35 Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages

Earth Day Coloring Pictures

Hello young pals! Every day that passes by may seem ordinary, but each day is special because a Mother’s love is being showered upon us in the form of life. Like your life would be impossible without your mother, so would any life without this Mother of Mothers. So let’s celebrate Mother EARTH! Earth Day is celebrated throughout the world on 22 April to support planet conservation and environmental protection. This planet is believed to be formed 4.5 billion years ago. It is called the blue planet because two-thirds of it is covered with water and the water coverage reflects blue color. Being a life-supporting planet unlike any other, it is safe to say it is a living thing in itself. So let’s celebrate this oldest organism’s day with these free printable Earth Day coloring pages for 2018. You can check out the latest free Earth Day coloring sheets to print below.

35 Free Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages

  1. A Mother’s Love:

Coloring Pages Of Earth Day
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Glenn had the Earth Day celebration at his school. There he learned how Earth provided us with “All things bright and beautiful”. Glenn realized that the planet has provided life to so many creatures without demanding any return. In his dream, he his thanking our Mother Earth! Color them in love!

  1. Beautiful And Clean Earth:

Cute Earth Day Printables
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From space, Earth looks beautiful in blue, white, green, and brown. But increase in human population and advancement in industrial development has added the grey shades everywhere in the form of concrete jungles and pollution. Earth Day is celebrated by promoting ways to minimize these grey shades by controlling pollution. This picture displays how Earth wants a cleanup!

  1. Earth Day 2018 Coloring Page:

Earth Day 2018 Coloring Pages
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The biggest problem that even our cities face along with the rest of the planet is plastic disposal. The plastic waste in the seas and oceans has reached an extent where marine ecosystem throughout the world has been disturbed. Many dead whales are found with plastic in their stomach! So this Earth Day let us promise to reject plastic for the sake of this wonderful planet!

  1. Earth Day Celebration Coloring Image:

Earth Day Celebration Coloring Pages
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Whenever you are hungry, you will find food; when thirsty, fresh water; when sad, bright flowers; when happy, beautiful creatures; when lonely, another creature to befriend; when uncomfortable, there is a place called home where you will find comfort. All these things are provided by Earth. Do you know any other planet that can provide all this?

  1. The Blue Planet Coloring Page:

Earth Day Coloring Pages For Kids
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The deep blue seas have a world of their own. Numerous species inhabit this mysterious world. The seas are a source of food for billions of creatures. But now this world has been polluted by oil and garbage. If seas stay clean, this blue world will remain balanced, and its creatures as happy as this dolphin!

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  1. Earth Day Coloring Page For Toddlers:

Earth Day Coloring Pages For Toddlers
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Earth is the only habitable planet discovered in our Milky Way galaxy. No other planet can start, support and sustain life. That makes this planet unique. No doubt other planets are praising its beauty.

  1. Recycling For The Planet:

Earth Day Coloring Pages Recycling
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Earth Days are dedicated to spreading environmental awareness. We have reached a limit where the Earth is unable to take any more of the non-biodegradable waste disposal. That is why recycling has become a must! Let us spread the concept of recycling to save Earth’s environment!

  1. Green Means Alive:

Earth Day Coloring Pages To Print
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Due to urbanization and more people moving to the cities, concrete jungles are replacing the green covers. Here, Luther is planting a tree to spread green cover around his house. Even if we plant one tree every Earth Day, these autotrophs might curb the rate of Global Warming.

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  1. Ecological Balance Coloring Page:

Earth Day Coloring Pages
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Anna and Andy are presenting their art at an Earth Day celebration named “The Balancing Act”. They balance a huge balloon colored like Earth. Balancing is difficult, symbolizing ecological balance which is highly complex. They want to convey the message that we should not disturb this balance; else balance is lost.

  1. Everyday Earth Day Coloring Image:

Earth Day Coloring Pages
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Earth doesn’t provide life only on selective days; neither should we appreciate Earth only once a year. We should be grateful to Earth and show this gratitude every day some way or the other. Planting trees, managing waste, recycling are a few ways of doing it! So color this page green!

