32 Free Elephant Coloring Pages Printable


Hello kids! After the collection about the tallest living animal on land, giraffe, today we have coloring pages inspired by the largest living land animal. You guessed it right, we’ve got you a collection of free printable elephant coloring pages.

Elephants are mammals that belong to the family Elephantidae. There are three living recognized species that include Asian/Asiatic elephant, the African bush elephant, and the African forest elephant. Among them, African bush elephants are the largest –standing about 11 feet tall at the shoulder, while the African forest elephants are the smallest – reaching near about 8 feet tall.

Apart from being the largest land animal, elephants are also one of the most widely known animals, recognized and largely depicted in popular culture. You must have seen them in various wildlife videos, in zoos or on safaris. They have been part of films about ancient civilizations and emotional stories like Disney’s Dumbo, about which we had done a coloring page collection earlier this year. Let’s get ready now and explore the world of this giant creature through this collection of elephant coloring sheets to print.

32 Free Elephant Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Asiatic Elephant Or Asian Elephant:

Asiatic Elephant Coloring Pages
Asiatic Elephant Coloring Page

Inhabiting the regions of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, the Asian elephants or Asiatic elephants are grey in color, with depigmentation causing the lighter color on the ears, head, and trunk. Get your colors ready to fill this large animal with accurate colors.

  1. Elephant Baby Greets You Cutely:

Baby Elephant Coloring Pages
Baby Elephant Coloring Page

Greeting you with those cute eyes is this baby elephant. Elephant mothers generally give birth to their young ones after a gestation period of around two years. Being so young, this calf – baby elephants are called calves – have reddish to brownish hair.

  1. Mother And Baby Elephant:

Baby Elephant With Mommy Elephant
Baby Elephant With Mommy Elephant

Grooming and teaching the young calf to look after itself, this mother is taking proper care of her baby. It will take a year for the calf to fully develop its abilities to drink and feed as well as groom itself. The young elephants are the apple of the eye of an elephant’s family group.

  1. Can You Understand This Cartoon Elephant?

Cartoon Elephant Coloring Page
Cartoon Elephant 

Twisting and turning its trunk, this cartoon elephant seems to be trying to communicate something. While you try to guess what it is saying, let’s inform you about the elephant trunks or proboscis which is one of the most important appendages for the animal. A fusion of the nose and the upper lip, the trunks have no bones and very little fat, comprising mostly of around 150,000 separate muscle fascicles.

  1. A Circus Elephant Giving A Performance:

Circus Elephant Coloring Page
Circus Elephant

Elephants have been used by humans in several forms through ancient times up to this day and age. Aside from being used for tourism purposes, elephants have long been used in circuses for people’s entertainment. As you can see, this elephant is doing one of the tricks taught to perform for the public who have come to the circus.

  1. Colonel Hathi From Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”:

Colonel Hathi From Jungle Book
Colonel Hathi From Jungle Book

A fictional character based on an elephant, Colonel Hathi was invented by Rudyard Kipling for his famous two-part books, “The Jungle Book” and “The Second Jungle Book”. Colonel Hathi, part of the Mowgli stories in the collection, is a bull elephant that lives in the same jungle as the lead character Mowgli. Hathi translates to “elephant” in the Hindi language.

  1. Baby Elephant Girl, The Prettiest In The World:

Cute Baby Girl Elephant
Cute Baby Girl Elephant

A string of pearls crowned on her head that is styled with a beautiful flowery bow, this baby elephant is looking gorgeously cute. Doesn’t she look like the prettiest elephant girl in the world? Add colors to her sparkling beauty.

  1. Dumbo – The Elephant With The Giant Ears:

Dumbo Elephant Coloring Page

Another character and story inspired by an elephant, Dumbo was first written as a book by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl. It was made into an animated film by Disney in 1941, which was remade into a live-action film in 2019. The story revolves around an elephant born with giant ears which he later learns to give him the power to fly. You can get to know more about the story by checking out the Dumbo coloring pages.

