Free Printable Chinese New Year 2022 Coloring Pages

Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of the beautiful season of spring. As per the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2022 is the Year of Tiger. Not just tiger, but also Water Tiger, as the Chinese Zodiac cycles through the five elements as well.

So keeping up with the tradition, we’ve got our readers a collection of free printable Chinese or Lunar New Year 2022 coloring pages.

Chinese New Year 2022 (Year Of Tiger) Coloring Pages

  1. Boy Dressed In Traditional Attire:

Boy celebrating Chinese new yearHere’s a coloring page of a young boy dressed formally on the occasion of Chinese New Year. And how adorable does he look in the traditional attire? Do you know what’s making his attire stand out? It’s a tiger-shaped hat! We totally loved this particular detailing of his outfit.

  1. Little Boy With A Fish Shaped Kite:

Boy with fish shaped lantern

Here’s an illustration of a little kid all excited for the Chinese New Year celebrations. He’s seen here with a fish-shaped kite, which is believed to stave off bad luck. Ancient Chinese people would pay respects to the departed souls of their near and dear ones by creating and flying kites.

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  1. Baby Tiger Wearing Santa Hat:

Chinese new year 2022 coloring pageBefore commemorating the Chinese New Year, this adorable little tiger wants to celebrate Christmas with you all. He has tried his best to look like Santa, with that perfect Santa hat. And looks like he even received a present for that. He’s surely is a good child in Santa’s eyes.

  1. Chinese New Year 2022 Coloring Page:

Chinese new year 2022 coloring pagesThis is the ultimate Chinese New Year 2022 coloring page for our young readers. This adorable illustration features a very cute tiger wishing you all a very happy new year.

  1. Cute Tiger Wishing Happy Lunar New Year:

Chinese New Year 2022 colouring pagesHow adorable does this little tiger look, wishing everyone a very happy new year? The tiger in this illustration may look approachable, but in reality, tigers can be ferocious. Not to mention, ambitious, courageous, and generous. Tigers are very competitive as well. They want to win, but not by deceiving others.

  1. Year Of The Tiger 2022:

Chinese new year 2022 colouring sheetsHere is a pretty intimidating image of the year of tiger coloring page for our readers. Did you know, the tiger reached third at the ‘Great Race’ held in Qin Dynasty over 2000 years ago? Tiger was pretty confident that he will secure first place in the race but was defeated by the cunning Rat.

  1. Tigers Celebrating New Year:

Chinese New Year 2022Here’s another adorable image of two tigers decorating their home for the Lunar New Year celebration. How are you planning to celebrate Lunar Year? Will you go the traditional route or the modern way?

  1. Tiger With Firecrackers:

Chinese new year coloring page 2022Looks like this tiger got a bit scared after lightening the firecrackers. But you can help him calm down a bit by filling the illustration with some cheerful colors.

  1. Year Of The Tiger:

Chinese New Year coloring pages 2022Here’s another coloring image of Lunar Year 2022 waiting to be filled by our lovely readers. This one features a handsome tiger sitting majestically. Looks like he was waiting for his time to come. And it has arrived and how! Here’s hoping the year of the tiger will bring good tidings for all across the world.

  1. Baby Tigress With Firecrackers:

Chinese new year firecrackers coloring pageWhile the above tiger was a bit scared with all the noise that comes with bursting crackers, this little tigress looks rather pleased. Tigers are very confident animals and do not like being told what to do. So you better ask this little tigress what color she would want on her image.

  1. Tiger Paws:

Happy Chinese New 2022 Coloring PagesHow cool is this black and white image of a tiger’s paw complete with the letterings, Happy New Year 2022? The Year of Tiger is all about making changes and taking charge of everything that’s happening around us. With everything that we have seen in the last two years, people are all fired-up and ready to take things into their hands again. So we’re hoping for nothing but greater things.

  1. Fan Shaped Like A Tiger:

Happy Chinese New Year 2022 coloring pageThis has to be one of our favorite Year of Tiger coloring pages. It features a fan, called ‘Shan’ in Chinese, in the shape of a tiger. The fan is embellished beautifully with flowers and Chinese letterings. Fans hold quite an important place in Chinese tradition. They even host fan dances, which are a symbol of grace, beauty, skill, history, and tradition.

  1. Korean New Year:

Korean New Year coloring pagesYou must be thinking that we’re going a bit off-topic here, but we’re not. Korean New Year is nothing but the Korean version of Chinese New Year. It’s celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year and is entirely dependent on the lunar calendar.

  1. Happy New Year From Mr. Tiger:

New Year 2022 Year Of TigerHere’s another adorable New Year 2022 coloring page. It has a lot of elements to keep a child entertained, such as Christmas trees, numbers, and most importantly, a tiger wearing a Santa hat.

  1. Tiger With Baubles:

Tiger wishing new year 2022 coloring pageIf only we were half as excited as this tiger is for Christmas. The tiger in this coloring image is all set for the Christmas party with baubles in his hands and a Santa cap on his head.

  1. Cute Tiger With A Lantern:

Tiger with lantern coloring pageMore than anything else, we’re loving this round and plump tiger on this coloring page. And he’s carrying a lantern, which holds an important place in Chinese tradition. It’s believed the lanterns are lucky charms that shoo the Nian monster away. For those who don’t know, Nian is a beast with sharp teeth and horns that eat both people and animals.

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  1. Tigress With Lotus Shaped Lantern:

Tiger with lotus Chinese New YearHere’s a cute little tigress with a lotus-shaped lantern in her hand, wishing all our readers a very happy Lunar New Year. The Lotus flower also holds a certain significance in Chinese culture. Ancient Chinese considered the lotus as a symbol of elegance and purity and even compared it to a noble gentleman.

  1. Tiger With Balloons:

Year of tiger 2022 coloring pageThis coloring page is all things merry as it features a tiger sharing New Year greetings with our lovely readers. He has especially got balloons for you all. If you want to return the favor, fill the balloons with bright and vibrant colors. Don’t forget to give the tiger some colors as well.

  1. Year Of Tiger 2022:

Year of tiger coloring pageThis is a very neat and detailed coloring page of the year 2022. We loved the idea of using the tiger’s head instead of zero. It’s making the image stand out.

  1. Artistic Year Of Tiger Coloring Page:

Year of tiger coloring pagesWe totally loved the artistic representation of the Year of Tiger 2022. We would recommend you give fierce shades such as red, orange, and yellow to this image. It’s the only way to do justice to this excellent illustration.

So how excited are you about this new year? What do you think it has in store for us? Let us know your thoughts and feelings and even your finished work by commenting below.