35 Free Printable Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragon coloring pictures

Hello there, young learners! This series of free printable coloring pages is dedicated to the most mysterious of creatures, which may or may not have wandered the Earth in the past. However, just like their forms and features, their existence too is a topic of debate. Let’s see the Dragons! Dragons owe their existence to various mythologies and folklore. The West and East are split in their belief of how it looks. Both agree that they were four-legged, serpent-like, fire-breathing reptiles. West says they had wings and horns, while East says they flew without wings and had above-average intelligence. Let’s fill these free printable dragon coloring pages and decide how they should look! Check out our collection of dragon coloring sheets to print below.

35 Free Printable Dragon Coloring Pages

  1. Angry Dragon Coloring Page:

Angry Dragon Coloring Pages
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Dragons have always been believed to be powerful creatures, either by magic or by their physical prowess. With their sharp claws and teeth, and spikes on the back, they can fill anyone with terror and fear. So be brave and color this angry mystical creature!

  1. Baby Dragon Coloring Page:

Baby Dragon Coloring Pages
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The physical appearance of dragons is an endless debate for everyone – how their legs were, did they have horns, and did they have wings? But every mythology describes them as serpent-like, which means they were reptiles. And like every reptile, they were oviparous, that is, they laid eggs. Doesn’t this baby dragon look cute?

  1. Dragon Siblings:

Baby Dragon Coloring Sheets
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Here we see Tony looking amazed by the way his brother Timmy has managed to get himself stuck in the egg. Timmy has just hatched, but he seems confused about how to get out of the egg. Is he hesitant to break the egg or is the eggshell stronger than Timmy? What do you think? Color this cute picture!

  1. Cartoon Dragon Coloring Page:

Cartoon Dragon Coloring Pages For Kids
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Dragons are associated with Angels and Demons by the myths and are supposed to look ferocious. Thanks to cartoonists and their imaginations! They made these supposed ferocious creatures look like cute soft toys. Choose some cute colors and fill this dragon with them. Let’s make cartoonists proud!

  1. Cartoon Dragon Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Cartoon Dragon Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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Meet Sam, a friendly dragon. He loves playing fetch like dogs and cuddling like cats. Moreover, he can fly like bird. He makes a good protector against enemies too as he breathes fire! His fire-breathing ability makes him the neighbor’s favorite as he comes in handy for barbecues.

  1. Danny The Mischievous:

Cartoon Dragon Coloring Sheets
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Meet Danny, the four-winged dragon. She is a prolific flier. That is how she manages to be a menace to her neighbors. She has been known to steal cookies, fruits, and sometimes, toys from the neighbor’s balcony and backyard. But she is a kind-hearted neighbor too. She scares away the criminals from the area with her fiery breath.

  1. Chinese Dragon Coloring Page:

Chinese Dragon Coloring Pages
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Dragons have an honorable position in Chinese culture and mythology. Unlike the Western dragons, they don’t have wings and horns but can fly or slither through the air. They were associated with the kings in Ancient China. In fact, it is also a Chinese zodiac and one of every twelve years belongs to it in the Chinese calendar.

  1. Grumpy The Fat Dragon:

Coloring Pages Of Dragons
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Dragon’s appearances are believed to be inspired by a number of creatures. While the snake remained the major contributor, some believe it had the legs of a lion, eagle, horse, etc. This dragon Grumpy seems to be derived from a fat kangaroo. Don’t you think?

  1. Cool Dragon Coloring Page:

Cool Dragon Coloring Pages
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See Julio, the coolio! He is the coolest dragon you will come across, not because he breathes blue flames, but because he has a good sense of humor. Having a horn of a rhinoceros, he can spin a ball on it while flying. Isn’t it cool!

  1. Wilbur’s Test Flight:

Cute Dragon Coloring Images
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Every flying creature needs to learn how to fly. But dragons are different. They are born with wings, and they can fly right after birth. But Wilbur’s wings were underdeveloped. As he grew and his wings grew sufficiently, he decided to have a test flight. Look at how he is wearing a flight helmet. One should always wear a helmet while riding or flying.

