40 Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Images

Good day young readers! Have you ever seen a fairy? Fairies are believed to be miniature angels that fly around flora and fauna of all kinds. Here we present to you the creatures closest in resemblance to fairies – Butterflies! It will not be wrong to say that butterflies are magical creatures. Just the way they come out of their cocoon after metamorphosis from pupa stage is a purely magical sight. It would be hard to believe that an ordinary looking caterpillar can be transformed into such an elegant flying creature. With its colorful wings and fragile flight, they beautify gardens and orchards alike. They are essential for ecosystems and its proper balance. Let’s see how your colorful imaginations beautify these magnificent insects with these free printable butterfly coloring pages. Check out the free butterfly coloring sheets below. 

40 Free Printable Butterfly Coloring Pages

  1. American Snout Butterfly Coloring Page:

American Snout Butterfly Coloring Page
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It is a member of brush-footed butterfly family. Its striking feature is the elongated mouthpart that looks like a snout, and they are found in North and South America. Hence the name! When they migrate together, they appear as black clouds in the sky as the color is present only on the top surface of the wings. Let’s bring those colors out!

  1. B For Butterfly Coloring Page:

B For Butterfly Coloring Page
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Here’s a perfect butterfly coloring page for preschoolers. Butterfly probably gets its name from the smoothness of flight it possesses. It looks as if it is cutting through butter slowly and elegantly. Sometimes it is hard to believe looking at it that it is an insect!

  1. Bambi And Butterflies Coloring Page:

Bambi And Butterflies Coloring Page
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Bambi is a fawn, that is, a young deer. He is supposed to be the Prince of the forest. Isn’t he cute? But even he seems mesmerized by the soft touch of these gorgeous insects. Color them all in the shades of happiness!

  1. Butterflies In The Strawberry Field:

Butterflies In Strawberry Field Coloring Page
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Butterflies love flower, not because they are colorful, but because they contain sweet nectar. Here we see juicy strawberries that look ripe and juicy. Maybe that is why they are attracted to them, to suck their nectar up! But it was the bees that got the flower’s nectar and pollinated the flowers.

  1. Butterfly And Flowers Coloring Page:

Butterfly And Flowers Coloring Page
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Here’s another beautiful butterfly coloring pages for kids. Butterflies and flowers have a symbiotic relationship. This means they mutually fulfill each other’s needs. Flower provides the food to the butterfly and butterflies carry the pollen grains that get stuck on their furry surface leading to pollination. And together, they just make Mother Nature look more gorgeous!

  1. Fairytopia And Butterfly Barbie Coloring Page:

Butterfly Barbie FairyTopia Coloring Page
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Fairytopia is a Barbie movie portraying Barbie as Elina, a wingless flower fairy. She was teased for being a wingless fairy. But by magic, she gets the fairy wings. Or are those butterfly wings? Hard to differentiate, isn’t it?

  1. Butterfly Catching Coloring Page:

Butterfly Catching Coloring Page
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Every kid gets attracted to these fairy-like creatures in flight. Some try to catch them by hands while others use nets like Amanda here. Some people catch them and keep them preserved in scrapbooks and albums. But killing the butterflies to keep them is not a good deed, because its true beauty lies in its free frail flight. So don’t be like Amanda.

  1. Butterfly Activity Sheet:

Butterfly Coloring By Parts Activity Sheet For Kids
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Color the butterfly’s wings as per instructions given and find out how beautiful it is. This time, no imagination, but grammar skills are to be used.

  1. Butterfly Fact Coloring Page:

Butterfly Coloring Page With Facts
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Here we present a tip for enthusiastic gardeners. You will not only get flowering plants but fluttering colorful wings to go with them. Color them and decide which flower will you grow in your garden now?

  1. Brown Hairstreak Butterfly Coloring Page:

Butterfly Coloring Pages Brown Hairstreak
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As the name suggests, they have brown color with a golden orange flash on the upper face of wings, but only in females. The underside is bright and orange. It is mostly found in Britain.

  1. Butterfly Coloring Page For Adults:

Butterfly Coloring Pages For Adults
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Looking at beautiful things de-stresses kids and adult alike. So these intricately designed wings can be filled by both kids and adults. Choose the colors as per your imagination!