  1. Cute Earth Day Coloring Picture:

Earth Day Coloring Pictures To Print
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Industrial Revolution in the 1900s has led to an improved lifestyle of human beings, but it has taken its toll on the planet. The contamination of air, water, and land has affected many species and ecologies. So Earth needs some cleaning, like this one here, is going through. Color it clean!

  1. Earth Day Environmental Awareness Coloring Page:

Earth Day Environmental Awareness Coloring Pages To Print
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One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by carrying out a cleanliness drive so that the environment is not forced to decompose the non-biodegradable wastes. Here Alan is participating in one such drive!

  1. Planet With An Atmosphere:

Earth Day Environmental Awareness Coloring Pages
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Earth is the only planet that has an atmosphere that supports life. Oxygen is the life supporter present on Earth. But now air pollution and deforestation together have deteriorated this atmosphere. That is why Earth is wearing a gas mask!

  1. Cleanliness Drive Coloring Page:

Environmental Awareness Coloring Pages Free Printable
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Look at Jodie and Mark. They are cleaning their school on the eve of Earth Day. Paper and plastic add to the waste, but they can be recycled. So they are collecting the recyclable waste separately. Color them well!

  1. Arbor Day With Earth Day:

Environmental Awareness Coloring Pages
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Arbor Day is the celebration of trees and is celebrated throughout the world. This day, people plant trees and teach the kids the importance of trees. Keith and Lara seem to have realized the importance of trees!

  1. Cleaning Public Gardens:

Free Earth Day Coloring Pages To Print
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To spread environmental awareness, kids from Tom’s school are carrying out clean-up drives in public parks. Many bystanders take inspiration and lend a hand in this endeavor. Seeing public support, these students are happy!

  1. Celebrating Earth Day Coloring Page:

Free Earth Day Coloring Sheets
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When we say Earth Day, it implies we are celebrating everything that Earth has given us. This includes all flora and fauna. These beautiful species of animals maintain the ecological balance that keeps many natural processes continuous and life is sustained.

  1. Earth Day Celebration Greetings:

Happy Earth Day Coloring Pages To Print
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From the Moon, Earth seems to have very few colors. But once you are on its surface, you realize how gorgeously colorful this planet is! Fill some colors here to glorify its beauty!

  1. Camping Responsibly:

Happy Earth Day Coloring Sheets
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The McDonalds family is on a camping trip to celebrate the entire Earth Week. Mr. McDonald is doing so that his kids learn to appreciate the glorious gifts Earth has granted us. They were also told not to litter as the waste can pollute the water and harm the salmons.

  1. Flora Of Earth:

Happy Earth Day Coloring Sheets
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Earth is unique. It supports all kinds of lives – from simple grass to complicated fungi, from itsy-bitsy butterflies to big blue whales. So let us color this representation of the flora of Earth and celebrate beauty and life!

  1. Love Earth Coloring Page:

Love Earth Coloring Pages
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Here we see Ben and Mila hugging Earth. They have realized on Earth Day how much Mother Earth loves her children – giving oxygen, taking carbon dioxide, providing food and fresh water, and beautiful gardens!

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  1. Need Of The Hour:

Make The Earth A Better Place Coloring Sheet
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Wilfred has realized how pollution is harmful to life on and of Earth. Air, water, and land pollution has led to Global Warming, and this has affected the weather pattern too. That is why Wilfred is cleaning the Earth to restore the ecological balance.

  1. Make Earth A Better Place:

Make The Earth A Better Place Coloring Page
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Many people stay back saying “What difference a single man can make?” But these kids are spreading the message to do your bit, and the others will follow. This Earth Day let’s do our bit and not stay back!

  1. Planet Earth Coloring Page:

Planet Earth Coloring Pages
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The urgent problem faced by Earth is Global Warming due to an increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. The solution is given on this page – trees. Plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen maintaining the balance of the atmosphere. Let’s color the Earth green!

