35 Free Turtle Coloring Pages Printable

Turtle coloring

2020 has finally come to an end and we have already stepped into the New Year 2021. To help you welcome the year with fun and joy, today we have a collection of coloring pages inspired by one of the oldest, and cutest, reptiles – turtles.

You can easily identify a turtle by its round or oval-shaped shell which is bony or cartilaginous and protects its body from any harm. The names turtles and tortoises are often used interchangeably but turtles are generally reserved for the freshwater and sea-dwelling varieties, while tortoises are referred to as the terrestrial or land-dwelling species.

Belonging to the order Chelonia, turtles are cold-blooded animals and are divided into two groups on the basis of how they are able to retract their necks back into their shells. If the head retracts straight back then it’s part of suborder Cryptodira, while those exhibiting lateral retractions are members of suborder Pluerodira.

Let’s get to know more about this slow-moving animal through this collection of turtle coloring sheets to print.

35 Free Turtle Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Angry Turtle, Sitting And Sulking:

Angry turtle coloring page

Looks like we are starting on quite an unpleasant note as we have an angry turtle on this coloring page. This baby turtle is sitting, feeling bad and sulking. Print this coloring page and try to cheer him up with your bright and happy colors.

  1. Archelon, Extinct Sea Turtle:

Archelon extinct sea turtle

Well, this turtle seems very much alive as it swims in the water on this coloring page. But this particular turtle is known as Archelon, an extinct sea turtle which is the largest documented turtle measuring 15 feet. Do full justice to this amazing illustration with your coloring skills

  1. Calm Turtle Swimming:

Calm turtle coloring page

While tortoises have strong yet short feet, the amphibious turtles have webbed feet enabling them to expertly move on land and maneuver in the water. On the other hand, sea turtles have flippers to help them move underwater. Just like this expert swimmer on this coloring page.

  1. Cartoon Turtle On Two Legs:

Cartoon Turtle coloring pages

Impossible in real life but when it comes to cartoons everything is possible. That is why you are greeted with a turtle standing on its two hind legs on this coloring page. Give this witty illustration of a standing turtle some fun color combination.

  1. Cute Female Turtle With A Basket Full Of Flowers:

Cute female turtle coloring page

There’s something about flowers that instantly makes us smile and brings us joy. Having tended to her flower garden in the morning, this cute female turtle is admiring the freshly cut flowers she gathered in her basket.

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  1. Tiny Turtle, Looking Adorable:

Cute turtle coloring page

There are some turtle species where the temperature of the incubation determines if an egg will hatch into a male or a female. If the temperature is in a higher range, a female is hatched, while a lower temperature leads to males. Look at this adorable and cute female baby turtle.

  1. Turtle Doing Gymnastics:

Cute turtle coloring pages

If the turtle standing on two legs was interesting, this illustration is full-on epic! Look at this athletic turtle doing incredible gymnastics. Standing on just one front limb, this turtle is doing some serious work lifting up the rest of the body in the air.

  1. Dog Playing With A Turtle:

Dog plaing with a turtle

The epidermis or the outer skin on the shell layer which has scaly ridges is called scutes. With the outer shell and the scutes, the turtle gets protection from any dangerous predators as well as curious creatures like this playful dog.

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  1. Eastern Box Turtle Coloring Page:

Eastern Box Turtle coloring page

Here we have another real turtle illustration on this coloring image. Unlike the extinct Archelon coloring page, this Eastern Box turtle is very much living and a slow-moving crawler having a long life. Fill the turtle with brown or black colors having patches or spots of yellow or orange colors.

  1. Elmo Looking At Turtles:

Elmo looking at turtles

Who do we have here? It’s the famous Elmo, from the popular Sesame Street show. A furry red monster, Elmo is a part of the segment titled “Elmo’s World” on the show. Here he is having a fun time watching turtles floating in the water.

  1. Adult Turtle Laying Flat:

Free printable turtle coloring pages

Turtles have different shells on the upper and lower side of their body. The hardened upper shell is known as carapace, while the lower shell is termed as plastron. They are fused together to form the bridges of bony structures on the sides.

  1. Leatherback Turtle Coloring Page:

Leatherback turtle coloring page

With a size reaching up to 6.6 feet, the Leatherback Sea turtle as illustrated here is the largest living turtle. Not just that, it is also one of the heaviest reptiles, weighing over 900 kg. As the name suggests, the Leatherback does not have a hard shell and instead is covered by skin and oily flesh.

  1. Loggerhead Turtle Coloring Page:

Loggerhead Turtle coloring page

Living anywhere between 47 – 67 years, the Loggerhead Sea turtle is an oceanic turtle found around the world. They spend the majority of their long lives in water. Fill this Loggerhead turtle with colors ranging from yellow to brown for the skin and reddish-brown for the shell.

  1. Old And Experienced Turtle:

Old and experienced turtle

Older than snakes or crocodiles, turtles have their earliest known members that lived during the Middle Jurassic era and are among the longest living animals. Greeting you with a warm smile is an old and experienced turtle on this coloring page.

  1. Old Turtle And His Walking Cane:

Old turtle coloring page

Turtles undergo molting or shedding of skin, but the process is continuous and small pieces get shed at a time. The dead skin forms part of body protection over the years. While still old, this turtle is managing fine albeit with a little help from his walking cane.

  1. Little Boy With His Tiny Pet Turtle:

Precious Moment turtle coloring picture

Did you know that turtles are also kept as pets? Yes, there are several smaller species of turtles that are popular as pets. Out in the garden on a bright and sunny day, this little boy is enjoying spending quality time with his little pet turtle.

