36 Free Duck Coloring Pages Printable

Duck coloring

We are in the thick of the winter season. In many places experiencing the winter snowfall, layers of snow can be seen covering the roads, trees, and houses. In the countryside, the entire farms will be blanketed in snow covers. Speaking of farms, today’s topic of coloring pages is inspired by one of the farm birds. Hint: it’s not a chicken. Yes, you got it right, it is in fact, duck.

If you are wondering why Ducks are called as such, it is because of the way they “duck” or dive to feed in the water. Belonging to the waterfowl family, Ducks are mostly aquatic birds found in habitats near a water source like ponds. It is easy to mix them up with swans and geese who belong to the same family Anatidae. But ducks are usually smaller in size.

From Dabbling ducks to Diving ducks, Seaducks to Perching ducks, there are several different types of ducks comprising different species that are spread all around the world. Let’s get started and discover fun as well as informative details about these birds through this collection of duck coloring sheets to print.

36 Free Duck Coloring Pages Printable

  1. A Big Fat Duck:

A big fat duck

Farming of ducks is done not just for their meat and eggs, but also for their feathers, especially the soft down feathers. Starting this printable collection is a big fat illustration of a big fat duck.

  1. Angry Duck In Attack Mode:

Angry Duck

Something seems to have spooked this duck on this coloring page. It has sprung up from the ground and is now quacking at the intruder. Print this coloring page and try to calm down this duck with your soothing colors.

  1. Cartoon Duck Coloring Page:

Cartoon Duck coloring page

After the angry duck, we now move on to a lighter and fun cartoon duck illustration. But even this cartoon duck doesn’t look so happy, does it? The body language – the hands on the hips, the open bill – seems like this duck is wording a list of complaints. Try to assuage this duck with some comforting colors.

  1. Dancing Cartoon Duck:

Cartoon duck coloring pages

All that coaxing and comforting has finally worked. Look at the cartoon duck now, glammed up in stylish clothing and beginning a fun dance routine. Keep up with the rhythm of this dancing duck with your exciting coloring skills.

  1. Cute Little Duck:

Cute duck coloring pages

The dancing bug from the earlier coloring page has caught on to this page as well. This cute little duck is all gung-ho, stretching out his wings and kicking up his leg, as he moves his body in a celebratory dance. Fill in exciting colors to match with the joy of this adorable duck on this coloring page.

  1. Dressed Up Duck:

Dressed up duck

Looking so prim and proper, this duck has spent some precious time dressing up for you on this coloring page. From the tilted hat to the pearly necklace, the style quotient of this duck is excellent, to say the least.

  1. Duck Coloring Page For Kids:

Duck coloring page for kids

Easy lines and shapes have been used to draw up this illustration of a duck. This should be easier to color for kids who are just getting into the art of coloring. If you are new and feeling less confident in your skills, you can easily fill in the colors in this illustration.

  1. Duck Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Duck coloring page for preschoolers

Ducks have an elongated and broad body shape with a slightly longer neck. They also have broad bills containing pecten or comb-like structures along the edge. Giving you a simple and easy outlined illustration of a duck, this coloring page is perfect for preschoolers to color.

  1. Duck Busy Eating And Enjoying Her Food:


Duck eating 1When it comes to the feeding habits of ducks, they like to eat grasses, insects, worms, and being aquatic, they also eat small mollusks and small amphibians as well as aquatic plants. Completely preoccupied with her food, this duck is enjoying her mealtime on the farm.

  1. Duck Relishing Summer Swimming:

Duck enjoying summer

Dabbling ducks, called as such because of their feeding on the surface instead of diving fully underwater, are the only living members of the subfamily, Anatinae. Having just fed itself, this duck is enjoying the warmth of the sun as it swims in summer waters.

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  1. Baby Duck Hatching From An Egg:

Duck hatching from an egg

Once the ducks are hatched and the young ducklings or babies are out of their shells, the mother duck takes them to water. This baby duck almost missed going along with its mother and other siblings as it hatched last. Look at it hurriedly climbing out of its shells.

  1. Duck In A Pond:

Duck in a pond

When ducks are in the water, they upend in order to feed. Upending is when the ducks dip only their upper body beneath the water surface without fully submerging. Enjoying a quiet swim in the pond, this duck will immediately upend as soon as it sees something to eat.

  1. Duck Sitting On The Nest:

Duck sitting on the nest

If you see ducks making a nest, that means they are preparing for breeding. After having laid her eggs, this mother duck is sitting on them in her comfortable nest she builds beforehand. Make sure to not disturb the duck while you print this coloring page and fill it with colors.

  1. Duck Sniffing Flower:

Duck sniffing flower

Illustrating the summer season, this coloring page shows a duck carrying an umbrella to shield from the sun as it goes on an afternoon stroll. Unable to resists, she rests for a moment to admire and smell the blooming flowers in the neighborhood garden.

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  1. Duck Swimming, Time For Fishing:

Duck swimming

Those ducks that actually dive in beneath the water surface to feed are aptly called as the Diving ducks. Also referred by other names like pochards or scaups. This one here must have found a target up ahead in the water, which is why she is swimming quickly to get to her prey.

  1. Duck Waiting For The Prey:

Duck waiting for their prey

On the other hand, waiting patiently for their prey, these ducks are yet to catch some food today. While one of the ducks decides to sit down and rest for some time, the other remains pretty vigilant, not wanting to miss any prey passing by.