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  1. Earth Day Coloring Page For Preschoolers:

Printable Earth Coloring Pages For Preschoolers
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Recycling is an essential step towards sustainable development on Earth. Sustainable development refers to steps taken to fulfill today’s needs keeping in mind the needs of the future generation. As the years are passing, this need is increasing. Color this page and spread the word!

  1. How Plants Support Life:

Printable Earth Coloring Pages
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Most of the planets are just crooked ball of rock or gases. Only Earth has water and life. The source of life is the plants that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and facilitate the respiration of every living thing.

  1. Mother Earth Loves Everyone:

Printable Earth Coloring Pictures
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According to the ancient Greeks, the living spirit of Earth is Goddess Gaea. She turned a normal planet into a living one. And as all creations, including humans, got her gift, she loves everyone equally. Does she look like Gaea? Color her how she should look!

  1. Mother Earth – The Super Planet:

Printable Earth Day Coloring Pages
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Scientists have found out that Neptune and Uranus get rains of diamonds. Jupiter has tornadoes and hurricanes of huge magnitude on a regular basis. Saturn has a ring of ice around it. But none of them have water and oxygen in life-supporting proportions. This life-giving power makes Mother Earth the Super Planet!

  1. Every Day Is Earth Day:

Printable Earth Template
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If we look at how Earth contributes to our lives, we will realize that every day deserves to be celebrated as Earth Day, and we need to return to Earth what has been granted to us – by living clean and minimizing effluents.

  1. The 3-R Approach To Save Humans:

Reduce Recycle Reuse Coloring Page
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The 3-R Approach refers to “Reduce Reuse Recycle”. It tells us how to conserve the resources of Earth. If we reduce our desires and reuse the old things that are not damaged, we won’t need new products. When we do, recycling old waste can save the present resources for future use. This way both waste and resources get managed.

  1. Save The World Coloring Page:

Save The Earth Coloring Pages Free Printable
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Plastic has caused such havoc in the world that it is banned in many cities of many countries. It has been replaced by paper bags and cartons. Betty here has used paper bags and cartons to bring articles from a grocery store. Even the bottles are made of recycled plastic!

  1. Save The Earth Coloring Page:

Save The Earth Coloring Pages
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This gesture shown here indicates how we need to save Earth. Not from some asteroids, but UV rays. The ozone layer does this job, but many chemicals have led to huge holes in the ozone layer. UV rays increase the chances of skin cancer. To restore the ozone layer, we need to reduce our use of air conditioners and refrigerators.

  1. A United Earth Day Coloring Page:

Save The Earth Coloring Sheets To Print
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There is a huge truth in the saying “Unity is Strength”. So we need to unite to make the Earth Day drive more effective. This way, more people will join our green army and improve the state of our blue planet.

  1. Non-Conventional Energy Sources Coloring Sheet:

Save The Planet Coloring Pages
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Humans have relied too much on fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, and coal. They have not only polluted the environment but pushed this limited natural resource to exhaustion. Now the new challenge for science is making use of clean energy like solar, wind and geothermal energy. Here is a picture showing how windmill uses wind energy.

  1. The Root Of Life:

Tree And Earth Coloring Pages
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Without plants, there would be no oxygen, and thus, no life. So if a tree symbolizes life, like in this page, we should remember that its roots will always remain on Earth. Any harm to Earth means damage to the root and eventually to the tree! Let’s color it with hope for life!

Earth can satisfy our needs, but not our greed. Our greed has crossed many limits, and we are now paying a fine for it in the form of Global Warming, disturbing weather patterns, increased diseases, and extinction of species. People say we need to save Earth, but Earth has survived before our origin. We are in danger and need to save ourselves from the wrath of Earth. So let’s pledge to take care of Mother Earth and ensure that she continues sustaining life. Think about the ways we can make our lives and our future better without harming other forms of life while you color these Earth Day coloring pages printable!