  1. Gus’ New Friend:

Cute Dragon Coloring Page
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During a flight, Gus heard a sweet melodious song. Then he chased that sound. He saw that it was a canary. Delighted by the melody, he made a new flying friend in the name of music. Here he is requesting the canary for another song. Color them in sweet shades!

  1. Diva The Fashionable Dragon:

Cute Dragon Coloring Pages
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Diva is a total beauty queen. Her wings, forehead, and entire body are decorated with bright stones. She has huge, exuberant eyes and sparkling horns. She is less ferocious and more gorgeous than the rest of the dragons.

  1. Gunther The Cook:

Cute Dragon Coloring Sheets
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Dragons breathe fire, and that makes them one of the most feared mythical creatures here. But Gunter has turned that power of his into a source of his talent. He loves cooking and doesn’t use stoves or barbecues. He himself is a barbecue-on-the-go.

  1. Dragon And Bird Coloring Page:

Dragon And Bird Coloring Pages
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One thing common between birds and dragons is the ability to fly. Some believe that dragons used to have eagle claws and talons, while some believe they even had beaks. Here we see a friendly dragon probably playing with a little bird. Don’t they look cute?

  1. Dragon And Castle Coloring Page:

Dragon And Castle Coloring Pages
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Legends in the West believe dragons used to be supernatural guardians of certain places. This idea was used well in many stories, movies, and series to show Castles being protected by dragons, as dogs would be too small for the huge structures. Does Rudolph here look dangerous enough to be a Castle Guard?

  1. Dragon And Flower Coloring Page:

Dragon And Flower Coloring Page
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Dragons in certain mythologies were believed to be symbols or deities of various forces of nature. The forces of nature are believed to be present in their magic. Here a little dragon is mesmerized by the magic of nature in the form of a flower.

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  1. Dragon And Tower Coloring Page:

Dragon And Tower Coloring Pages
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Few believers of mythology still think that dragons exist and they hide away from the human population. Most of them are believed to stay hidden in isolated towers like this one. However, Kevin here is just perched on a small tower. Color him cutely!

  1. Dragon And Fairy Coloring Page:

Dragon Cartoon Coloring Pages
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Fairies are believed to be Angels that are the size of butterflies, and they are found around every flora and fauna. And dragons are related to nature in some mythologies. So it is a probable thought that if fairies exist, so do dragons!

  1. Dragon With The Books:

Dragon Coloring Images
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According to Ancient Chinese mythology, dragons had high intelligence and were difficult to fool. Being magical creature, it is believable. Here Theodore has developed a reading habit and joined a college. What should be the color of the college flag?

  1. Dragon Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Dragon Coloring Page For Preschoolers
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Here is a baby dragon blowing fire. Dragons were powerful and mighty, maybe that is why they could be mean. Color him well and practice how to write!

  1. Dragon Coloring Page For Adults:

Dragon Coloring Pages For Adults
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The myth of dragons has inspired some of the best books, shows, and movies. Kids loved Dragonball Z and Beyblade that had many dragons involved in the storyline and action. Books like Eragon, Inkheart, and A Song of Ice and Fire also became famous among adults. Which dragon is this?

  1. Dragons And Their Appearance:

Dragon Coloring Pages For Kids
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Neither zoologists nor paleontologists have proven the existence of dragons. But many inscriptions and manuscripts have described them. So no matter how you draw them, there is not enough evidence to disprove your drawing. Color this imagined dragon the way it should look as per you.

  1. Dragon Playing Fireball:

Dragon Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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The fire-breathing magic would have made dragons the most dangerous living things on earth. Thankfully, they exist only in the imaginations of many. As per one of those imaginations, they love playing Fireball!

  1. The Chinese Dragon Lore:

Dragon Coloring Sheets Free
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Dragons, mythical, or real are the most royal creatures, in Chinese culture. They are a symbol of royalty, power, strength, and good luck. They were believed to have potent and auspicious powers over rain, winds, typhoons, and other forces of nature. Color this dragon in the colors of forces of nature!

