10 Free Gabby’s Dollhouse Coloring Pages Printable

Gabbys Dollhouse

Don’t you find “Gabby’s Dollhouse” airing on Netflix absolutely fun and adorable? The show revolves around Gabby, who unfolds a new surprise for the viewers, along with her best-stuffed animal, Pandy Paws every episode. Gabby squeezes herself and gets into the dollhouse that’s filled with her favorite cats and takes the viewers on exciting adventures. The show features other cute characters as well, such as Mercat, Cakey Cat, Carlita who lead the preschoolers from one room to the other of their magical dollhouse.

10 Free Printable Gabby’s Dollhouse Coloring Pages

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Gabby with our collection of Gabby’s Dollhouse coloring sheets.

  1. Baby Box:

Baby Box from Gabbys DollhouseBaby box is a cute, creative, and hardworking member of the Box Cat family. She might be the youngest of the lot, but she’s highly reliable and can create or invent anything on the go to save the day.

  1. Cakey Cat:

Cakey Cat from Gabbys Dollhouse coloring pageHow adorable is Cakey, the half cupcake and half cat from Gabby’s Dollhouse? Cakey is an enthusiastic, but sensitive cat who gets extremely excited when in the kitchen. Since she’s sensitive, she can go from happy to upset in seconds. In case you’re confused about her moods, keep an eye on her sprinkles. They will tell you what exactly is going on in his mind.

  1. Carlita:

Carlita from Gabbys Dollhouse coloring sheetOutgoing and charismatic, Carlita is a part cat and part racecar who loves to try out things she is good at. But when she’s asked to try something out of her comfort zone, she declines, fearing failure. Whatever it may be, Carlita is a friend of friends and is always up for racing whenever there’s a new adventure.

  1. Catrat:

Catrat from Gabbys Dollhouse colouring pictureCatrat is a playful and utterly cute half cat and half rat, who loves to collect all kinds of shiny materials. Catrat has a soft and small bone structure, which lets him squeeze in and out of any space, no matter how small is it. So don’t be surprised if he just appears out of nowhere in the dollhouse. Catrat can come across as a ‘know-it-all’, which might irritate some, but he actually has a really good heart.

  1. DJ Catnip:

Daniel James DJ Catnip coloring pageDJ Catnip, as his name signifies, is the music specialist of the group. Catnip basically takes the help of music to get out of difficult situations. DJ Catnip is an expert at jamming and mixing up beats, which aids him and his friends to find their own groove, or you can say individuality.

  1. Gabby:

Gabby coloring pagesMeet the titular character of this series, Gabby. Gabby is an 11-year-old, highly positive, and determined girl who isn’t afraid to portray her real self. She loves animals, especially cats, and has tons of them in her dollhouse. Sometimes, she does get into silly situations, but that only adds to the unforgettable memories of her life.

  1. Gabby Dollhouse Logo:

Gabbys Dollhouse Logo coloring pageHere’s a neat coloring picture of Gabby’s Dollhouse logo, which you can use for a plethora of art and craftwork, such as for making invitation cards and banners, in case you’re hosting a themed party. Or just print it out and fill it with beautiful colors.

  1. Mercat:

Mercat from Gabbys DollhouseMercat is a self-obsessed stuffed toy that feels there’s nothing more important than looking, feeling, and doing good. We kind of agree with her philosophy. What about you? Furthermore, Mercat is a resident scientist and is mostly found carrying out a science experiment in the bathroom to find a solution or cure.

  1. Pandy Paws:

Pandy Paws Gabbys Dollhouse coloring pageMeet Pandy Paws, the part cat and part panda who happens to be the best-stuffed animal friend of Gabby’s. Pandy is a very adventurous cat and loves his snacks and hugs from his friends. He totally loves surprising his friends with Hug Attack. So you can say, he’s an excellent snuggle buddy. His adventurous and mischievous nature also gets him in trouble. But Gabby always manages to save him at the right time.

  1. Pillow Cat:

Pillow Cat coloring pages Gabbys DollhousePillow Cat is that lazy stuffed toy that finds pleasure in simply lying around all day. You’ll find her mostly sleeping in the bedroom, after listening to a heartfelt story. It’s in the bedroom where she and her friends find their dreams coming alive in front of their eyes. Pillow Cat may love sleeping, but she doesn’t fail to accompany her friends in their adventures.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of free printable Gabby’s Dollhouse coloring pages. You can print these pictures out for other activities as well, such as for hosting Gabby’s Dollhouse-themed parties or making dog or cat-themed desserts, particularly cupcakes.