35 Free Donald Duck Coloring Pages Printable

Donald Duck

Disney cartoon characters have permeated the worldwide consciousness of kids and adults alike. If we asked you to name some Disney characters, you will readily come up with several names in a matter of seconds. Among those names, the cartoon character we are highlighting today in our collection will definitely be there. Hint: it isn’t a mouse but a bird. Yes, we’ve got you free printable Donald Duck coloring pages.

Created in 1934, Donald Duck is an anthropomorphic white duck with contrasting yellow bill and feet. He is generally seen donning a blue sailor shirt, red bow tie, and blue cap with a black ribbon. Once you hear Donald Duck speak, he is easily identifiable from his voice as he talks in a semi-intelligible speech. A bit of a prankster, very temperamental, and always enthusiastic about life, Donald Duck is a mix of a variety of personality traits. Let’s begin our discovery of this popular Disney character through this interesting collection of Donald Duck coloring sheets to print.

35 Free Donald Duck Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Donald Duck’s Angry, His Temper’s Fiery:

Angry Donald Duck Coloring Page

It’s going to be a temperamental start to our collection as something seems to have upset Donald Duck in this illustration. Did somebody say something hurtful or was it simply the flowers? You can try to figure it out while you color this furious Donald Duck.

  1. Astronaut Donald Duck:

Astronaut Donald Duck

In complete contrast to the previous coloring sheet, here is a happy and smiling Donald Duck. It’s clear to see why he is full of joy. This coloring page shows our Disney hero as an astronaut. You can see the rocket all set for launch. Print this coloring page and fill it with colors before the rocket takes off.

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  1. Donald Duck Takes A Hit:

Coloring Pages Of Donald Duck

Feeling good about the fine weather, Donald Duck had decided to play some sports today. No sooner had he taken his spot on the field, he gets hit by the ball. That’s some kind of bad luck! Try to make him feel better by filling this illustration with consoling colors.

  1. Donald Duck Helps Daisy Pick The Apples:

Donald And Daisy Duck Coloring Page

Donald Duck is here with his girlfriend Daisy Duck in an orchard. The fruits have ripened and its time to pluck them before they get spoiled. While helping Daisy, one of the apples has fallen right over Donald Duck’s head.

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  1. Donald And Pluto In The Rain:

Donald And Pluto Coloring Page

Most of you can identify with this situation: getting wet in the rain while on your way to school or back home. And most of you might even enjoy playing in the rain. Some might not. That’s exactly what’s happening here. While Pluto is having fun getting wet, Donald Duck is getting irritated.

  1. Donald Being Chased By A Bulldog:

Donald Being Chased By A Bulldog

Another scene some of you might find quite familiar. We are sure some of the neighborhood dogs might have barked or tried to come after you. Hopefully not as dangerously as this bulldog is trying to chase Donald Duck.

  1. Donald Boxing With Kangaroos:

Donald Boxing With Kangaroos

Kangaroos are unique creatures; be it their pouch to carry the young or their powerful tail. Another feature that makes them pretty cool is how they fight. Kangaroos use their forelimbs to box and kick with their hind limbs. Donald Duck is pushing his luck engaging in a boxing battle with this kangaroo.

  1. Donald Duck Practicing His Boxing:

Donald Duck All Set To Fight

Now we know why Donald Duck was so confident about his fight with the kangaroo. He has been practicing how to box for several days. In order to be good at something, natural talent is not enough. You have to keep practicing regularly to maintain the level of your talent.

  1. Donald Duck And Mickey Mouse, It’s Basketball In The House:

Donald Duck And Mickey Mouse Coloring Page

Mickey Mouse is one of the closest friends of Donald Duck. They have fun times and go on adventures together. Look at them enjoying a healthy yet competitive game of basketball on this coloring page.

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  1. Donald Duck And Bulldog Stuck In A Bathing Tub:

Donald Duck Coloring Images

It seems like after all that chasing around, bulldog and Donald Duck have accidentally fallen into a bathtub. They certainly look uncomfortable like this, don’t they? Bring this amusing scene to life with your coloring skills.

  1. Donald Duck Relaxing At The Park:

Donald Duck Coloring Pages Printable

When the weather is pleasant outside, a little breezy and a little sunny, Donald Duck loves to have a quiet little time in the park. Here he is sipping on a cold juice while having a peaceful time at the park.

  1. Donald Duck Dancing On One Foot:

Donald Duck Coloring Pages

As enthusiastic as Donald Duck is about life, it must be something really good to make him dance like this. He is prancing around, dancing on one foot and then the other. You can fill this happy illustration with some fun colors.

  1. Donald Duck Plays Golf With An Ostrich Egg:

Donald Duck Coloring Sheets

Being so focused, whether it’s work or play, Donald Duck fails to see the ostrich egg. He thinks the egg is the golf ball and is almost about to hit it. That’s why you can see the mother ostrich charging towards him. This is not going to end well!

  1. Donald Duck Wants To Catch a Butterfly:

Donald Duck Colouring Pages

Donald Duck is having a hard time catching this butterfly. Playful and swift, the butterfly is flying around with no worries in the world. Donald is even squinting to concentrate properly. Print this coloring page and fill it with colorful details.

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  1. Donald Duck Sleeping And Dreaming:

Donald Duck Dreaming

Tired from his game of trying to catch a butterfly, Donald Duck decides it’s time for some much-needed rest. He had already set up a hammock in the garden. But even though he’s sleeping, he’s still dreaming of doing some work or the other.

  1. Donald Duck And His Shark Encounter:

Donald Duck Facing Shark

The ocean dive just turned violently scary for Donald Duck. A moment ago, it was just another day of adventure, witnessing the beautiful underwater world, and then it turned into a scary shark encounter for Donald Duck. How do you think he escaped? You can figure that out while you fill this illustration with colors.

