35 Free Superman Coloring Pages Printable

Superman coloring pages for kids

Fighting injustice and trying to maintain peace and harmony in the world – these are some of the common qualities we observe in great world leaders. These qualities are also true of the heroes and superheroes in the fiction world. Today’s topic celebrates one such superhero. Hint: it’s not a bird or a plane. Yes, we are indeed talking about Superman.

Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman is part of DC Comics. After his first appearance in 1938, Superman has seen several adaptations, including films, series, novels, and more. Superman was sent to Earth as a baby by his parents when their planet Krypton was in danger. On earth, he gets adopted and grows up as Clark Kent. Discovering his superhuman abilities, he uses the powers to fight crime and save the world.

Let’s not wait any longer and get to know more about this resident of Metropolis city through this heroic printable collection of Superman coloring sheets.

35 Free Superman Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Clark and Perry White:

Clark and Perry White

It’s not Superman but his alter-ego that is starting off this collection. Like most other superheroes even Superman blends into the real world by taking on another character, that of a budding journalist Clark Kent. He is seen here with his boss, Perry White, editor-in-chief of Daily Planet.

  1. Clark Kent In Office:

Clark Kent coloring page

Now that you have met the Superman as Clark Kent along with his boss, here is a closer look at his office where he works. You can see that it’s a busy time in the office. Everyone seems to be occupied with some work or the other.  

  1. Clark Kent is Superman:

Clark Kent is Superman

While working as Clark Kent, whenever he gets to know about any dangerous situation or event, he quickly gets away from everyone else. Then he reveals his Superman avatar hidden underneath his Clark Kent alter-ego and quickly flies to the rescue.

  1. Clark Kent the Journalist:

Clark Kent the journalist

Once Superman has done all the saving and rescuing, he quickly goes back to being Clark Kent, the journalist. Look at him with his pen and notepad acting as if he has just reached the place to jot down all the happenings of the event.

  1. Clark Kent with His Superman Suit:

Clark Kent with his Superman suit

Just like your school uniform needs a wash every once in a while, it seems even Clark Kent needs to wash up his Superman suit. Checking his Superman suit after his recent rescue efforts, it surely looks like laundry time for Clark Kent.

  1. Daily Planet Staff:

Daily Planet staff

Say your greetings to the staff of the Daily Planet, the newspaper where Clark Kent works. Here you have other members of the Daily Planet staff standing along with Clark to take the photo. Guess the staff members while you fill some colors in this illustration.

  1. Superman To The Rescue:

Free printable Superman coloring pages

This is what Superman gets up to when he is on his rescue mission of saving the world and its people. He has picked up these people from being hurt in an accidental fire by sweeping them up in the air.

  1. Granny Hugging “The Superman”:

Granny Hugging The Superman

When you are being rescued and saved from any tragedy or incident, it is but natural to feel a sense of relief and gratitude. Thankful for being alive, this old granny is hugging Superman affectionately for his deed.

  1. Jimmy Olsen, Daily Planet Photographer:

Jimmy Olsen

Newspapers are not just about the articles, there are also pictures accompanying the words. At Daily Planet, Jimmy Olsen works as a photojournalist, telling stories with his photographs. Good friends to both Lois and Clark, Jimmy Olsen is also in a good equation with the boss.

  1. Lego Superman Coloring Page:

Lego Superman coloring page

Over the years, Lego has gained prominence in the world of toys. It has even successfully crossed over to movies with several Lego version films. The superheroes franchise has also received a successful Lego makeover. Here is Lego Superman with the trademark hair curl and the cape.

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  1. Lex Luthor, Superman’s Classic Foe:

Lex Luthor coloring page

A great hero almost always meets a great villain, an anti-hero. In the Superman stories, Lex Luthor has achieved the status of a supervillain. The character was created in 1940 as a mad scientist but over time has been developed into a power-hungry CEO of LexCorp.

  1. Lois Lane Coloring Page:

Lois Lane coloring page

Lois Lane is a reputed journalist working for Daily Planet. It is here that Superman, disguised as Clark Kent, first meets her and their relationship develops as they start working together. Looking professional and posing smartly, be sure to capture her confidence with your coloring skills.

  1. Lois Lane Working:

Lois Lane working

Lois Lane is a journalist of repute, an award-winning investigative reporter regarded as the best at the Daily Planet. Being one of the best journalists, Lois Lane is completely thorough in her job. You can see her diligently finishing up her latest report on this coloring page.

  1. Daily Planet Building:

My Planet coloring page

You have seen the staff working at the Daily Planet. Now, here’s a look at the grand building of the newspaper in the city of Metropolis. The logo of the Daily Planet, a giant globe, appears at the top of the building. Print this coloring page and bring out the grandeur of this architecture.

  1. Perry White, The Editor-In-Chief Of Daily Planet:

Perry White the Editor in chief of Daily Planet

What makes Daily Planet one of the best newspapers is its high journalistic standards. Ensuring the entire team stays true to this standard is the newspaper’s editor-in-chief, Perry White. Here he is checking out today’s edition, browsing through the pages for quality.

  1. Stately Superman Coloring Page:

Stately Superman coloring page

Tall, strong, and well-built, Superman always strikes an imposing figure wherever he is. It’s no different here on this coloring page. Superman looks stately and empowering in this cool illustration. After you print this page, fill in bold and accurate colors to bring out Superman’s personality.