  1. Lightning And Thunder Scares Little Turtle:


Scared turtle coloring pageAstraphobia or fear of lightning and thunder affects some humans as well as animals. You must have seen or heard about pet dogs hiding or running scared during storms. This little turtle is hiding inside its shell as the thunder and lightning strikes on this coloring page.

  1. Scuba Diver With A Turtle:

Scuba Diver with a turtle

Sea turtles end up absorbing lots of salt because of the seawater they consume in their habitat. To rid of the excess salt, they have special glands around their eyes which release salty tears. This illustration shows a scuba diver documenting the life of a sea turtle in its habitat.

  1. Swimming Turtle Coloring Page:

Swimming turtle coloring page

Turtles need to breathe air. Therefore, the aquatic species need to come up to the surface to fill their lungs with fresh air. The range of time turtles can stay immersed can be anywhere between one minute to one hour. Before running out of breath, this turtle is swimming up to the surface.

  1. T For Turtle:

T for Turtle

Its time now for the alphabet lesson in today’s printable collection. Any guesses which letter we are going to learn about? Of course, it is T and T is for Turtle. Giving company to the letter T on this coloring page is a cool illustration of a turtle for you to color.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coloring Page:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coloring page

One of the most famous avatars of turtles in comics, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are posing for you on this coloring page. Each of them holding their specific weapons for fighting the enemy.

  1. Tigger Petting A Turtle:

Tigger petting a turtle

Tigger is a part of the fictional world created by author A. A. Milne through his books about Winne-the-Pooh, a teddy bear. It is inspired by a soft toy based on the animal tiger. On this coloring page, Tigger is immersed in actively and adorably petting a turtle.

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  1. Tortoise And Rabbit Race Story:

Tortoise and rabbit race story coloring page

Showing you the example of how being slow and steady can lead to winning the race is this consistent tortoise. While the hare, overconfident of his lead, stopped to rest, with his steady pacing the tortoise takes the lead and finally wins the race.

  1. Turtle Becomes A Candlestand:

Turtle carrying a candle on its back

A fun illustration demonstrating how strong and durable the outer shell of a turtle can be. The turtle, with its cool goggles, is effortlessly carrying a burning candle on its back. Print this coloring page and fill it with stylish and bright colors.

  1. Turtle Carrying A Flower:

Turtle carrying a flower

Unlike the adventurous and risky move earlier, this turtle is all about the pleasant things in life. Finding a pretty flower blooming in the garden, she has decided to bring it home to decorate her room, expertly carrying it in her beak.

  1. Turtle Brings You A Gift Box:

Turtle carrying a gift box

The festive season is still ongoing and in keeping with the holiday spirit, this generous turtle has brought a gift box for you. You can thank him for this gift and reward him by filling this illustration with your coloring skills.

  1. Turtle Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Turtle coloring pages for preschoolers

Time now for those among you who are still a little less confident with their coloring skills. This simple turtle illustration has clear and easy lines, making it a perfect coloring page for someone who is new to coloring like preschoolers.

  1. Turtle Floats On A Floater:

Turtle coloring pages printable

Turtles live in or around water, but they are amniotes, which means their respiration involves breathing air and they do not lay their eggs underwater. Out of the water for a breather, this turtle luckily finds a floater to rest and soak up the sun, floating effortlessly.

  1. Turtle Covered In Snow:

Turtle covered with snow

Winter in several places around the world comes with a snowy surprise. It seems this turtle has found itself in a country where it snows quite heavily. No wonder it is covered all over in the snow.

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  1. Turtle Going To School:

Turtle going to school

This clever illustration uses the shell of the turtle as a school bag for this excited turtle going to school. There are even proper straps attached to it. Looking neat and smart, he has worn his neat cap with a flower.

  1. Turtle Laying Eggs:

Turtle laying eggs

Turtles are reptiles, so their eggs, like other reptiles, are soft and leathery. Turtle species that are larger in size lay spherical eggs while eggs of all the other species are elongated in shape. Turtles dig holes in mud or sand on the beach to lay their eggs. After which the holes are covered up so that the incubation process can begin.

  1. Turtle Listening To Music:

Turtle listening to music

Drowning all the noises underwater, this turtle swims melodically as she leisurely listens to songs using her headphones. Do you also get lost listening to music in your room? Be sure to fill in all the musical excitement on this coloring page.

  1. Turtle Sliding Down A Slope:

Turtle playing coloring page

Making best use of the snowfall and the snow-filled mountains, this turtle is expertly using his outer shell as a sledge to slide down the snowy slopes. He is still in his festive spirit, as you can tell from the holiday hat on this head.

  1. Turtle Running, Heavily Sweating:

Turtle running coloring page

The news of the fun snow slides has reached other turtles as well. Look at this turtle running fast, sweating profusely in order to get ahead and enjoy his time sliding down the fun snowy slopes.

  1. Turtle Stretching:

Turtle stretching

This turtle is taking no chance and stretching himself before running for the slopes. Having short limbs, it is hard to tell that he is stretching, but he truly is doing it.

And with that stretching turtle, we have stretched ourselves to the end of this fun turtle printable collection of coloring sheets. After all, that running and playing around the turtles must be tired and hungry. Are you wondering what a turtle eats? A variety of things, actually. From a range of aquatic plants to worms and snails, as well as small fishes. The food depends mostly on the environment they inhabit. Sea turtles eat food like sponges and jellyfishes.

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