  1. E For Elephant Coloring Page:

E For Elephant Coloring Page
E For Elephant 

From D for Dumbo we are now moving ahead to the letter E and in this collection, E stands for elephant. Get creative with your coloring skills as you fill this illustration of an elephant doing a difficult trick of standing with all four legs on a ball.

  1. An Elephant And A Dog, Going On A Little Jog:

Elephant And Dog Coloring Page
Elephant And Dog Coloring Page

After waking up early in the morning, both the elephant and the dog have agreed to go out for a little jog. Something curious seems to have caught their eyes along the way. You can imagine what it must have been, while you print and color this page.

  1. Elephant Coloring By Number Activity Sheet:

Elephant Coloring By Number Activity Sheet
Elephant Coloring By Number Activity Sheet

Here’s a fun activity for you to help put some colors on this coloring page. A particular color is assigned to a particular number. Print the coloring page and color by number to get the colorful finished result.

  1. Intricately Designed Elephant For Adults’ Expert Hands:

Elephant Coloring Pages For Adults
Elephant Coloring Page For Adults

Featuring an intricately designed elephant, this illustration has minute details drawn on each part of its body. An adult’s expert hand should be able to diligently fill in all the kaleidoscopic colors to this artistic and creative elephant illustration.

  1. Elephant In A Onesie, Looking Adorable And Cutesy:

Elephant Coloring Pages Printable
Elephant Coloring Page Printable

This elephant needs no help to look cute and adorable. Wearing this onesie and a fun expression on its face, you cannot help but smile just looking at the illustration. Print and fill this fun illustration with bright and happy colors.

  1. Studying The Elephant’s Skeleton:

Elephant Coloring Pages
Realistic Elephant Coloring Page

Since elephants are the largest animals you can simply imagine the number of bones they will have in their bodies. There are about 326 to 351 bones that make up the skeleton of an elephant. You can get a closer look at the sturdy leg bones and the skull along with the tusk in the lower half of this illustration.

  1. Cold Elephant Comes Out To Enjoy The Sun:

Elephant Coloring Pictures To Print
Elephant Coloring Picture To Print

Roaming freely in the wild, this elephant has come to the open area to warm up a little. Being mammals, elephants are able to raise or lower their body temperature according to extreme environmental conditions. Feeling chilly inside the forest, it has come out to enjoy the sun for a while.

  1. Young Elephant Calf Playing:

Elephant Coloring Pictures
Elephant Coloring Picture

Young elephant calves are born completely prepared to be able to stand on their own few moments after birth. Young calves enjoy undivided attention from all the herd members and not just their mothers. This gives them a sense of wild freedom which lets them run and play with other calves without worries.

  1. Adult Elephant Chases The Tiger Away:

Elephant Colouring Pages
Elephant Colouring Pages

Due to its huge size, elephants do not have many predators. It is mostly the young calves who are often preyed upon by predators like tigers. That is why when there are predators around all adults circle the calves in their herds to protect them. Here you can see an adult elephant chasing away a tiger who got too close to the herd.

  1. Elephant Connect The Dots Activity Sheet:

Elephant Connect The Dots Activity Sheet
Elephant Connect The Dots Activity Sheet

After the color by number elephant illustration, we have another fun activity related to elephants. This one will test your skills to connect the dots given in the illustration properly. Once you are done, you will find an elephant standing amidst flowers with the sun and the clouds in the background.

  1. Elephant Lady Enjoying Pineapple, Sitting Pretty:

Elephant Enjoying Pineapple
Elephant Enjoying Pineapple

An interesting illustration depicting the cute and adorable side of elephants. This coloring page showcases an elephant lady dressed stylishly in a skirt with a bow in her head, sitting pretty while enjoying some pineapple.

  1. Elephant Head With Big Ear Flaps:

Elephant Head Coloring Page
Elephant Head Coloring Page

Elephant ears are as big as they are to help the animals keep their body temperature down. They release heat through the numerous capillaries carrying warm blood present in the ear flaps. That’s why African bush elephants have the largest ears as they inhabit the hot region.