  1. Superman and Flash:

Superman and Flash coloring page

Just like the Avengers in the Marvel Universe, the DC Comics have the Justice League. We have two of the superheroes who are part of the League on this coloring page. One is, of course, Superman and the other one is the superfast and dynamic, Flash.

  1. Superman and Wonder Woman:

Superman and Wonder Woman coloring page

Here we have another member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman, joining forces with Superman to fight their enemy. Alone, each of the members is capable of doing wonders but together they are a force to reckon with. Give these two superlative fighters some of your best coloring skills.

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  1. Superman Breaking the Chains:

Superman Breaking The Chains

The astonishing strength of Superman is known to all. Being an alien, the strength in him is inherent. You can see Superman demonstrating this ability in this illustration where he is breaking chains without much effort at all. Print this coloring page and fill it with sturdy colors.

  1. Superman Breaking Through the Wall:

Superman breaking through the wall

It’s not just breaking chains, but Superman can just as effortlessly and easily break through a wall. All the bricks get smashed through as Superman passes through the wall, chasing an enemy. Fill the coloring page with action-packed colors.

  1. Superman Can Even Fight Planes:

Superman Can Even Fights Planes

Superman’s abilities don’t stop at chain-breaking or wall-breaking. As illustrated here, when it comes to saving the planet and fighting off enemies, Superman can even fight planes. Capture this full-on fight sequence with your coloring skills.

  1. Superman Flying Over Buildings:

Superman coloring images

One of the innate abilities of Superman has been flying. It comes naturally to him. Here is Superman towering over the buildings, high up in the atmosphere, ready to save the world. Help Superman reach on time and be fully prepared by filling this illustration with confident colors.

  1. Superman and His Logo:

Superman Coloring Pages Printable

If you are familiar with Superman films, you can tell this illustration of him is a classic Superman poster. Showing off his flying pose with the right fist to propel ahead and the cape moving in the air, give this legendary Superman pose some flying colors.

  1. Superman Reflecting Bullets:

Superman coloring pages

Another proof of Superman’s strength and invincibility is his body makeup. Superman, being an alien, has a body that is invulnerable to almost everything. In this illustration, you can see how even bullets are rendered useless against his body. Look at the bullets ricocheting off his steely body.

  1. Superman Lifting Building:

Superman coloring sheets

Most often Superman’s enemies target public places like buildings to keep him busy trying to save them while they carry on with their dangerous missions. But Superman, with his speed, agility, and strength can easily save falling buildings or planes while still making it on time to defeat the enemies.

  1. Superman Fighting the Villain:

Superman Fighting The Villain

After breaking through the brick wall, Superman engages in one-on-one combat with the enemy. With these great fighting skills, the enemy is no match for the flying superhero. Be sure to do your best to bring out the action in this illustration with your excellent coloring skills.

  1. Superman Flying in Space:

Superman flying coloring page

It might seem incredible to see Superman flying in space but there are greater things he does with his flying. He can fly at such great speed that it is said that he even breaks the sound barrier or goes faster than light, traveling not just to the immediate space outside the earth’s atmosphere but into distant galaxies.

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  1. Superman and Others Take a Photo:

Superman getting clicked

Superman is a hero in the eyes of the public and whenever they see him it’s hard to control their enthusiasm. After Superman successfully saved another disaster from happening, the people gathered nearby wanted to take a photo with their superhero. This must be before the time of smartphones when selfies were not a thing yet.

  1. Superman Giving an Interview:

Superman Giving An Interview

Right around the corners, the journalists have also gathered to get their exclusive interviews with the superhero himself. With complete modesty, Superman answers all their questions one by one. Match the interview skills of this journalist by adding your own spin to this illustration with your coloring skills.

  1. Superman is Faster Than the Train:

Superman is faster than the train

When you fly faster than even sound, trying to run faster than the train is a small feat. That’s exactly what this illustration demonstrates. While the train is running at its highest speed, it takes a mere second for Superman to exceed the speed and overtake it.

  1. Superman Logo Coloring Page:

Superman Logo coloring page

Arguably one of the most recognized logos of a superhero, this coloring page showcases the Superman logo in close-up detail. Remember the color combination of the logo to accurately bring it to life in colors.

  1. Superman Out to Save the World:

Superman out to save the world

There is no rest for the savior, especially in a world where there are enemies of good, trying to harm the world. Whenever and wherever he is needed, Superman storms out to save the world, reaching from one end of the earth to the other in no time.

  1. Superman Saving a Man:

Superman saving a man

Superman reaches just in time as the fire breaks out in the building. One by one he rescues all the people trapped inside the building. Here he is bringing out the last person in the building, out in the open to safety.

  1. Superman the Savior:

Superman the savior

Here we have another person Superman saved during the day. Holding on to Superman, the woman feels safe and secure. He flies up in the air before bringing her down to safety. When you color this page, don’t forget to add details to the city below.

  1. Superman’s Hearing Powers:

Supermans hearing powers

Among Superman’s multiple incredible abilities is his hearing power. While a sound that is too low for a human being to hear or ranging in frequencies that is outside a human’s capacity, Superman can easily hear it.

With that sharp hearing powers of Superman, we have reached the end of today’s adventurous collection of superman coloring pictures printable. We hope you enjoyed learning about this superhero and had fun filling in colors on the different Superman illustrations. Superman is considered, arguably, the superhero that led to the concept and characterization of modern superhero stories.

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