20 Free Gacha Life Coloring Pages Printable

Gacha Life coloring

As young children, playing games is one of the most anticipated things to do during breaks from our school and studies. With new technology bringing in new games, there is an even wider range of games available to play these days, like the ever-popular video games. Today’s collection is dedicated to characters from one such video game – Gacha Life.

Created by Luni, Gacha Life offers its users a chance to create, modify or change characters based on their preference. Following this, they can make mini-movies or play games, earn props or gifts, and interact with other users.

Released in October 2018, Gacha Life lets users exercise their creativity to come up with unique characters having their own special characteristics. Let’s get to know some of the popular characters from the game through this collection of Gacha Life coloring sheets to print.

20 Free Gacha Life Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Bex, Upbeat Character From Gacha Life:

Bax from Gacha Life coloring picture

Starting off this collection is Bex who is from Gacha City D in the game. Full of fun and hyper spirit and always in a good and upbeat mood, Bex was created by TeaCaku. Like many of you, her favorite food to eat is chicken nuggets.

  1. Daisy From Gacha Life:

Daisy from Gacha Life coloring page

Created by PurOrange, Daisy Baka is a wind unit, with a bespectacled appearance and donning a smart hat. If you plan on gifting, then you must remember that her gift category of preference is Tech.

  1. DJ Phantom, From The Dark Unit:

DJ Phantom

Representing the game’s dark unit on this coloring collection is DJ Phantom. He has evolved to become an important character in the game, over his several different appearances, one of which sees him as a corrupt figure.

  1. Emma, A Friendly Girl:


Full of life and friendly nature, this is Emma from Gacha Life who has a heart-shaped shield. The shield, powered by love, is an easy way to identify her. Emma loves flowers and always makes effort to cheer up strangers.

  1. FlashyKlau, A Magical Girl:

FlashyKlau from Gacha Life

Time for some magic! Greeting you with wonder is FlashyKlau, a magical girl. The best gifting idea for her belongs to the Desserts gift category.

  1. FuuKuma, A School Nurse:

Fuukuma from Gacha Life

This next coloring page illustrates one of the school nurses, FuuKuma. It’s easy to tell from her costume. With a happy personality, FuuKuma is a friend and prefers Halloween gifts. She also likes using puns when she speaks.

  1. Fierin, The Cape Character:

Gacha Life coloing page Fierin

Wearing a hooded cape, Fierin is trying to look dark and scary but as you can probably tell from this illustration, he looks quite the opposite. Created by ManamiLin, Fierin is Bex’s good friend.

  1. Ezra, An Aspiring Pianist:

Gacha Life Ezra coloring page

Someone with musical talent is here to showcase his piano skills for you. This is Ezra, an aspiring pianist. He loves the simple joys in life like the calm of riding the subway and the smell of rain.

  1. Gacha Life Pixie:

Gacha Life Pixie

Pixie looks angelic on this coloring page, doesn’t she? A former cheerleader, Pixie, sometimes has a complex about her short height. She loves Cinderella and greatly values kindness.

  1. Kinen From Gacha Life:

Kinenz from Gacha Life coloring sheet

Located in Snowland, Kinen is a magical girl. She thinks of herself as someone who is a dreamer but mostly melancholic in nature.

  1. Lado, Mischievous Character:


You can clearly see from her appearance – her ears and tails – that Lado has been created with feline inspiration. She is also mischievous in nature, just like cats. Located in Hometown A, Lado’s choice of gift category is Toys.

  1. Leafu, The Plant Girl:

Leafu from Gacha Life

If Lado was inspired by a cat, here we have Leafu who is a plant girl. Look at those ears and that tail which are made of leaves. She is located in the West of City A and enjoys the Fall season.

  1. Luni, Gacha Life Guide, And Magical Boy:


While Luni appears as a tutorial guide to all users, if any player achieves the task of reaching the Level 100 Portals, the Magical Luni will greet them.

  1. Rambonyan, Nya-gical Girl:


Located in Train Dimension B, Rambo is a Nya-gical kitty girl having Adorable as her gift category. She was created as the online or social media version of herself by the creator RamboNyanKitty.

  1. Ramunade From Gacha Life Coloring Page:

Ramunade from Gacha Life coloring pictures

Unlike the other characters we have met so far in this collection, Ramunade here is a hidden character in Gacha Life. A personality that tends to be lazy, Ramunade is an artist and can be found in the Slime Forest.

  1. Rockstar-chan, Music Lover:

Rockstar chan

Located in School Classroom 2A, Rockstar-chan loves all kinds of music and is also a part of a band named as Love Stars. Rockstar-chan is an orphan and almost everything she knows about music is thanks to her partner, Hime-sama.

  1. Senpaibuns, A Girl With Sleep Powers:


Senpaibuns is a magical girl and her magic is in her sleep powers. She is located in Hometown B and just like the way she looks cute, even her gift category is Adorable.

  1. Sparky Pats From Gacha Life:


Belonging to the Neutral Hope case, Sparky Pats was created by the user Sparkywor. Located in Back Alley B, Stickers would be the perfect choice if you are thinking of gifting ideas.

  1. Squidi From Gacha Life Coloring Page:

Squidi from Gacha Life coloring pages printable

Staying at Train Station B, Squidi works as a train conductor. You can see him in his working uniform on this coloring page. Choose Toys for his preferred gift category.

  1. Yuni, A Cheerful Bunny Girl:

Yuni Gacha Life coloring images

Standing on one leg in a fun pose on this coloring page is Yuni, a very joyful bunny girl located in Hometown C. Ramunade is her creator and Animals is her preference in the gifting category.

With that bunny girl illustration, we conclude this fun printable collection of Gacha Life coloring pictures. Hope you enjoyed meeting these unique characters and adding colors to their personalities. After Gacha Life, the maker of the game, Luni, is already ready with the yet-to-be-released sequel, Gacha Club.

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