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10 Free Printable Cuphead Coloring Pages


Hello friends! Today, we’re back with another cool video game coloring pages and this time, it’s Cuphead coloring pages. Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game by StudioMDHR, focusing heavily on boss battles. The entire game is inspired by cartoons, which explains its over the top audio and visual. It’s said that the visuals are created using the …

20 Free Printable Kirby Coloring Pages


Hello, young readers! Today, we’ve got you coloring pictures of one of the most exciting video game series, Kirby. Developed by the HAL Laboratory, Kirby is one of the bestselling and most popular franchises by Nintendo, known for its cute characters, bright setting, and cheerful music. We’ve got a collection of free printable Kirby coloring book, which fans of this …

30 Free Printable Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pages

Plants vs Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a popular gaming series developed by PopCap Games based in America that was first available on computers in 2009, and now can be played on different platforms like the internet, Mac, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, mobile phones, Nintendo DS, iPod Classic, and Touch. The game features two opposing groups – the plants and the zombies. The …

Free Printable Animal Jam Coloring Pages

Animal Jam Coloring Pictures

You guys have no idea how popular, “Animal Jam”, launched by National Geographic Society, in association with WildWorks is? You do? Of course, you would, since it’s you guys who love this exciting game so much and have made it one of the fastest growing online children’s portals in the world. In this game, kids and even teens, learn and …

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