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  1. Donald Duck In Trouble:

Donald Duck In Trouble

Driving on the road can prove to be dangerous if you don’t follow all the traffic rules. But that’s not why Donald Duck is in trouble here. He had jaywalked, trying to cross the road when the light was red, causing an accident.

  1. Donald Duck Skating:

Donald Duck Skating


If you were convinced of Donald Duck’s dancing and balancing skills on previous illustrations, here he is combining both with his exceptional skating skills. Always full of excitement, Donald Duck is adventurous enough to learn new things.

  1. Donald Duck Builds A Snowman:

Donald Duck Snowman

Can you see what’s unique about this snowman? Yes, it looks exactly like Donald Duck. Showing a bit of a narcissistic trait, being a little self-obsessed, Donald Duck has made a snowman to look just like him, down to the clothes.

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  1. Donald Duck Whistling About Town:

Donald Duck Whistling

It’s a bright and sunny morning. Donald Duck is whistling a tune as he goes around the town to get his morning bread and purchase some eggs and ham for his breakfast. After all, it’s the day’s most important meal.

  1. Donald Duck With Candy Canes:

Donald Duck With Candy Canes

When it’s Christmas time and the shops are stocked with Christmas goodies, one thing Donald Duck will always buy is the candy canes. He has a sweet tooth and here you have him munching on some tasty and sugary candy canes.

  1. Donald Duck With Huey, Dewey, And Louie:

Donald Duck with Huey Dewey and Louie

Donald Duck’s lesson for his little nephews involves going on a fishing trip today. Here’s Huey, Dewey, and Louie, looking excited as they follow their uncle Donald in a straight line. Let’s hope they don’t behave naughtily during the trip.

  1. Donald Duck Woken Up By An Alarm Clock:

Donald Duck Woken Up By An Alarm Clock

Setting up an alarm clock is a good way to get up on time if you are unable to wake up on your own. But beware of the volume of the alarm clock; don’t keep it too high. Else you will be jumping out of bed when it rings just like Donald Duck here.

  1. Donald Looking Dapper:

Donald Looking Dapper

While comfort is key to what we wear, adding a bit of style and neatness to the clothes can make us look smarter and more presentable. Putting on a new jacket and hat, Donald Duck is looking dapper on this coloring page.

  1. Donald Scared Of A Spider:

Donald Scared Of A Spider

While he was deeply engrossed in his book, Donald Duck got super scared. As the spider climbed down the lamp, it cast a huge shadow on the floor, which startled Donald Duck. The distance of the light from us can turn our shadows smaller or larger, like the spider here.

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  1. Donald Slipped On A Banana Peel:

Donald Slipped On A Banana Peel

Throwing garbage or litter on the street is not only unsanitary, but it can lead us to be fined or punished. It can also lead to someone injuring themselves, like Donald Duck here who slipped on a banana peel. Always dispose of the garbage properly. If there’s no suitable place, keep it with you till you find a dustbin.

  1. Donald Takes Daisy Out On A Ride:

Donald Takes Daisy Out On A Ride

Doing things together, be it a short walk or a picnic, is one of the many good things about having someone you love. Donald Duck makes sure he never takes this togetherness for granted. That’s why he keeps making little plans for Daisy. Today, he’s taking her on a bike ride.

  1. Donald Tags Along With Mickey And Minnie:

Donald With Mickey And Minnie Coloring Page

While Mickey and Minnie Mouse are on a date together taking a long drive in the car, someone has decided to tag along. Being a little sneaky, Donald Duck is riding comfortably at the back of the car.

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  1. Elephant Giving Donald Duck A Shower:

Elephant Giving Donald Duck A Shower

Donald Duck likes to prank but gets irritated if he is pranked. Maybe somebody told this elephant to pull a prank on poor Donald. Without any warning, the animal splashes a trunkful of water on the unsuspecting Donald Duck.

  1. Donald Duck Weightlifting While Daisy Dreaming:

Free Donald Duck Coloring Pages

We have different things we say or do in order to get motivated. What pushes Donald Duck to continue his hard gym training for fitness is thinking about Daisy. Here he is lifting a heavyweight to look fit and fine for Daisy.

  1. Happy Donald Duck:

Free Printable Donald Duck Coloring Pages

Happiness is exuding from Donald Duck’s face in this illustration. He is even showering himself with flowers. Capture this joy with some happy colors.

  1. Grumpy Donald Duck And A Parrot:

Grumpy Donald Duck Coloring Page

Stuck on an island, Donald Duck’s mood has taken a worse turn. He looks grumpier by the hour. The little bird is trying its best to pacify him. Bring out the beautiful scenery and grumpy expression with your range of colors.

  1. Butterfly Makes Donald Duck Happy:

Happy Donald Duck

Donald Duck is sneakily checking out the blossoming garden on this coloring page. While the blooming flowers are magnificent, it is actually the butterfly that has caught the attention of Donald Duck.

  1. Pixelated Donald Duck:

Pixelated Donald Duck

An interesting take on the modern world of technology. As Donald Duck goes behind the laptop to look for something, the laptop screen shows a pixelated image of his face. Give this cool illustration some futuristic colors.

  1. Sailor Donald Duck:

Sailor Donald Duck Coloring Page

True to the costume he wears, Donald Duck salutes you dressed in his sailor uniform in this illustration. Return his greetings with some warm and welcoming colors.

With that elegant illustration, we have now reached the conclusion of this entertaining collection of Donald Duck coloring pictures to print. We hope it was fun to color different aspects and glimpses of Donald Duck’s personality in these illustrations. After all, Donald Duck is the world’s most published comic book character, excluding the superhero genre of comics. He was also part of the prestigious list of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time. Isn’t that amazing?