20 Free Red Ribbon Week Coloring Pages To Print

Red Ribbon Week Clipart
Red Ribbon Week Clipart

Some things are good for us, while some things can prove to be bad. For most things, the difference between the two is evident. Like brushing our teeth daily is good, while hurting someone is bad. Sometimes, there is a fine line between the good and the bad, and it can be difficult to know and understand the difference. During such times, if you are uncertain and unsure about something you can always approach the adults in your life, like your parents, teachers, and counselors. They will always be there to guide you and make you aware of the good and the bad things. Drugs are one of the bad things. Hence, today we’ve got you free printable Red Ribbon Week coloring pages or drug awareness coloring pages.

To help create awareness about drugs and its damaging effect on the society, especially its youth, the Red Ribbon Week was first organized by the National Family Partnership (NFP) in 1988. Since then, the Red Ribbon Week has been held annually in October, dispersing information about drug prevention in the country. You can learn about the harmful effects of drugs and what you can do to help spread the message, with these free Red Ribbon Week coloring sheets to print.

20 Free Printable Red Ribbon Week Coloring Pages:

  1. Anti Drug Coloring Page:

What is bad for adults can be extremely dangerous for kids. So, always stay away from bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drugs. These are not grown-up things to do or to even try. What you can most certainly try to do, is to put attractive colors on this coloring sheet.

  1. Anti Drug Red Ribbon Week Coloring Page:

Friendship plays an important part in our lives. Good friends make our lives better. Bad friends can destroy it. If you see a friend or someone you know indulging in gangs or asks you to join one, stay away from them. If needed, always consult your parents or adults in your life. You will get to know more about what you must do when you color this Red Ribbon Week anti-drug coloring sheet.

  1. Anti Drug Coloring Page:

You have the choice and the power to say no to something that is bad for you. This coloring sheet shows you what you must say if a stranger or someone you know, like a friend, tells you to do drugs. You are right, the answer is SAY NO.

  1. Drug Awareness Coloring Sheet:

Make learning fun and competitive with this special coloring sheet about drug awareness. Take a printout and test your vocabulary on your own by solving the problem. Or you can turn it into a fun vocabulary game to play along with your friends by simply printing a few copies of this coloring sheet. To make it more difficult and interesting, you can even set a time limit.

  1. Drug-Free Coloring Page For Kids:

Can you see what your adorable friend Blueann wants from you? Get your colors and highlight the message, so it can be seen loud and clear.

  1. Drug-Free Red Ribbon Week Coloring Page:

Look how happy Charlie looks in this coloring sheet! Why is he so happy? Because he is free of drugs. Always say no to drugs and you will also be as happy as Drug-Free Charlie. You can make Charlie happier by printing this coloring sheet and giving him your best colors.

  1. Red Ribbon Week 2018 Coloring Page:

We have all heard about the adage, health is wealth. When you are healthy, your body feels good and you feel happy. There is no greater wealth than joy and happiness in this world. If you say no to drugs, you too will be active and healthy like this chiropractic kid with such a rich smile. Give this fuzzy bear some happy hugs using your happy colors.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Activity Sheet:

It looks like such fun, walking in the park on a clear day, playing with balloons and your pet dog. As fun looking as it is, it still feels a little dull, doesn’t it? Bring out your set of bright colors and start coloring. Be sure to follow the instructions on the sheet to find out the colors of the balloons and read the important message written on them.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Anti Drug Awareness:

Our friends make our lives better and more enjoyable. However, more than the number of friends we have, what is important is having true friends. You can learn about the true meaning of real friends, by coloring this Red Ribbon Week anti-drug awareness coloring sheet.

  1. Quit Smoking:

Smoking is a bad habit and it causes a lot of harm to our bodies, including cancer. This coloring sheet tells us about this killer habit through its powerful illustration. The skull on the body in this coloring sheet is a message to let people know that smoking can kill us.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Free Printable:

You must have noticed monkeys in zoos jumping around, picking up and trying out things. It is their way of understanding their environment. When it comes to humans, we have specialized people like doctors running experiments so that the rest of us can know what is good for our body and what can be bad. Drugs are extremely bad. So, kids, never fool around or monkey around with drugs.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Printable Coloring Page:

If a friend or someone you know tells you it’s cool to smoke or do drugs, you know they are not smart, right? How? Because smart people know the difference between good and bad things like smoking and drugs. Color and play this cool game in this coloring sheet to know about the fun and healthy things you can do.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Coloring Page:

Self-medication is dangerous. You need a doctor’s prescription and adult supervision to take medicines. If you are feeling unwell, you need to inform your parents at home or your teachers at school. In case you are somewhere else, contact the adult in charge to help you. Color this fun and informative coloring sheet that tells you what you should do if you feel sick. If you color correctly, you can read a secret message it has for you.

  1. Red Ribbon Week Activity:

On your next playtime with friends, you can get this coloring sheet printed and find out who can figure out all the words in the box with jumbled up letters. While you are enjoying this game, you also get to learn about how smoking harms our body.

  1. Red Ribbon Coloring Page:

It cannot be Red Ribbon Week without a red ribbon. Take out your reddest of red colors and begin coloring the giant red ribbon in this coloring sheet. Don’t forget to color the cute bear too. Otherwise, he will feel left out.

  1. Say No To Cigarette:

Why is this fellow looking so mad? Because it’s a burning cigarette and we are saying no to it. Show that you will not tolerate cancer-causing cigarette by giving it prominent colors and help spread the message.

  1. Health Is Wealth:

A healthy heart and a magnificent mind make your body fit and healthy. When drugs are taken, they harm your body. See how happy the heart and mind are in this coloring sheet. And how dangerous the drugs look. Give the good guys some bright and happy colors, and some dark colors for the bad guys.

  1. Drug Awareness:

Now that you know how drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are bad for you, what will you say if somebody offers them to you? Just say “NO”. That’s right. Use your brilliant coloring skills on this Red Ribbon Week Say No To Drugs color sheet and spread the message.

  1. Be Firm And Say No:

If you see others taking drugs or if they offer you some, this coloring sheet illustrates what you should do. You should simply walk away from there and firmly say “NO” to their offer. Because you are smarter, and you know why drugs and alcohol are injurious to your health.

  1. Say No To Drugs:

Just as you should walk away from a place if people are taking drugs, you should get away from someone who is smoking. You risk a chance of secondhand smoking if you are near them. Inhaling cigarette smoke from someone who is smoking near you has a detrimental effect on your health. Print this coloring sheet and figure out how far you need to be if you see someone smoking around you.

Hope you have educated yourself about drugs and why they are harmful through this fun and informative collection of Red Ribbon Week coloring pages. If you want to learn more, reach out to your family at home or your counselors at school. On this Red Ribbon Week, become a responsible member of the society by saying no to drugs and spreading messages of drug awareness and prevention. Remember, a healthy body and a healthy mind make a happy and healthy soul.

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