25 Free Whale Coloring Pages Printable


Good day kids! Hope you are keeping yourself cool and refreshed while enjoying this summer. As cool as aquatic animals, swimming around in the water. Talking of aquatic animals, our article today is inspired by one of the largest animals in the world, whales. Yes, we’ve got you free printable whale coloring pages.

Whales are aquatic mammals that live in open water with an evolution history from land mammals. Although they can go without air for a long period of time, they have distinct blowholes to help them breathe by spouting water. There are two types or parvorder of whales – baleen whales or Mysticeti, having a filter-feeding system in their mouth in place of teeth and toothed whales or Odontoceti which as the name suggests are whales with teeth.

Over the last few years, there have been concerns regarding their declining population due to whaling, hunting of whales for food and more. The International Whaling Commission has placed a catch limit for each country depending upon the species.

Let’s discover more about this large aquatic animal through this collection of whale coloring pages to print.

25 Free Whale Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Bowhead Whale – Residents Of The Arctic & Sub-Arctic Waters:

Bowhead Whale coloring page
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Living entirely in the Arctic and sub-Arctic waters, Bowhead whales are also known as Arctic whale or Greenland right whale. They are thick-bodied and can weigh up to 100 tons. Coming in about 18 meters in length, Bowhead whales are dark in color and do not have a dorsal fin.

  1. Octopus, Whale And Its Calf:

Coloring Pages of Whale
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Another interesting creature of the underwater world, octopus, seems to be thinking about its encounter with a whale and its calf, and how it was touched by the act of the mother teaching and caring for its young calf.

  1. Connect The Dots Whale Coloring Page:

Connect The Dots Whale coloring page
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At the moment this page looks odd. Connect all the dots in proper order and you will find a giant whale appear out of nowhere. Quickly print this page and get started with your coloring and watch the whale appear slowly, almost magically out of nowhere.

  1. Cute Orca And Little Girl Interact:

Cute Orca coloring page
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Here is a cute Orca engaged in playful human interaction with the little girl. You might have seen this species of whale in the endearing hit 1993 film, “Free Willy”. They have a distinct black back with white chest and sides. Print this page and fill this illustration with lovely colors.

  1. Whale And Little Boy – Friends Under The Sea:

Cute Whale coloring images
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Demonstrating the interspecies friendship are this little boy and his giant whale of a friend. Look at the whale playfully sticking out its giant tongue with its mouth wide open and the bubbles coming out of the boy’s mouth as he swims underwater.

  1. Whale – The Warm-Blooded Aquatic Animal:

Cute Whale coloring page
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This warm-blooded animal comes with a thick layer of fat, also referred to as blubber to keep the whale’s body heat intact at an ideal temperature. That is one of the many factors how it can survive even in the cold winter water of the ocean.

  1. Cute Whale Resting On The Ocean Floor:

Cute Whale coloring pages
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Looking so cute and coy, this whale is resting on the ocean floor with the leafy plants acting as a cushion. Be sure to capture the look in the eye when you start coloring this page.

  1. Finding Nemo – The Giant Blue Whale:

Finding Nemo Whale coloring page
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A whale makes an appearance in the Disney-Pixar 2003 animated blockbuster feature, “Finding Nemo”. Not just any whale but the giant blue whale. While Nemo and his father are navigating through the water to Sydney, they get swallowed by a blue whale. After Nemo talks to it, they are spouted out of the whale’s blowhole onto the Sydney Harbor.

  1. Funny Whale Playing Spouts:

Funny Whale coloring page
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Whales breathe by inhaling air through their blowhole and spouting a jet of water while exhaling. But this young whale is having a fun time playing the spouting game with itself while swimming on the surface.

  1. Hello Kitty Gets Friendly With A Whale:

Hello Kitty With Whale colouring page
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The cute and ever-popular little Hello Kitty has fans and friends all around the world. Even deep underwater creatures like this giant whale is a friend of Hello Kitty. Celebrate their friendship with your colors.

  1. The Tale Of Jonah And the Whale:

Jonah and the Whale coloring page
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Whales find a mention in the Bible as well. In the Book of Jonah about a prophet of northern Israel, where Jonah is said to have been swallowed by a great fish. Many have interpreted the great fish to have been a whale. Don’t worry he survived after the whale throws him out on the shore.