  1. Elephant Mandala Coloring Page:

Elephant Mandala Coloring Page
Elephant Mandala 

This is another artistic take on elephants, an elephant mandala. Throughout ancient history, elephants have inspired several design motifs in different cultures around the world.

  1. Elephant Playing With Water And Mud:

Elephant Playing With Water
Elephant Playing With Water

Although an elephant’s skin is very tough, they are very sensitive. That is the very reason why you find elephants rolling in mud and dust. Here is an elephant playing with water, spraying mud over its body. This protective layer safeguards from serious sunburn.

  1. Elephant Birthday Cake Card:

Elephant With A Cake
Elephant With A Cake

An elephant with a birthday cake sounds like an interesting image. Now you can turn it into a birthday card for your family and friends. But first, print and color this page.

  1. Fred Fredburger, The Friendly Green Elephant Monster:

Fred Fredburger
Fred Fredburger

A friendly monster from the Cartoon Network’s “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”, Fred Fredburger is green in color and enjoys eating nachos and frozen yogurt.

  1. Elephant Standing Tall, Giant Limbs Support Them All:

Free Printable Elephant Coloring Pages
Free Printable Elephant Coloring Pages

To fully support the largest animal, their legs have to be pretty sturdy. Placed more vertically compared to other animals, about 60% of an elephant’s weight is borne by the front limbs with the remaining supported by the hind limbs.

  1. Elephant Takes A Dump, Covers A Man In Its Dung:

Funny Elephant Coloring Page
Funny Elephant Coloring Page

Not realizing a staff member was working behind, this elephant took a dump. Now, it is getting scolded for covering the man in its dung. Try not to laugh while coloring this funny illustration.

  1. Feeling Grumpy, This Elephant Goes Home Early:

Grumpy Elephant Coloring Page
Grumpy Elephant 

It seems this has been a bad day for this elephant, who is getting back home earlier than usual, as it is feeling too grumpy. Comfort him with your warm colors.

  1. Happy Elephant With Dancing Trunk:

Happy Elephant
Happy Elephant

The trunk of an elephant can do several things, ranging from breathing to touching, grasping and more. Showing you its dancing skills, this happy elephant is twisting and turning its trunk with joy.

  1. The Indian Elephant – An Endangered Subspecies:

Indian Elephant Coloring Pages
Indian Elephant Coloring Page

Poaching and habitat loss threat have led to the International Union for Conservation of Nature to list the Indian elephant as Endangered since 1986. Inhabiting the mainland Asia, its native land, the Indian elephant is a recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant.

  1. Lumpy From “Winnie The Pooh”:

Lumpy From Winnie The Pooh
Lumpy From Winnie The Pooh

Lumpy is part of the creatures called Heffalump, which resemble elephants in A. A. Milne’s book “Winne The Pooh”. Lumpy is lavender in color with purple hair on its head and has a stuffed alligator named Alvin.

  1. All About Elephant Tusks:

Realistic Elephant Coloring Page
Realistic Elephant 

The presence and length of tusks in elephants are dependent on the species as well as gender. Both male and female African elephants have tusks which are of similar length, with males growing thicker. Tusks in Asian elephants are present in male elephants with the female having either small tusks or none.

  1. Thirsty Elephant Drinking Water:

Thirsty Elephant Coloring Page
Thirsty Elephant 

Making use of its versatile appendage, this thirsty elephant is drinking up the water by using its trunk, which can hold up to 8.5 liters of water in an adult Asian elephant.

That brings us to the end of this collection of elephant coloring pages printable. Hope you got a deeper insight into the world of the largest living land animals. Being the largest, however, has not made them invincible. In fact, elephants are among the animals that are at risk of becoming extinct. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed African elephants as Vulnerable and Asian elephants as Endangered. The poaching of the elephants for their ivory and meat as well as habitat destruction are the main threats to the survival of these giant mammals. You can play a part in safeguarding and protecting the elephants by learning and spreading information about their conservation. To start with, you can introduce this fun and informative collection of elephant coloring pages in your school and among your friends with the help of your teachers and other adults like your parents.