30 Free School Coloring Pages Printable

School coloring page

Education is one of the key foundations of life. The education process begins at home, as we are growing up, learning to do several things like speaking, walking. But the formal process begins when we start our schooling. Today’s topic of coloring page is dedicated to the institution where our formal learning process begins – schools.

A school can be roughly described as an institution where students learn about various things, starting from the basics of language, alphabet and going onwards to more complex subjects like the process of evolution and civic studies. A school is headed by a principal who oversees the entire school including teaching staff and the students, teachers are in charge of different classes, teaching different subjects.

Depending upon the level of learning, schools can be of different types. There are pre-schools that prepare young kids for the learning process and then kindergarten or nursery schools. After that comes primary schools and secondary schools before higher education in high schools, colleges, and universities.

Apart from the formal education curriculum which is somewhat similar across the world, there are also schools that offer more specialized teaching. Like a school of dance or creative arts and vocational schools that are aligned towards providing specialized training geared towards a particular industry.

Let’s take a closer look at all things related to learning through this interesting collection of school coloring sheets to print.

30 Free School Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Academic Icons Coloring Page:

Academic coloring page

We are starting off the collection with several icons depicting something to do with academic pursuits. There is an open book illustration with the ABC letter blocks next to it. There is also a study table icon as well as a laptop icon. You can figure out all the rest of the icons as you print and start coloring each of them.

  1. Safely Back to School:

Back to school coloring page

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, schools that have opened up are doing so by following all safety protocols. As illustrated here, the school students are back to school wearing their protective face masks. Print this coloring page and safely color all the elements in this illustration.

  1. Boy Reading in School Field:

Boy reading in school field

Finding a quiet corner always helps when you need to concentrate. What’s your favorite place to focus and study? Maybe your room or the library. For this schoolboy who has to do some revision for his class, he has found himself a nice place in the school field.

  1. Students Helping to Clean Their School:

Cleaning the school

Just like you are in charge of keeping your room clean and tidy at home, even your classroom needs to be cleaned. Do you also have a cleaning day in your school? Look at these two diligent students helping tidy up their classrooms. Be sure to color this clean illustration neatly.

  1. Front View of a School Building:

Free printable school coloring pages

In order to accommodate a high number of students, a school infrastructure must be big enough. There must be lots of students going to this school which is why the school building looks so grand. The plants and trees at the front lend a soothing atmosphere to the school.

  1. Friends at School:

Friends at School

One of the first few places we make new friends is at school. Do you remember the first friends you made at your school? Here is a group of friends going to school together, holding hands and talking. This must be of a time before the pandemic when social distancing rules were not yet mandated.

  1. Globe and Magnifying Glass:

Globe and magnifying glass

It’s not hard to guess this illustration belongs to which class. Yes, you are definitely right. It is in fact, time for some geography lesson. Using the magnifying glass helps to see and identify the different countries on the globe. You can think about where your country is placed on a globe as you color this illustration.

  1. “I Can Do It”:

I can do it

It is said that saying positive reaffirmations to oneself can do wonders for achieving a positive outcome. Trying to overcome any sense of self-doubt he might have in his mind this clever boy is wearing an “I Can Do It” headband as he sets out to finish his study.

  1. Japanese School Kids Coloring Page:

Japanese school kids coloring page

Even in Japan, school kids seem to have returned to school. Dressed in their neat school uniforms, these two Japanese kids are going back to school. They look so smart, don’t they? Print this coloring page and give these kids your best coloring skills.

  1. Kids in School Bus:

Kids in school bus coloring page

Kids are full of joy as they get ready to embark on a fun school trip. While some have already taken their places inside the school bus, a few are posing for pictures in front. One has even managed to climb up on top of the bus. Capture this exciting atmosphere with some exuberant colors.

  1. Measuring Temperature at School:

Measuring temperature at school

The reality of the world with a pandemic is ensuring proper safety measures are taken. That is why aside from physical distancing, you will also find the school staff measuring the temperature of the school kids to ensure they are not at risk.

  1. Online Classes Coloring Page:

Online classes coloring page

In many places, the opening of schools is not yet possible. In such instances, students have had the comfort and safety of taking online classes at home. Ready with her laptop and notebook, this little girl is listening to the teacher’s lecture through her headphones.

  1. Painting and Drawing Supplies:

Painting and drawing supplies

It’s time now for some art lesson. You might have used your art supplies to create and color your art. Today, you will be using your supplies to color this fine illustration of painting and drawing supplies.

  1. Pupils with Teacher Coloring Page:

Pupils with teacher coloring page

Teachers are not only involved in giving education to students, but they are also one of the first and important role models for the school children. After school, the pupils here are being guided by their teacher regarding road safety as they wait for their parents.