  1. The Good Dragon Coloring Page:

Dragon Praying Coloring Page
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Dragons were not only evil, but good or Heavenly too. Leviathans are a good example of evil dragons, Mushussu the good one. Here we see an innocent, friendly dragon probably praying for peace on Earth!


  1. Dragon Tattoo Coloring Page:

Dragon Tattoo Coloring Pages
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Just like the dragon in some mythologies and cultures, the tattoo is a significant part of many cultures. Nowadays, tattoos are a fashion statement too. Tattoos are meant to mean something or convey a message. Dragons can mean power, energy, or strength. What do you think this tattoo would mean?

  1. Dragon With Balloons Coloring Page:

Dragon With Balloons Coloring Page
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An essential requirement to be able to fly is being lightweight. But if weight is less, strength becomes less too. Maybe the inflammable gas gives them some buoyancy to be light, as the light gas in these balloons. Color this cute dragon flying with these floating balloons!

  1. Fiery Dragon Coloring Page:

Fiery Dragon Coloring Page
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As dragons sometimes represent various forces of nature, some theorists might state that the dragon of the fire element not only breathes fire, but is always covered in the flame too. What do you think – should the Fire Dragon look like this? What should be his colors?

  1. Fire Breathing Dragon Coloring Page:

Fire Breathing Dragon Coloring Page
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This is Misty. She is sweet and friendly. Like many other of her friends, she can fly and breathe fire. She likes playing with fire. But she is a dragon; you should not play with fire. Dragons are designed to kill, no matter how cute. Look at her tail – when she grows up, she can demolish buildings with it!

  1. Big Dragon Coloring Page:

Fire Breathing Dragon Coloring Pages
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See this fully grown dragon, Carl! He is huge, fast, and strong. He is breathing fire that is hotter than the one in your cooking stoves. Actually, they breathe only an inflammable gas that catches fire in the atmosphere. Do you think he can carry you on his back?

  1. Gentleman Dragon Coloring Page:

Gentleman Dragon Coloring Page
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Meet Luther, the gentleman dragon. He loves having coffee with a vanilla pastry. He walks with a stick and wears a monocle. He is never seen blowing fire, just sweet and smart words. Dragons are thought to be intelligent, and this adjective suits Luther’s description.

  1. Happy Dragon Jolly:

Happy Dragon Colouring Pages
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Ferocious creatures to view, Jolly is quite contradictory to this description. He is known for his jokes and tricks. He is loved by the kids around him. He wishes to work in a circus one day. He can fly, but his landing has always been full of fumbles.

  1. Ferocious Creature Coloring Page:

Real Dragon Coloring Pages
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Dragons are seen in many tattoos, stickers, and TV shows. Most of them have shown them to be as ferocious as this one, with wings, claws, scales, and horns. In some shows, they are used against huge armies that they just burnt to the ground in an instant. Color this one in shades of fury!

  1. Dragon In Full Flight:

Realistic Dragon Coloring Pages
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Unlike birds, dragon’s wings are not made of feathers. They are believed to be fleshy or skin wings. They are strong and flexible to propel them to the sky over the clouds. This makes their wings water-proof and allows them to fly in any weather.

  1. Folded Wings Of A Dragon:

Realistic Dragon Coloring Sheets
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Though considered strong, dragons are not regarded as immortal. Their bellies were considered vulnerable. So by survival instincts, just like any biological creature, they slept in a curled position. Their tough wings served as the shield to protect the vulnerable body parts. Here, we see a dragon going to sleep.

Mystical creatures present only in legends and myths, they have gained more fame than many living species. Tattoos, stickers, even national flags of a few countries bear their forms and designs to immortalize these legendary creatures. Maybe a few dinosaur fossils inspired the appearance of these magical beings. Do you think they existed, or still do? Think about it while you color these pages!

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