  1. Killer Whale – The Stereotyped Killer:

Killer Whale coloring pages
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Often stereotype as ruthless killers, Killer whale or Orca belongs to the oceanic dolphin family and have excellent hunting skills using their echolocation abilities. They are apex predators, bearing a large dorsal fin.

  1. Minke Whale Coloring Picture:

Minke Whale coloring picture
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Common Minke whale belongs to the Rorquals family, which includes the Blue whale species believed to be the largest animal to have ever lived. Minke whales are Rorquals family’s smallest member and one of the most robust. They have a distinguishing feature, white bands on their pectoral fins.

  1. Narwhal – The Arctic Whale:

Narwhal Whale coloring page
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Inhabiting the Arctic waters, Narwhal is a medium-sized whale, bearing a distinct, helical tusk which is formed from a canine tooth on the upper left. With a lifespan of up to 50 years, Narwhal can grow up to 18 feet.

  1. Realistic Whale Coloring Page:

Realistic Whale coloring page
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Would you believe it if we told you that whales are related to hippopotamuses? Yes, hippopotamuses are whales closest living relatives, both species diverging from each other around 40 million years ago. Contemplate on this information as you print and color this realistic illustration of a whale.

  1. Sperm Whale – Largest Toothed Whale:

Sperm Whale coloring page
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Also known as Cachalot, Sperm whale is not only the largest among the toothed whales, growing up to 67 feet, but it also holds the distinction of being the largest toothed predator in the world. They inhabit the open waters and migrate accordingly for feeding and breeding purposes.

  1. W for Whale:

W for Whale coloring page
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We are halfway through our collection about whales. If we ask you what stands for W, the answer undoubtedly will be Whale. Color this W for Whale illustration with striking colors.

  1. Mother Whale And Her Calf:

Whale and Calf coloring page
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When it comes to parental responsibility, it is the female whales who do all the raising. They care for the young ones until they have grown considerably. Females generally give birth to their young ones typically during summer and spring seasons.

  1. Sailors And Ships Meet The Giant Whale:

Whale coloring pictures printable
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Perhaps one of the first encounters between a whale and a human might have been by sailors traveling for days and months along the wide open oceans and seas. Illustrating one such extraordinary, if not a dangerous encounter is this coloring page.

  1. Whales Wary Of Humans:

Whale coloring sheets printable
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Like most animals, even whales are hunted by humans for commercial purpose. Maybe that’s why this mother whale seems to be telling her young calf to stay away from humans and their ships.

  1. Whale Looking For Food On The Ocean Floor:

Whale In The Ocean coloring page
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With their streamlined body and their ability to slow their heart rate, whales can dive deep underwater. After taking a good amount of air, this whale has come down to the bottom to search for some food.

  1. Man Contemplates On The Beach, Whale Spouts In The Ocean:

Whale pages to color
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This man has come for a peaceful time on his own on this beach. He seems to be lost in his thoughts, silently contemplating his life while sitting under a coconut tree. Far away in the ocean, a giant whale breathes out water through its blowhole, spouting water.

  1. Whale Inspires Books, Whale Reads Books:

Whale Reading Book coloring page
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Whales have been a topic of many books and have inspired classic tales like Herman Melville’s Moby Dick or The Whale. Highlighting this point with a completely contrasting illustration of a whale reading a book is this fun coloring page.

  1. Whale Spouting Water Coloring Page:

Whale Spouting Water coloring page
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You might have seen whales spurt a jet or stream of water from their bodies while swimming close to the surface. This process is called spouting. Whales breathe by spouting water from their blowholes present on their dorsal side.

  1. Whales Communicating With Each Other:

Whales Picture to color
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Whales are able to communicate with each other as well as navigate and find their preys using different sounds like whistles, clicks, and echolocation or bio-sonar. Like how this mother whale asked her calf to stay close to her.

On that note of interesting whale communication, we have reached the end of this collection of whale coloring pages printable. Apart from the few of the whale species discussed in this collection, there are several other species spread all over the world’s open water bodies. We can all do our part in protecting and conserving nature and wildlife around the world, including this giant mammal. You can print and color this collection of whale coloring pictures and share them with your family and friends to spread awareness.