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25 Free Printable Mummy Coloring Pages (Halloween Mummy Coloring Pages Included)

Mummy Clipart

Today we’ve got our readers the coloring pictures of the most exciting historic creations- Mummy coloring pages printable. The ancient citizens of the Egyptian Civilization are famously known for creating mummies by preserving the dead bodies of people and removing all their internal organs. But in the modern world, mummies are seen either as a horror artifact or an exciting …

30 Free Printable Witch Coloring Pages (Halloween Witch Coloring Pages Included)

Witch clipart

Hey friends! Hope you are having fun with our series of Halloween coloring pages. Keeping up with it, today we’ve got your free printable witch coloring pages. Halloween sure does have a lot of things! Vampires, ghosts and now witches! It sure does take a toll on the mind to decide what do dress up like this year? Witches are …

20 Free Printable October Coloring Pages


Hello friends! Today we’ve got you free printable October coloring pages. October is one of the most interesting months of the year. I personally love it due to the October heat, it really helps you get some warmth before the chilly winter season following in the next months. October is also home to a lot of celebrations, including the National …

30 Free Printable Vampire Coloring Pages

Vampire clipart

Hola friends! I believe you must all be busy in the preparation for Halloween. Getting your costumes ready, searching for pumpkin designs, creating evil creatures of paper and mastering the ‘tricks of deception’. Well, we have some ideas for you today, with a bit of history and folklore. Vampires! They are back with these free printable vampire coloring pages. A …

30 Free Printable Disney Halloween Coloring Pages

Disney Halloween

Hey guys! Hope everyone is well. After all, it is time to be in a festive mood right now! Halloween is just around the corner. October 31st is almost here. Excited? I am. So we’ve got you a collection of free printable Disney Halloween coloring pages. It is customary and almost common to see ghosts, apparitions, witches, and otherworldly beings …

20 Free Printable Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

Growth Mindset

In today’s world, what matters most is the growth mindset. In this flood of people with talent (and those without talent), the ones who are highlighted are those who have a strong and grown mindset. Growth mindset helps you in making quicker and better decisions, and to you prove yourself better than others! This may sound heavy at first, but …

20 Free Printable Rosh Hashanah Coloring Pages

Rosh Hashanah Clipart

Hey pals! Ready for an early New Year celebration this year?  After all, Rosh Hashanah is here! Rosh Hashanah is the New Year day according to the Jewish calendar. It comes three months earlier than the regular New Year, that is in September. And not only is there an opportunity for an early celebration, but the celebration lasts for two …

20 Free Printable Columbus Day Coloring Pages

Happy Columbus Day. America Flag Waves and Paper Boat.

Ahoy sailor! Are your ready to get on the sea and sail to distant lands? Get on board then, because today we are going to fill free printable Columbus Day coloring pages. Columbus and his fellow sailors, in the year 1492, sailed from Europe to cross the Atlantic Ocean, oblivious of their destination when they finally stumbled upon what now …

30 Free Printable Grandparents Day Coloring Pages

Grandparents Day Clipart

Hey pals! Remember the last time you played with your old yet ‘young from the heart’ friends? I am obviously talking about your grandparents! Grandparents define a special bond for us. They are the only adults we love more than we love ourselves. Many times we are more comfortable sitting with grandpa on the balcony while he is sipping tea …

30 Free Printable Ghost Coloring Pages (Halloween Ghost Coloring Pages Included)

Ghost clipart

“Hey, friends! Be quiet right now. I think there is someone behind you. It is staring and it is staring without blinking. It looks like a she and all her hair are in the front covering her face. Oh no! Her clothes are all bloody! Did she just kill someone? She seems to hover in the air. Where are her …

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