40 Birds Coloring Pages Printable

Free printable bird coloring pages

Before we see them, we often hear them first, especially in the early morning. They are like morning alarms in nature – the sound of the birds. There are different species and varieties of birds in the world. From the smallest little birds that can easily fit into a child’s hands to the biggest ones overpowering even grown-ups, we will be discussing a number of these birds in today’s collection of birds coloring pages.

Belonging to the class Aves, birds are warm-blooded vertebrates having beaks, feathered wings, and giving birth to their offspring by laying eggs. The parent birds incubate the eggs for days before they hatch. Most birds look after the young ones until they grow a little older or learn to fly, which is their most important characteristic. However, there are many flightless birds as well, such as penguin, emu, ostrich, and more.

No matter which corner of the world you are in, you will find some kind of birds or the other. As different species have evolved unique abilities to adapt to their specific habitats. Let’s not wait anymore and get flying high through this entertaining collection of birds coloring sheets to print.

40 Free Birds Coloring Pages Printable

  1. A Heart Shaped Bird:

A heart shaped bird

This is such a lovely start to this collection. A clever heart-shaped illustration, with the heart forming the body of the bird and wings spread wide open. Give this hearty sketch, colors of brilliant red.

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  1. A Little Bird With A Flower In Its Beak:

A little bird carrying a flower

Perhaps, it is not just the humans who love flowers. This little bird has found itself a pretty flower and is carrying it home. Birds can use their beaks or the claws of their feet to carry things.

  1. A Pair Of Belted Kingfishers:

Belted King Fishers

Illustrated realistically on this coloring page is a pair of Belted Kingfishers. Belonging to the family Alcedinidae, Belted Kingfishers are stocky, aquatic birds. As shown here, one of their striking features is the shaggy crest on top and back of their heads.

  1. Bird Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Bird coloring page for preschooolers

If you are still learning to draw and color, then this is the perfect bird coloring page for you. The bird illustrated here features a simple design and can be easily colored. Just make sure to color inside the lines.

  1. Colorful Bird Stained Glass:

Bird Stained Glass

Mostly featured in churches and old-world houses, stained glasses are multicolored glass design used in windows, doors, etc. This particular stained glass showcases a wonderful bird design. Be sure to give each section different color to achieve the stained glass mosaic effect.

  1. A Bird Family In Their Nest:

Birds coloring pages

Birds are amazing architects. They build their nests using materials like twigs, leaves, hay, etc., most often in high places like trees. Here is a bird family resting properly in their comfortable nest. It looks like the little birds have just had their feeding time.

  1. Black-capped Chickadee, North American Songbird:

Black capped Chickadee

This Black-capped Chickadee is mid-flight in this illustration. It is carrying a twig in its beak and with its feet. This small bird features a black cap and bib with white cheeks and gray color on its back, wings, and tail.

  1. Brown Creeper Or American Treecreeper:

Brown Creeper coloring page

We have another songbird here, the brown creeper or the American treecreeper. Tiny with long tails and decurved bills, Brown Creeper belongs to the family Certhiidae. As the name suggests, they are streaked brown in color with a white underside.

  1. Canary, The Small Songbird:

Canary coloring page

After the realistic illustrations of songbirds, we have a more fun sketch of one of the most popular songbirds, the Canary, which belongs to the finch family of birds. Look at those eyes! They are big and expressive in this cartoonish illustration.

  1. Cartoon Bird Looking Like A Tree:

Cartoon bird coloring page

This one takes the cartoonish part to another level. It looks like a tree, but it also looks like a bird. It’s actually a cartoon bird illustrated as a tree. Give this uniquely designed bird cartoon, some uniquely vibrant colors.

  1. Cartoon Crow Coloring Page:

Cartoon Crow coloring page

You might have seen a crow or many by now. But this one is a fun little illustration of a crow, drawn in a cartoonish manner. Print this coloring page and give this bulky looking cartoon crow shades of black and grey color.

