremely vigilant and pay attention to the minute details to recognize and eliminate the Impostors before they sabotage everything.

  1. Among Us Security Guard:

Among Us Security Guard coloring page

Just like Among Us Police Officers, doing their best work providing security are the Among Us Security Guards. Give this meticulous Among Us Security Guard some of your rewarding colors.

  1. Among Us Snowman:

Among Us snowman

There’s even an Among Us Snowman. Look at that tiny Snowman perched on top of this Among Us character to symbolize that it’s an Among Us Snowman.

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  1. Among Us UFO Cursor:

Among Us UFO cursor

We are getting to know several different things about the space world of Among Us. Another interesting thing is here on this illustration – an Among Us UFO Cursor.

  1. Among Us Characters Working:

Free Among Us coloring pages

Among Us Crewmates are working hard on this coloring page. Each one reading up their list of tasks to do.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Bids You Goodbye:

Free Printable Among Us coloring page

Here we have a meticulous Among Us Crewmate bidding us goodbye, in order to complete its task of giving us a tour.

  1. Among Us Caps Coloring Page:

Among Us caps coloring page

There are different accessories available to dress up the characters. One of them being the caps. You can find different types of caps illustrated on this coloring page. You can figure out which caps are for whom, while you color this page.

  1. Different Among Us Crewmates:

Among Us coloring in

The design of the Among Us Crewmates are specifically the same. But you can see what they are doing through their different postures and stances. You can see some of them standing, walking, and even a dead Crewmate in this illustration.

  1. Among Us Coloring Page For Adults:

Among Us coloring pages fo adults

This illustration gives an artistic twist to the character of Among Us. Filled with intricately designed lines and shapes, this coloring page is apt for adults. Print this colouring image and fill it with vibrant and colorful details.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Coloring Page:

Among Us crewmate coloring page

This illustration gives you a closer look at the Among Us Crewmate character. You can tell from the feet that it is in walking mode. Try to guess the profession of the Crewmate from the hat it is wearing while you color this page.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Wearing Different Hats:

Among Us crewmate coloring pages

After just a single one, here we have at least ten different Among Us Crewmate characters. Each one is wearing a different hat. There are a policeman and even a Santa among them. Print this coloring page and fill each one with distinct colors.

  1. Among Us Crewmate In Reindeer Skin:Among Us crewmate in reindeer skin

Christmas isn’t far. You can tell simply by looking at this Among Us Crewmate wearing a reindeer skin. Do you plan to wear special costumes for Christmas? You can decide on your new shopping list as you color this page.

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  1. Among Us Crewmate Policeman:

Among Us crewmate policeman

There seems to be some report of a disturbance in the ship. On duty for the day, this Among Us Crewmate Policeman is quick on his feet and running towards the scene. You can assist the policeman with your coloring skills.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Ready For Christmas:

Among Us Crewmate ready for Christmas

Much like the Crewmate with reindeer skin, this fellow Among Us Crewmate is high on Christmas spirit. Instead of the reindeer, this one has taken inspiration from Santa Claus himself as it wears a Christmas hat. Fill the illustration with Christmas colors.

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  1. Among Us Crewmate Wearing A Toilet Roll Hat:

Among Us crewmate wearing a toilet roll hat

Things don’t seem to be going too well for this Among Us Crewmate. How can we tell? Simply by looking at the giant toilet roll hat that this fellow is wearing. While others may ridicule, you can show some compassion by trying to offer some comforting colors to uplift their mood.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Wearing An Egg Hat:

Among Us Crewmate wearing an egg hat

Is an Egg hat better than a Toilet Roll hat? If it is, then this Among Us Crewmate is definitely having a slightly better day than the previous Crewmate. If it isn’t then, it’s time to fill this illustration with some consoling colors.

  1. Among Us Crewmate Wearing Baseball Hat:

Among Us crewmate wearing baseball hat

When they aren’t busy trying to eliminate the Imposters, the Among Us Crewmates get busy doing maintenance work or some extra-curricular activities. Like this Among Us Crewmate who likes to play baseball. Be sure to fill this illustration with some sporty colors.

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  1. Among Us Crewmate With Mini:

Among Us crewmate with mini

Greeting you on this coloring page are Among Us Crewmate and Among Us Crewmate Mini. Don’t they look so cute together? Print this coloring page and fill it with adorable colors.

  1. Among Us Hats Coloring Page:

Among Us hats coloring page

It’s not just caps, there are different hats as well. From cowboy hat to Vikings hat, you can find different hats that can be used by the Among Us characters illustrated on this coloring page. Give each of them their proper colors.

  1. Among Us Knife Coloring Page:

Among Us knife coloring page

While the characters might look harmless and even cute, the Among Us game also entails death and murder. And where there’s murder there has got to be murder weapons. Here’s an illustration of one of the weapons you can find – the knives.

  1. Among Us Pets Coloring Page:

Among Us pets coloring page

There are some curious pets in the Among Us world. Some of the Among Us Pets are illustrated on this coloring page. While it is easy to see an octopus here, others might be difficult to know for sure. You can try to identify each of them as you fill in the colors on this page.

  1. Among Us Police Officer:

Among Us Police Officer

Part of the Among Us police task force, here we have an Among Us Police Officer going about his regular duty. It is almost a second nature for police offers to always remain vigilant. It’s the same for this Among Us Police Officer as he tries to figure out if there are any Imposters hiding in plain sight.

  1. Crewmate Wearing A Cap:

Crewmate wearing a cap

You have seen the collection of caps and now you get to witness up-close one of the Among Us Crewmates wearing a cap. Print this coloring page and give the cap your own twist of color combination.

  1. Crewmate Wearing A Crown:

Crewmate wearing a crown

Setting some high standards on this coloring page is the royal Among Us character. The crown that it is wearing lets you know that this Among Us Crewmate belongs to royalty and commands regal importance. Print this coloring page and fill it with majestic shades.

  1. Funny Among Us Coloring Page:

Free Among Us coloring page

Adding humor to the Among Us game is this fun little illustration. Just like your class teacher might have silenced you for talking in the classroom, here too we find an Among Us character shushing two others who were engaging in a loud discussion. Be sure to have fun while coloring this page.

  1. Physician Among Us Crewmate:

Physician Among Us crewmate

Like in any place, there are always bound to be sickness, injuries, diseases, or similar things. This is why there is a need for doctors and physicians to help diagnose and cure ailments. This Among Us Crewmate Physician is working diligently and checking up on all the patients today.

With that goodbye from the Among Us Crewmate we now conclude this exciting printable collection of Among Us coloring pictures to print. While the game was developed in 2018, it’s only recently that Among Us has gathered a wider fan following, thanks to a few famous individuals playing and introducing the game to their fans.

Some More Among Us Coloring Pages

We totally loved the response we got on our collection of Among Us video game coloring pages. Hence, we decided to get a few more of these. And believe us, all these images are unique. Hope you’ll enjoy them.