Free Printable Los Angeles Rams Coloring Pages

Los Angeles Rams coloring pages for kids

If you’ve been following the NFL, you would know that the Los Angeles Rams have entered the finals and will play the 56th Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday the 13th of February. This isn’t the first time the Rams have qualified for the Super Bowl. They have made it several times to the Super Bowl and even won a couple of times. This time they are a bit favored as they have the comfort of their roof. So cheer for your favorite team with our collection of Los Angeles Rams coloring pages.

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12 Free Printable Los Angeles Rams Coloring Pages

  1. Los Angeles Rams’ 1948 Logo

LA Rams 1948 logo

Here’s a coloring page of the year 1948 logo of the Los Angeles Rams. There isn’t much of a difference between the 1948 and 1970 logos of the Los Angeles Rams, except that the horns of the former were yellow and the rest were white. The 1970s logo of the Los Angeles Rams was completely black and white.

  1. Los Angeles Rams’ 2000 Logo

LA Rams coloring in

This is the 2000s logo of the Los Angeles Rams. This particular logo was blue, white, and dull gold. Even the 2017 logo is the same as this one, except for the color. This logo was very popular with the masses and stayed with the football team for 15 years.

  1. The Rams Coloring Page

LA Rams coloring pages

Let’s give you a brief about this NFL football team. Los Angeles Rams was founded in the year 1936 as Cleveland Rams. It was first based in Cleveland but was then moved to Los Angeles in the year 1946 following a win in the NFL championship.

  1. LA Rams’ Helmet

LA Rams helmet coloring page

Here’s a coloring page of the Rams helmet. For those who don’t know, the Rams were the first of all the NFL teams to have their logo on the helmet. Just like their logo, even the helmets of the Los Angeles Rams have undergone a lot of changes over the years. The first helmet was red and black, and now, it’s white, blue, and dull gold. Keep the color scheme in mind while filling this coloring picture.

  1. LA Rams’ 2020 Logo

LA Rams logo coloring pageHere’s the black and white image of the current logo of the Los Angeles Rams for you to color. The current logo does not have any image of the image, but that doesn’t make it any less substantial. The color scheme for this logo is yellow and white against the royal blue background.

  1. LA Rams 1983-88 Logo

Los Angeles Rams 1983 1988 logoThis one’s another popular logo of the Rams. They picked this logo in 1983, made a couple of changes reintroduced it in 1989, and then continued to use it until 2000. This particular logo is a bit different from the latter one as it doesn’t have the facemask on the helmet. And it’s quite a cool logo as well, featuring the primary colors of the team.

  1. Los Angeles Rams’ Wordmark

Los Angeles Rams coloring pagesDid you know, the Los Angeles Rams was formerly known as the Cleveland Rams? The franchise then moved to Los Angeles in 1946, hence the name change. They were not very successful on the field, but have now managed to make a mark for themselves well enough. The multiple entries to the Super Bowl speak about their performance.

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  1. Los Angeles Rams History

Los Angeles Rams logo coloring pageIn the 1950s and 1960s, the Rams were the sole major professional sports franchise in Los Angeles and Southern California. Such was their impact! But now, they are one of five. Despite that, the Rams continue to thrive well in these regions. They did have their share of ups and downs, but now they are stronger than ever.

  1. Los Angeles Rams’ Uniform Coloring Page

Los Angeles Rams uniform coloring pageHere’s a black-and-white illustration of the LA Rams’ uniform. Since it’s black and white, you can give any color you want to the uniform of your favorite team. But if you want to give them the current look, go for fill gold, royal blue, and white for the stripes. And if you want to give them a vintage look, you can go for the black and red combination.

  1. Los Angeles Rams 1984 Logo

Rams coloring pages printableThis coloring sheet features the black and white version of the 1984 logo of the LA Rams. It’s a simple, but impactful logo with smaller L and A placed inside the bigger letters. It will look even better when you fill it with their signature colors.

  1. The Rams’ 1944 Logo

The Rams 1944 logoThis is one of the first logos used by the American football franchise, the Los Angeles Rams. This one again features a ram’s head with its majestic horns.

  1. Latest Rams’ Logo

The Rams coloring pagesThis one is the latest logo of the LA Rams franchise. This again features a silhouette of a ram but looks a lot more modern and stylish than its ancient counterpart.

Will the Rams win their second NFL title this year? We will get to know that on the 13th. Until then, enjoy filling these LA Rams coloring pages.