  1. Common Grackle, Not Your Typical Blackbird:

Common Grackle coloring page

While Common Grackles are blackbirds, they are not your typical blackbirds. Featuring a lanky, taller, and longer appearance, Common Grackles look fierce as illustrated on this coloring page. When you start coloring, make sure to give it a glossy finish.

  1. Common Redpoll From The Finch Family:

Common Redpoll coloring page

Belonging to the finch family of birds, Common Redpolls are brown and white, tiny birds. They are mostly found in thickets or shrubs and are always active, restlessly moving about, fluttering, and feeding. Try not to be restless when you are coloring this small and nimble bird.

  1. Cute Bird Wearing A Hat:

Cute bird coloring page

Is it winter already? We are at least a few months away. Perhaps, this bird comes from the colder regions of the earth. That’s why it is wearing a warm hat and is nestled in a warm, fuzzy nest. Greet this cute bird with warm and welcoming colors.

  1. Dove Of Peace:

Dove of Peace

Since ancient times, doves have been associated with peace, love, and good bearings. From ancient Greek to ancient Japan, and the modern age, doves are believed to be a symbol of peace and innocence.

  1. Eagle With Baseball Cap:

Eagle with Baseball Cap

Paying homage to the United States of America, this illustration showcases the Bald Eagle wearing a baseball cap. Two things that are easily identifiable as representatives of America. You can turn this illustration more American by giving it the colors of the American flag.

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  1. Egret Coloring Page:

Egret coloring page

With long bill and slender feet, Egrets are herons featuring white plumage. Looking as graceful as ever, even on this illustration, Egrets have fine plumes.

  1. Emu, Second Largest Living Bird:

Emu coloring page

With the scientific name, Dromaius novaehollandiae, the Emu is quite a large bird. In fact, it’s the second-largest living bird according to the height. They have a blue neck and mottled body feathers.

  1. Finch, Passerine Bird:

Finch coloring page

Ranging from small to medium in their size, true Finches belong to the family Fringillidae. As illustrated here, finches are passerine birds or perching birds having stout, conical bills, and can be found resident to different range of habitats.

  1. Flamingos, Pink Or Red Colored Birds:

Flamingos coloring page

Looking visually striking as ever, due to their bright colors ranging from light pink to bright red, Flamingos are wading birds. Their food contains aqueous bacteria and beta-carotene, which is the reason behind their unique pink-red colors.

  1. Lovely Little Pair Of Lovebirds:

Lovebirds coloring page

There’s so much love on this coloring page. Cute and adorable, lovebird is actually an affectionate name for Agapornis which is a type of parrot. Once you print this coloring page, fill these lovable birds with lovely colors.

  1. Meadowlark, Grassland Birds:

Meadowlark coloring page

Found in grassland habitats, Meadowlarks are known as New World grassland birds. Most of the species belonging to this group are insectivorous birds. This Meadowlark here seems to be on a patient watch, perched on a wooden fence, for some insects to feed.

  1. Mockingbird, Master Of Mimics:

Mockingbird coloring page

As the name suggests, Mockingbirds are known for their ability to mimic the songs or sounds of other birds, insects, and amphibians, like it’s mocking them. Give this elegant Mockingbird some memorable colors.

  1. Northern Cardinal, Long-tailed Songbird:

Northern Cardinal

The Northern Cardinal is known by several other names like the redbird or common cardinal. You can color this Northern Cardinal as a male featuring overall red with black around the bill or give it colors of the female bird, brown with red tail, bill, and wings.

  1. Ostrich, Tallest And Heaviest Bird:

Ostrich coloring page

With the scientific name of Struthio camelus, Ostrich is the tallest and the heaviest bird. While they have wings, Ostriches are flightless birds that are native to Africa. But it has a great ability to run really fast.

  1. Owl On A Mug:

Owl on a Mug

Here we have something fun to color! If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you can easily identify this bird as an owl. Look at those cute and round eyes! Give this fun illustration of this nocturnal bird some cool colors.

