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35 Free Turtle Coloring Pages Printable

Turtle coloring

2020 has finally come to an end and we have already stepped into the New Year 2021. To help you welcome the year with fun and joy, today we have a collection of coloring pages inspired by one of the oldest, and cutest, reptiles – turtles. You can easily identify a turtle by its round or oval-shaped shell which is …

35 Free Bear Coloring Pages Printable

Bear coloring page

Winter is knocking on our doors as November begins. As the chill in the air gets too cold, we end up spending more time indoors. When it comes to animals, there are a few animals who take the winter rest to another level. Today’s topic of coloring sheets is inspired by an animal known for its long hibernation – bears. …

35 Free Monkey Coloring Pages Printable


Like dogs and cats, monkeys are one of those animals that most of us have witnessed at least once in our lives. Arguably, the first time a child is introduced to monkeys must be during their pre-school days learning the English alphabet. Like for example, if ‘A’ is for Apple, then ‘M’ is for Monkey. Most of us were too …

36 Free Cute Animals Coloring Pages Printable

Cute animals

Did you have a good day? Full of laughter and smiles? If joyful laughs were a little too few, then we have the perfect remedy for you. Today’s collection will keep you smiling with joy, laughing with fun and coloring with happiness all the way through. Because today we’ve got you a collection of free printable cute animals coloring pages. …

35 Free Lion Coloring Pages Printable


All hail the king and the king’s family! We are taking a tour of the jungle in today’s collection of coloring pages. Yes, we are indeed talking about lions and we’ve got you the freshest collection of free printable lion coloring pages. Lions belong to the cat family and are known as the king of the jungle because they are …

35 Free Frog Coloring Pages Printable


Do you know which make loud and croaky noises during the rainy season? If yes, then you know the topic of today’s collection of coloring pages. You guessed it right as today we’ve got you a collection of free printable frog coloring pages. Frog is an amphibian, vertebrate animals having four limbs – tetrapod, ectothermic – depending on the environment …

35 Free Fish Coloring Pages Printable


There’s something fishy about the topic of today’s collection of coloring pages. And we mean that in the literal sense because we are bringing you a collection of free printable fish coloring pages. Fish come as varied in shapes and sizes as any living being, if not more. To generally identify a fish, they will have to be, of course, …

30 Free Bunny Coloring Pages Printable

Bunny coloring pages

There are only a few animals that can rival the cuteness and adorability factor of pandas. One of them is certainly the bunny – looking so fluffy and cuddly, everyone wants to hold them and pamper them. Today, you will get a chance to see them doing adorable things through our collection of free printable bunny coloring pages. Bunnies refer …

25 Free Wolf Coloring Pages Printable


Hi kids! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the onset of the fall season. The forests are full of different shades of colors this time of the year. Autumn is also a season when wolf pubs get mature enough to roam with the adults in their habitats. Today’s topic for our coloring page is about this wild animal – …

32 Free Elephant Coloring Pages Printable


Hello kids! After the collection about the tallest living animal on land, giraffe, today we have coloring pages inspired by the largest living land animal. You guessed it right, we’ve got you a collection of free printable elephant coloring pages. Elephants are mammals that belong to the family Elephantidae. There are three living recognized species that include Asian/Asiatic elephant, the …

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