  1. Spring-Time Magic:

Butterfly Coloring Pages To Print
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Here’s a beautiful butterfly spring coloring page. When the flowers bloom, they invite a population of bugs and insects of all variety. They also attract people into the garden to relax under the warm sun. Here we see kids playing with creatures of their choice – frog and butterflies.

  1. Barbie Thumbelina Coloring Page:

Butterfly Girl Coloring Page
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Thumbelina is a Barbie movie, in which a small creature like Thumbelina proves that even the smallest person can make a big difference. It is true for butterflies too!

  1. Cute Garden Visitors:

Cute Butterfly Coloring Page
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It is spring and flowers in Strawberry Shortcake’s garden have invited some colorful guests. They seem delighted. Color and show how colorful these flying guests are!

  1. Cute Butterfly Coloring Page:

Cute Butterfly Coloring Pages
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This is one of the cutest butterflies coloring pages. Melvin is teaching his sister Melinda about butterflies as she sees them in the garden. Melinda’s colorful dress attracted the butterfly. She wanted to catch it, but Melvin came and saved the butterfly. They are so delicate that just catching them can hurt them and kill them.

  1. Detailed Butterfly Coloring Page:

Detailed Butterfly Coloring Pages
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Butterfly wings are famous for their magnificent colors, intricate patterns and weightlessness. Seeing them, philosophers wonder “God is such a brilliant artist!” Show how good an artist you are!

  1. Elaborate Butterfly Coloring Page:

Elaborate Butterfly Coloring Page
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It is a picturesque view to see different butterflies hovering over the same flower. Here is one such moment where different varieties of butterflies are hovering over the same plant. Use as many colors as you can to beautify this view.

  1. Fox And Butterfly Coloring Page:

Fox And Butterfly Coloring Page
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Every creature loves the springs. And butterflies are one of the reasons why spring is loved. Look at this little fox. Doesn’t he look jovial to be looking at the butterfly?

  1. Butterfly Activity Sheet:

Free Butterflies Printable
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You know that butterflies are colorful. What else do you know about butterflies? Let us write down what people think about the butterflies and what is the truth related to the same.

  1. Hesperiidae Butterfly Coloring Page:

Hesperiidae Butterfly Coloring Page
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Hesperiidae butterflies are also called Skipper butterflies. They get their name from their quick, darting flight habits. The various subspecies of this group are similar in appearance. Some of them can fold their wings like a moth.

  1. Life Stages Of A Butterfly Activity Sheet:

Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Printable
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Here is another activity that shall appeal to the artist as well as a scholar in you. Metamorphosis is the process by which a caterpillar becomes a butterfly in a cocoon. Color them, cut them out, and stick as per the instructions given.

  1. Lycaenidae Butterfly Coloring Page:

Lycaenidae Butterflies Coloring Page
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It is the second-largest family of butterflies constituting 30% of the total population. They are also called Gossamer-winger butterflies. By some biochemical magic, 75% of these species associate with ants by myrmecophily wherein ants feed the butterfly’s larvae.

  1. Mission Blue Butterfly Coloring Page:

Mission Blue Butterfly Coloring Page
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It is known for its gorgeous blue wings and scarce population. As shown, their population is limited to the region around San Francisco Bay Area. This species happens to be the first insect species to make it to US Federal Endangered Species List.

  1. Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page:

Monarch Butterfly Coloring Pages
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The monarch butterfly is a common species, and is also known as milkweed, common tiger, and wanderer butterfly. Though orange and gorgeous, its predators see something toxic and distasteful. That is their successful defense mechanism.

  1. Morpho Peleides Coloring Page:

Morpho Peleides Butterfly Coloring Page
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Morpho peleides butterflies are known for their brilliant blue wings. They are an iridescent tropical species found in and around Central America. They sense taste fruit with sensors on their legs, and use their antennae to smell and taste the air.

  1. Old World Swallowtail Butterfly Coloring Page:

Old World Swallowtail Coloring Page
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Also known as Papilio machaon, the swallowtail is another gorgeous butterfly protected by law in various parts of the world. They have numerous scales and pigments that impart them their intricate pattern on the wings.

  1. Painted Lady Butterfly Coloring Page:

Painted Lady Butterfly Coloring Page
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This species of butterflies is one of the most common and is found throughout the world. The distinguishing feature is the presence of black or white spots on the outer side of the wings that sometimes resemble four eye spots!