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  1. Parrot Taking Flight:

Parrot coloring page

You can get a detailed look at a parrot through this illustration. The outstretched wings and the long tails give this parrot a magnificent look. Fill every detail of this bird with beautiful colors.

  1. Peacock Unfurling Its Feathers:

Peacock coloring page

Here we have a majestically colorful bird greeting with joy. While they are Peafowls with males known as peacocks and females called peahens, both are mistakenly but commonly referred to as peacocks.

  1. Pelican, Large Water Bird:

Pelican coloring page

Particularly peculiar, Pelicans are large water birds with a long beak and a huge pouch-like throat that they expertly use to catch their prey and drain water out. Give some cool colors to this curious bird.

  1. American Crow Cawing, Perched On A Twig:

Perched American Crow

One of the most highly adaptable birds, the American Crows can be found anywhere in an open area with a few trees and a good source of food. They are also known to be quite intelligent.

  1. Quail, Game Bird:

Quail coloring page

With the scientific name of Coturnix cortunix, the Common Quail or European quail is a small bird. Belonging to the family Phasianidae, Quails are ground-nesting birds. Give this popular game bird, fitting colors.

  1. Red-winged Blackbird:

Red winged Blackbird

Found in the American continents, especially in wetlands, the Red-winged Blackbird belongs to the family Icteridae. Both genders of Red-winged Blackbirds have different colors. Males are black with red and yellow on the shoulder, and females are dark brownish with a paler center.

  1. Roadrunner, Slender Ground Bird:

Roadrunner coloring page

Large birds with a slender body and strong feet, the Roadrunner has a distinctive head crest. Its long, broad tail comes with white tips. Capture these details while coloring this bird.

  1. Rose Breasted Cockatoo or Galah:

Rose breasted cockatoo coloring page

Galah is popularly called as the pink and grey or rose-breasted cockatoos. They are one of the most common cockatoos and can be found everywhere in mainland Australia.

  1. Sisserou Parrot, National Bird Of Dominica:

Sisserou Parrot coloring page

Sisserou Parrot with its striking purple and green color is the national bird of Dominica. Also known as the Imperial Amazon or Dominican Amazon, it’s found only on the Caribbean island of Dominica.

  1. Sparrow, Widely Distributed Bird:

Sparrow coloring page

Sparrows are one of the most widely distributed birds in the world. With a length of about six inches, Sparrows are small birds and brown, black, and grey in color. Print this coloring page and fill it with appropriate colors.

  1. Swan, Large Flying Bird:

Swan coloring page

One of the largest flying birds, Swans belong to the family Anatidae. Depending on their habitats, Swans show a difference in their color. Those in the Northern Hemisphere are pure white while the species in the Southern Hemisphere have black and white plumage.

  1. Toucan, Arboreal Birds:

Toucan coloring page

Bright and colorful, Toucans are arboreal birds, meaning they live up in the air, nesting in trees. Toucans also have large bills that are often colorful and use tree hollows for their nests.

  1. Western Jackdaw:

Western Jackdaw

Found in Europe, western Asia, and North Africa, Western Jackdaw belong to the crow family. Known by other names like Eurasian Jackdaw or European Jackdaw, they are black with grey napes and pale-grey irises.

  1. Woodpecker, Cavity-Nesting Bird:

Woodpecker coloring page

Look at this fun illustration showing the sharpness of a Woodpecker’s bill. Woodpeckers excavate holes using their bills in tree trunks to make their nests.

With that curious illustration of the Woodpecker, we have reached the end of this printable bird collection of coloring pictures. Did you know a group of Woodpeckers is called a “descent”? We hope you gathered such interesting information while coloring this collection inspired by birds. Many species of birds undergo annual migration, sometimes over great distances, and are able to return to precise locations. The longest known non-stop flight is that of Bar-tailed Godwit, with a record of flight covering 10,200 km.