Free Printable Octonauts Coloring Pages

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“The Octonauts”, released in the year 2010, is a British kids’ series, based on children’s books written by Michael C. Murphy and Vicki Wong. It follows the adventure of a team of eight animals living in Octopod, an undersea base. From the Octopod, these cute little animals go on undersea adventures, taking the help of their fleet of aquatic vehicles. And in the process, they teach the kids about the various species of marine animals. Today we’ve got our readers a small, but beautiful collection of free printable Octonauts coloring pages. So check out our Octonauts coloring sheets below.

Free Printable The Octonauts Coloring Pages

  1. Octonauts Coloring Pages:

Coloring Pages Of Octonauts
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Where is the trio from “The Octonauts” series heading? We’re sure they are up for some adventure. The subject matter of “The Octonauts”, similar to “Thunderbirds” and “Star Trek”, featuring exotic creatures and locations, and characters encountering real marine animals in their natural habitat.

  1. Octopod Coloring Page:

Free Printable Octonauts Coloring Pages Octopod
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This coloring page features the Octopod, a mobile underwater vehicle, which is the home and headquarters of the Octonauts. The Octopod is modeled after a large octopus and is nuclear powered, which helps it travel the world indefinitely.

  1. The Octonauts Printable:

Free Printable Octonauts Coloring Pages
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This coloring sheet features the five major characters of “The Octonauts” series- Captain Barnacles, Tweak Bunny, Kwazii Cat, Peso Penguin, and Professor Inkling. Color all these cuties as they are presented in the show to make them stand out. You can even try making finger puppets out of it.

  1. Peso Penguin With Elephish:

Free Printable Octonauts Coloring Sheets Elephish
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Now you must be wondering how can there be an elephant underwater? Well, that’s not exactly an elephant. It’s an elephish, which Peso Penguin seems to be examining. Isn’t that a fascinating character? However, we doubt something like this actually exists.

  1. Captain Barnacles With Different Sea Creatures:

Free Printable Octonauts Coloring Sheets
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Here’s a coloring sheet of Captain Barnacles of “The Octonauts” meeting and greeting with sea creatures. The coloring page includes images of Onchopristis, Dunkleosteus, Shonisaurus, Hemicyclaspis, Opabinia, Plesiosaurus. Out of all these creatures, Plesiosaurus captivated us the most. It’s an extinct marine reptile that lived during the Jurassic period.

  1. Captain Barnacles:

Octonauts Captain Barnacles Coloring Pages
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This coloring page features Captain Barnacles, the captain of the Octonauts. Barnacles Bear is one of the strongest and bravest polar bears you will ever come across. He comes to the help of people whenever there’s a problem, which is why the crew has major respect for him. And of course, he’s sensible and level-headed too!

  1. The Cast Of The Octonauts:

Octonauts Coloring Page
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This Octonauts coloring page features the of the most significant characters from “The Octonauts”- Captain Barnacles, Peso Penguin, and Kwazii Cat. The trio seems to be heading for a new adventure, which we can fathom from the excitement on their face.

  1. Captain Barnacles With His Crab Friend:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Captain Barnacles
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This coloring page features Captain Barnacles with his crab friend. Both Captain Barnacles and his friend are playing musical instruments. Who are they entertaining here? Or is it their favorite pastime? Whatever it may be, children will definitely enjoy filling colors in this image.

  1. Dashi Dog:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Dashi Dog
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The cute little creature you see here is Dashi Dog, a sweet-natured IT officer of the Octonauts crew. She controls all the communication devices, computers, and even the steering of the Octopod. Dashi Dog even loves taking pictures of different creatures she comes across.

  1. Kwazii Cat:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Kwazii Cat
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The cute pirate you see here is Kwazii, a daredevil cat, who loves driving fast, even when there’s a storm, and exploring new and exotic places. He often takes the places of Captain Barnacles, if he’s not present or something requires at the moment.

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  1. Peso Penguin:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Peso Penguin
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Meet Peso, the Penguin, a small and kind-hearted penguin, who is Octonauts medical officer. He’s shy and gets scared easily, especially when he hears the spooky stories of Kwazii. But we love how he goes out of the way to help creatures that get injured.

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  1. Shellington:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Shellington
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This coloring page features Shelling the sea otter, an Octonaut crew member, who is the marine biologist examining a fossil. This nerdy sea other loves working in his lab and doing field research. However, he gets easily distracted when he spots rare plants and animals, getting the team into trouble.

  1. The Octonauts Surveying A Shell:

Octonauts Coloring Pages To Print
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Captain Barnacles and his crew has found a cute little pearl in a shell and they can’t stop gushing about it. Even the pearl looks very happy to meet them. It seems that he was waiting for Captain Barnacles, Peso Penguin and Dashi Dog to come and free him from the shell.

  1. Tunip:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Tunip Vegimal
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Here’s a coloring page of Tunip the Vegimal, the gardener and head cook for the Octonauts. Cute little Tunip is a vegimal, meaning half vegetable and half-animal, which makes him capable of breathing on both land and under the water. We love Tunip for his innocence.

  1. Tweak Bunny:

Octonauts Coloring Pages Tweak Bunny
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This coloring sheet features the engineer for the Octopod, Tweak Bunny. It’s Tweak’s job to maintain all the vehicles of the Octonaut and ensure that everything is working properly below the deck in the engine room.

  1. The Octonauts With The Cuttlefish:

Octonauts Coloring Pages
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In this coloring page, the Octonauts came across a cuttlefish and they are examining its health. The cuttlefish, also called cuttles, is a marine animal from Sepiida order. These fish are named cuttlefish for their unique internal shell, the cuttlebone. We hope this cuttlefish recovers soon.

  1. The Octonauts With Gup-G:

Octonauts Gup G Colouring Pages
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This coloring page shows Shellington displaying his proud invention to the readers- his Gup-G. Gup-G is like a giant salamander, which Shellington built to travel in water and on land. The finishing of Gup-G is left and the vegimals are happily assisting him in it.

  1. Professor Inkling:

The Octonauts Printable Coloring Pages Professor Inkling
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What did we just see? Mr. Inkling, who himself is an octopus, is preparing octopus pie. Does he even know what he’s doing? Just to let you know, Professor Inkling is the founder of the Octonauts, with a deep understanding of the ocean.

We’re sure our little readers must have enjoyed going through our article filled with free printable Octonauts coloring pages. In fact, we’re confident you will like these Octonauts coloring sheets as much as you like the show. You can even check out our Curious George coloring pages in the meantime.