  1. Duck With An Umbrella In The Rain:

Duck with an umbrella

The afternoon sunny stroll for the duck who stopped to sniff the flowers has turned gloomy as it suddenly started to rain. Thankfully, the umbrella she carried to shield from the sun is also proving useful to shelter from the rain.

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  1. Duckling Coloring Page:

Duckling coloring page

A baby duck is also referred to as a duckling and exhibits soft, feathery, or downy plumage. You can see how the artist has used serrated effects on the outlines of this duckling illustration to showcase the down feathers. Fill in soft and lighter colors on this tiny duckling.

  1. Duckling Holding An Egg:

Duckling holding an egg

Here’s a fun illustration of a duckling holding an egg. It shows how tiny baby ducks are when seen next to an egg.

  1. Migrating Ducks Resting In Mississippi:

Ducks coloring pages

Some of the duck species are also migratory. Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge on the Mississippi river give these ducks a place to rest when they fly north for the summer or south for the winter.

  1. Ducks Swimming, Dabbling For Food:

Ducks coloring sheets

Many species of duck belonging to the Seaducks type, feature specialized salt glands, giving them the ability to tolerate the salty seawater. Print this beautiful scene of ducks floating around on seawater.

  1. Pair Of Ducks In Pond:

Ducks in pond

When it comes to pairing, Ducks in general only have one partner at a time but it normally lasts around a year. Some duck species can also have bonds lasting several years. This duck pair is still going strong, relaxing during their time in the pond.

  1. Easy Artistic Duck Drawing:

Easy duck drawing

For the beginners of coloring who are also into artistic and creative expression, this easy yet artistic illustration of a duck is an ideal coloring page for you.

  1. Female Duck Coloring Page:

Female duck coloring page

While both males and females are known as ducks in general, a male duck is referred to as a drake while for females it can simply be a duck or a hen. Print this coloring page and fill in fun colors on this duck or hen wearing a fun winter hat.

  1. Flying Duck:

Flying Duck

Have you ever seen a duck fly? You can see a duck’s flight illustrated on this coloring page. Ducks need continuous, fast strokes of the wings to fly, which is why they have strong wing muscles and wings having short and pointed shapes in general.

  1. Duck Standing:

Free printable duck coloring pages

Ducks have well-developed, scaled, and strong legs. If you look at this illustration you can clearly see how far behind the legs are placed on a duck’s body. In those duck species with more aquatic lifestyle, the legs are even further behind.

  1. Mallard Duck Flying:

Mallard Duck coloring page

Mallard ducks are dabbling ducks living in wetlands. They eat aquatic plants and small animals as they “duck” in the water to find their food. This illustration shows a Mallard duck flying and ready to make a landing.

  1. Male Mallard Duck:

Mallard Duck coloring sheet

Here we have the Mallard drake or male duck with its distinctive color pattern, especially the shiny green head and neck. Other parts like the wings and belly are grey in color. Mallard hens, on the other hand, feature speckled brown feathers.

  1. Mamma Duck Swimming With Her Duckling:

Mama duck swimming with baby duck

Just like this Mother duck on this coloring page, Mother ducks are extremely caring and protective of their young babies.

  1. Ducklings Follow Their Mother In Water:

Mama duck with ducklings

Breeding in ducks happens only once a year for most of the species. And most choose the spring or summer or wet seasons as these provide the most favorable conditions. After hatching her eggs, this mother duck is taking her ducklings for a swim.

  1. Colorful Male Mandarin Duck:

Mandarin Duck coloring page

Belonging to the East Palearctic region, on this coloring page we have a Mandarin duck illustration. A Mandarin drake or male duck to be precise. It has vibrant colors – red bill, purple chest, reddish face, and whisker-like hairs along with a white crescent.

  1. Mandarin Ducks Swimming Together:

Mandarin Ducks coloring page

Mandarin ducks are part of the Dabbling ducks having medium-sized bodies. Here you have three Mandarin ducks swimming and dabbling in the water. They feed on plants and seeds.

  1. Realistic Duck Coloring Page:

Realistic duck coloring pages

Just as we mentioned above, most of the duck species which are fish-eating, have long bills with pecten or comb-like structure as shown in this close-up illustration of a duck. They use these to filter their meal by straining the water while trapping the food.

  1. Rubber Duck, The Pirate Version:

Rubber duck coloring page

If you have a bathtub at home then you might have seen this rubber duck, a yellow toy that floats in the water. The fun toy with smooth texture makes squeaky sounds, turning bath-time into an exciting experience. This illustration shows a pirate version with a bag of gold on its back.

  1. Wild Duck Coloring Page:

Wild duck coloring pages

Ducks have predators in the form of other larger birds as well as humans. Relishing the freedom of being wild and free, this group of wild ducks is having a great time on this coloring page.

  1. Wood Ducks Coloring Page:

Wood Ducks coloring page

Adorning this coloring page is the illustration of Wood ducks in varied action. Be it flying or perched on the branches or resting in their wood nests. The males have multicolored feathers and red eyes while the females have white eye-ring and a whitish throat.

With that detailed wood duck illustration, we have come to the end of this exciting printable collection of duck coloring pictures. Hope you enjoyed coloring these fun, informative, and artistic duck illustrations. By the way, can you guess what sound a duck makes? Yes, ducks usually go Quack! Quack! But that’s not the only sound ducks can make. Ducks have a varied range of calls that sound like whistles, yodels, or grunts. Depending on what they want to communicate, calls can be loud or quiet.

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