  1. Red Admiral Butterfly Coloring Page:

Red Admiral Butterfly Coloring Page
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It is a well-characterized, medium-sized butterfly with black wings having orange or red stripes and white spots. They are mostly found in temperate regions and are known to migrate during springs and autumns. They can feed on rotting fruits, tree sap and bird droppings in addition to flower nectar.

  1. Rice Paper Butterfly Coloring Page:

Rice Paper Butterfly Coloring Page
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This beauty of Southeast Asian origin is pretty big with wingspan of 12-14 centimeters. It gets its name from the wings it has that is translucent silvery white, just like rice paper. Owing to its natural host plant, it is poisonous both as a butterfly and a larva.

  1. Simple Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page:

Painted Lady Butterfly Coloring Page
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These are known for their long-distance migration in autumn and spring to prevent freezing to death. The male looks brighter than the female. Color and show if this one is a male or female!

  1. Spring Time Butterflies Coloring Page:

Spring Butterfly Coloring Page
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This has to be one of the prettiest butterfly coloring pages printable in our opinion. As already told, spring is the real time to enjoy the free flights of these fairy-like insects. This is the time when the flowers bloom and are ready to be pollinated. Butterflies act as the pollinating agent and ensure that the plants complete their life-cycle. Aren’t they noble?

  1. Strawberry Shortcake With Big Butterfly:

Strawberry Shortcake With Biig Butterfly Coloring Page
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The spring guests of Strawberry Shortcake have arrived, and she is welcoming them! Maybe she is thanking these wonderful creatures too, for turning the flowers into these juicy fruits. That is why pollination is so vital to plant life!

  1. Blue Morpho Butterfly Coloring Page:

The Blue Morpho Butterfly Coloring Page
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A fact about this species is written below the picture you should color. But did you know, in Rio Negro of Brazil, people used to kill these butterflies to put their wings on their mask! Isn’t it wrong to kill such important creatures?

  1. Ulysses Butterfly Coloring Page:

Ulysses butterfly Coloring Page
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With a wingspan of about 11 centimeters, these are large swallowtail butterflies found in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Their upper side of wings are iridescent electric blue while underside is dull brown for camouflage purpose.

  1. Viceroy Butterfly Coloring Page:

Viceroy Butterfly Coloring Page
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Renowned for being the state butterfly of Kentucky in the USA, this butterfly is found in and around the entire USA. It looks a lot like the Monarch butterfly, but it is smaller. It is a mimic of the Monarch!

  1. White Admiral Butterfly Coloring Page:

White Admiral Butterfly Coloring Page
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Just like red admiral has red stripe on black wings, white admiral butterfly has a white stripe. The males in this species are territorial, and the females mate only with those who have a territory.

  1. Yellow Edged Giant Owl Butterfly Coloring Page:

Yellow Edged Giant Owl Butterfly Coloring Page
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The word giant in their name owes its existence to the butterfly’s wingspan that ranges from 14 to 16 centimeters. It does not resemble an owl, but with its wings folded, the underside exposed has a pattern that seems to have an eye of the owl. This way its predators fear and stay away from it.

  1. Zebra Longwing Butterfly Coloring Page:

Zebra Longwing Coloring Page
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Also known as Zebra Heliconian, these butterflies have boldly striped black and white wing pattern. This is a defense mechanism that warns the predator of something unpleasant. The unusual diet of this species includes pollen grains along with flower nectar. Show with colors why they have Zebra in their name!

  1. Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Coloring Page:

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly Coloring Page
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Here’s a coloring page of zebra swallowtail butterfly. This specie has a distinctive wing shape with long tails, and black and white coloration same as a zebra. This shape makes it the species that is easiest to identify. The sword-like tails on the hind wings make it gorgeous. Beautify it further with your coloring!

  1. Zentangle Butterfly Coloring Page:

Zentangle Butterfly Coloring Page
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Butterflies have inspired a lot of designs and patterns in various fields of work. Here we see one such work of art. It can be used as a print on your handkerchief or bed sheet, or a design for your next henna tattoo, or a decorative pattern for glass painting. Let your imaginations be as wild and colorful as the butterflies, and show how this pattern should look!

Do you remember your reaction when you first saw a butterfly? If not, next time you see one, stop and find out how its frail flight and magnificent motion makes you feel! Until then, print these pieces of art out and turn them into the colorful masterpieces as they are meant to be! And don’t forget to let us know how you liked these free butterfly coloring pages to print.

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