  1. School Bag Close-up:

School bag coloring page

Like all other school items, there are several different types of school bags available. One of the most common designs is this school bag illustrated here, with double over-the-shoulder straps that make it easy to carry. You can bring out all the details of this school bag, including the books peeking through the opening, with your coloring skills.

  1. School Bus Taking Students to School:

School Bus coloring page

Early morning the school bus goes on its round to pick up the students and then dropping them off again after school. Punctuality is key when it comes to being a school bus driver. At the same time, driving safely and securely is equally important.

  1. Lunch Time at the School Canteen:

School Canteen coloring page

The cafeteria is already filling up with students as the recess bell rung. First in line for the lunch queue are these two students, feeling famished as they couldn’t eat their breakfast properly at home. Be sure to always get ready on time so you can eat well in the morning before school.

  1. School Coloring Page for Kids:

School coloring pages for kids

It’s time for something easier to color now. This illustration with simple drawings and figures is perfect for someone who is not yet an expert in coloring. As long as you make sure to color inside the lines, this should be easy enough for your coloring skills.

  1. Standard School Desk:

School desk

Sitting in your classroom you might have seen your teacher sitting at a desk like this. With enough drawers to keep all registers, books, and other accessories, this school desk seems like a standard one. Print this coloring page and fill it in with some classic colors.

  1. School Friends Chatting:

School friends coloring page

The best time to catch up with friends in school is either during the lunch break or in between classes. Here are two friends chatting in between their classes. Are they talking about the strict teachers or the homework assignment? You can guess as you fill in the colors in this illustration.

  1. School Friends Greeting Playfully:

School friends coloring pages

Starting their day with a cheerful spirit, here are two school friends who are playfully greeting their friends on the school campus. Look at them bowing cutely! Print this coloring page and bring out the joy in this illustration with your coloring skills.

  1. School Girl Laughing and Smiling:

School girl coloring page

Here is one of the friends who responded to the greeting with equal joy. The playful greeting made this little girl laugh and smile at their antics. If you want, you can give her school dress the same colors as your own school uniform.

  1. School Girl with a Huge Pencil:

School girl with a huge pencil

A witty illustration awaits you on this coloring page. Showcasing how students have to write so much all through their times in school, here is an illustration of a student bringing a huge pencil with her to school. Make sure to highlight the pencil as well as her expression with your coloring skills.

  1. Making a School Banner:

School Kids coloring page

This fun bunch of school kids is holding an empty banner on this coloring page. You can write an inspirational or fun quote in the blank space to turn it into a cool banner for your school. Think of what you want to fill in as you print and color this illustration.

  1. Kids Walking to School:

School kids coloring pages

One of the good things about living close to your school is that you can simply walk to your school. For these two kids, it’s one of the things they enjoy doing in the morning, especially when the weather is pleasant. They look so happy and smartly dressed. Bring out the happy vibes on this coloring page by filling it with exuberant colors.

  1. School Kids Reading:

School kids reading

When you think of school and any school activities, you are bound to see some schoolkids reading a book. Thoroughly enjoying their visit to the school library, these two school kids are completely engrossed in their storybooks. Capture this fun library scene with joyful, bright colors.

  1. Varied School Supplies:

School supplies coloring page

This is such a neat collage of different school items and supplies that one might use in their classrooms. There is a ruler, compass, calculator, and even a microscope. Can you identify the rest of the items? Think about what all you need for different classes and subjects, and you will get the answers.

  1. Students at Class Coloring Page:

Students at class coloring page

Look at the students enthusiastically raising their hands to affirm that they know the answers. You must have done this too when your teachers ask questions in the class and you know the answers. These students must have paid close attention to the teacher and read up on the lessons well. Reward them for paying attention by giving each one of them some cool colors.

  1. Physical Distancing Inside Classrooms:

Students coloring page

The new reality of most schools opening up even as the pandemic is still ongoing is ensuring the highest standard of health and safety regulations. One of the many steps is to keep a proper physical distance between the students inside the classrooms. With physical distancing norms, classes would have to be conducted with half the capacity of students.

  1. Proud Teacher Introduces Her School:

Teacher at school coloring page

This proud school-teacher is giving a presentation to parents who are looking to enroll their children in the school. Standing at the gate, she first highlights the important details before taking them inside and showing them around during school hours. This gives the parents clear ideas about how the school and the classes function.

With that presentation by the proud teacher, we have reached the end of this fun and informative printable collection of school coloring pictures. Hope you had fun revisiting some of your school memories as you filled in colors on these school-inspired coloring pages. Right to education is one of the key rights in several countries, making formal education a must for children. Sadly, there are still several places in the world where young kids are unable to attend schools. So, be sure to make the most of the learning opportunities at your schools.

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